Saturday, June 30, 2007

I just met you today...but I'm madly in love with you---repost

This post is particularly funny to me. My surfing the web,hooking up on myspace, online dating sites, and answering various surveys must have me marked as a sucker or something. I must have the cyber stamp "try him" right on my forehead. I know I'm not the only one that fell for the trick, but I didn't get got. Almost did though.

Let's kick this around the campfire.

I doubt that I am the only one that was on a site and all of a sudden some gorgeous woman/man send you a long email saying that they are a student in the US and had to return to Africa. Since this is my blog, I'll stick with the women. The email would then go on to tell you that she is the best thing since sliced bread and that she wants to get married and make a family with you(the fella). "oh my God, you're the man of my dreams..I just like for to be marry" just fuggin up the grammar. I mean bad a$$ pics where you would be like damn she chose me. Fuggin super model types like my girl, Tyra.

So then, after the shock of being contacted by some beautiful image, the next line comes in. "I would very much love to come be with you to marry and love you for the rest of our lives making you happy in every way possible and giving you all the children that you ever wanted." Again a long story that is sure to include the "L" word about 5 times..LOL! A number of different tasks are asked of you to do.

1. Please send money to me in Nigeria, Ghana, or some other country so that I can get a ticket to come back to the states(of course to be with you)

2. I am doing business with clients and the government won't allow for me to accept the money orders that they are going to pay with, so can you cash the money orders..take 10% for your commision and send the rest to me western union.

3. I am trying to close on a house and I sent them too much money, can you cash the money orders/travelers checks for the down payment and send me back the difference minus your commision.

4. I am the attorney that is looking for the long lost relative of my extremely ungodly rich/dying client in bed diagnosed with breast cancer, H I V, or in a coma and their last request was to find their only family in the states..or find a charitable institution to give money to.

5. I am about to be put out of my hotel and my manager is giving me less than 2 days to come up with some money. If I don't have it, I will not have anywhere to go.

There are so many it's not even funny anymore. The other thing is Russian women targeting white men or black men that like white women. I just stopped a guy in my office from sending out $500 for plane ticket cause his a$$ is so desperate that he believed(as she provided to him a flight number and itinerary)everything she said. The ruse is top notch indeed.

BUT!!! MY FRIENDS, I am here to tell you that what you are really talking to is...(drumroll please)...........DUDES!!!

These dudes are so crafty as they sit around in a "Boiler Room" environment with the laptops flowing sending out hundreds of emails to love starved suckers daily cause like they always said "there's a sucker born every minute". Now like I said earlier, I was not the victim of the trickery, but I did receive 5K in money orders to laugh about one time. I just didn't cash them.

I wonder if anyone else has been caught or almost caught up in this trap. Is there anyone that will accept this challenge of their story or someone that they know?

Who's up for the challenge?


Ms. Behaving said...

I used to get emails like this on a regular.

I pity the fool(s) who actually fall for this.

You would think that the person(s) sending the messages would want to seem as legit as possible but obviously, that's not the case.

The typos alone spell a disaster in the making.

Andrew The Asshole said...

dc I'm going to be looking for you this coming monday for "Ask the Ass" question... Your intellectual precense is greatly needed.

Veroncia said...

I know that people fall for this BS, but it's just so sad and pitiful that folks are so damn desparate for love and companionship.

ja stu sister lock journey said...

Hi dc,

Good Sunday morning to you,you are really kept busy on this blogging thing eh?
From time to time I read these lies on line as well as a lot of pop ups even though I try to block them, They are so obnoxious ,sometimes I almost want to stop surfing or even afraid to turn on my computer.
I read your blogs everyday even though I dont always leave a comment.
Have a good week.

dc_speaks said...

@ms b: ain't that the truth..disaster indeed

@andrew: ok buddy, ill stop by

@veroncia: i konw some of my old co workers was about to buy a ticket for his "love" from russia...hahaha...i stopped him

@ja stu: hey lady. I know you do. I see it on sitemeter...glad you made a comment though. your visual presence is always appreciated.

also...i'd like to say that i have had you in my thoughts and prayers after you shared the loss several a lil while ago.

have an excellent weekend ya'lls!!!

Matt said...

I've gotten many of those emails and having spent a great deal of time in Africa, understand the scams coming out of that place. I usually respond to the ads asking them to rush to Western Union because I just sent $1000.00. They come back and say it wasn't there and I tell them they must be mistaken, check again tomorrow. Usually takes them a few days to figure out I'm screwing with them. I guess they never figured I had enough time on my hands to just spend days messing with's all in good fun.

dc_speaks said...

Matt, you are a fool....that is hilarious.

I will do that the next time I get one of those sense in letting you have all the fun.

that was great...


Opinionated Diva said...

I don't think I've ever read one of these emails...I feel left out!!!

I can not believe your co-worker was about to send five hundred!!

Obviously the deception works! Like you said, there really is a sucker born every day.

Always wanting to know.... said...

While I was overseas I seen alot of men fall victim and there were a few that actually took their leave in Thailand, Nigeria and Phillipines with plans to meet "The Love of their life" and come back totally dumb founded because they took a vacation to nothingness and they were out of the money they sent.

It is sad how people prey on the lonely :(

So...Wise...Sista said...

Great blog!

OK, why was my nephew trying to sell his xbox on ebay last week and within minutes of him listing it, someone tried to 'buy it now' ...sending a fake paypal email and everything, stating that they'll pay $200 for shipping to nigeria as soon as a ups tracking number is sent. He had to relist the damn thing 4 times! i just KNOW people are gettin got daily. :(

Jacqueline said...

I receive these messages two to three times per month, and more than feeling annoyed, I wonder about those who will receive these missives, believe them and spend money and a dream for nothing...
Matt, I love your response to these fraudulent posters; can I borrow? :-)

dc_speaks said...

hey ladies....glad you enjoyed the post..

welcome to the new reader and I look forward to seeing you again round these parts...

Enjoy your holiday week all!!!

Anonymous said...

You received money orders? What did you do with them? Why didn't you cash them?

Dave said...

Ah, so you get hit up with this junk as well. Sigh.

tAnYeTTa said...

I'm sure there are tons of people looking for LOVE in all the WRONG places.

Momma always said, Baby, if it sounds TOO good to be true............

Ya'll know the rest :)