Friday, June 22, 2007

Pot Luck Friday...part XIII

Dis shole duz look good!

This forum is officially a smash hit. I am excited to present once again POT LUCK FRIDAY.

What I would like to do is get some feed back from some non blogging readers or some bloggers that don't have the time to blog right now. An open forum, if you will. For example, the drama on "The View", American Idol results or how current employers use sites like Myspace as a screening tool to weed out potential employees.

There is no topic off limits! I know that relationship posts are common but be more specific. What element of the relationships? Finding one, keeping one, how to get out of one..all are up for discussion and friendly debate.

I am an information junkie! Garbage in--garbage out! But, I still like to process information. So, I'd like to try to start a day where the readers are in control of every single question, we take the comment that is posted right before you, answer their comment question, then post your own question for the next person. We can discuss it in a civil manner. If it goes well, then it could be really fun. I must exercise more moderation on the personal topics comments. I got a few emails from some participants and I must agree that some of the comments were hurtful and should be handled off line...privately. Let's have fun and keep it clean...please---thank you.

Have a fantastic weekend and let's come up with some great questions to kick around the campfire!

So without further delay.....who is up for the challenge, part 13?


Shai said...

Hey I am first! LOL.

When was the last time you cried?

tAnYeTTa said...

The last time I cried: in March
The day my son said, Hi Daddy! when he got off the bus.
(my husband had just returned from Iraq and we were waiting for the bus)
It was a very touching moment.

Question: What's your biggest fear?

Ms. Behaving said...

I would have to say death or atleast the thought of is my biggest fear.

Question: Would you rather have power or wealth??

KIKI said...

GOOD MORNING! last break-up

@tanyetta...dying alone

Question: If you had to choose one, which hair-do would you rock today...finger waves or jehri curl?

KIKI said... b, we must have been postin at the same time...

give me the money...I'm powerful enough.

Nic said...

@ DC, I know this is pot-luck friday, but please go check out JMW's post.

Bklyn Diva said...

last time I cried.. My birthday

My biggest fear.. Wow.. drowning

I'll take WEALTH


Donut or bagel?

dc_speaks said...

blueberry bagel

Q: cologne/perfume spray or scented oils?

dc_speaks said...

good morning to everyone on a great friday morning.

mark said...

Good morning DC hope all is going well in DC ville. Good fellow commentators.

Im down with the scented oils (blue nile in particular) although I must admit that I do keep a bottle of cologne stashed away for emergency.

lisa q. said...

all i know is if my boss ever reads my myspace page, i'll be looking for a new job! yikes! the administration uses both myspace and facebook to kind of monitor student goings on already...

then again, students are just stupid enough to post pictures of themselves engaging in illegal activities (i.e. drinking underage, doing drugs)...

i keep my illegal activities tightly under wraps...just kiddin' :D

Anonymous said...

What up DC!!!
@Shai-at a recent graduation
@Tanyetta-going to hell
@Ms.-I think wealth IS power, but you can be powerful without it. I'll take power
@diva-depends on the kind, but lean toward bagel
@DC-haven't tried the oils but I hear they're better and last longer

Happy Friday all ya'll!

dc_speaks said...

good morning fam that recently stopped in.

new question

*looking for last one*

if you had to make a choice for one magazine subscription---what would it be?

Shai said...

@Myself:The last time I cried when I remembered earlier this week, a tramatic incident that happened when I was 16.

@Tanyetta: My biggest fear is death.

@Ms. B: Wealth.

@Kiki: Dang only those choices, waves. LOL.

@B. Diva: Cinnamon/Raisan Bagel.

@DC: Scented oils.

@DC: Oprah out the tons I get. LOL. I get quotes and some good info from her mags alot of times.

Would lie during an interview to get a job with good pay/benefits?

dc_speaks said...

@SHai: Yeah I happens to me all the a recruiter(employment)

Q: what's the one thing that you consider your guilty pleasure

mark said...

"Would lie during an interview to get a job with good pay/benefits? "

mark bey: LOL: Yes I would lie at a job interview to get a great job.

Wine or Beer.
Steak or Shrimp?

@ DC

Sorry I forgot to ask you a question my friend.

What would you prefer a woman who with a really nasty attitude but could cook.

Or A woman who was a sweet as pie but could do absolutely nothing in the kitchen.

You have to choose 1 or the either

Shai said...

@DC: My guilty pleasures, hmm, shoes, books, vegging out in my room. LOL.

@BD: How about they happen to have a cin/rai bagel in the vending machine, which is rare. LOL.

Generic or name brand foods?

dc_speaks said...

@Mark..great question. Though, I must say that I have the sweetest in the world dispositioned lady that can throw down in the kitchen Yayyyyy for me!!!

wine and steak are my other answers for you, brotha Mark.

@Shai: Generic for most. I just gotta get my meats from somewhere other than Sav-a-Lot...which is my fave store.

Q: should parents let their boy children get ear piercings while under age?

dc_speaks said...

Q: Iced tea or Lemonade?

lisa q. said...

oh iced tea definitely!!!

thanks for stopping by...just wanted to say very good point!

i've actually never used a phone call of any kind to get out of a date...and i wouldn't...i just thought the site was kind of funny...

the problem with 'i don't think this is going to work out' is that many men don't get it...i mean i literally had that fool saturday night begging me to let him sleep on my damn near took an army to end that date :D

Ray said...

Tanyetta, my biggest fear is falure and being broke.
Lemonade most def.

I got a question and this is a stand of from my blog. What is your take on the crap that Adam Pacman Jones has gotten himself into?

KIKI said...

@DC...Lemonade (freshly squeezed please)

Question...collard greens with smoked hamhocks or smoked neckbones?

dc_speaks said...

@Ray: ol' boy needs to stay the f*ck out of strip clubs. they are going to be the death of him...death penalty to be precise.

i hope he learns...that's just ridiculous.

good question too.

@KiKi...turkey necks/neckbones please.

Q: Do you know who's celebrating a birthday on Monday?

KIKI said... WHO?

Question...fried chicken with hot sauce or babrbecue sauce? (can ya'll tell I'm hungry? LOL)

dc_speaks said...


barbeque sauce please..
Q: is your best friend the same gender as you?

Ms. Behaving said...

@ Kiki-I'll take my fried chicken with ketchup (thank you)

@ DC Speaks--Yes indeedy!!!

Question: Anyone doing anything exciting for the weekend??

Lo said...

My answers are all over the place...

@Mark: Wine, by just a hair (neither, really); definitely steak

@Bklyndiva: Donuts (preferably Krispy Kreme)

@Kiki: Collard greens with smoked neckbones and cornbread is one of my favorite meals in the whole wide world. I could eat that every day, if only my body would allow.

@Kiki (again): Fried chicken with hot sauce.

@Ms Behaving: Finishing a manuscript that I've been trying to finish all week. I plan to either be done today or tomorrow, no matter what. That should make me pretty excited.

Question: Mansion or penthouse?

KIKI said...

@DC...I was fuggin wit you...I knew that.

Yup, best friend is a female cousin & we tighter than a dixie hat-band (what the hell does that mean, anyway)

@ms. b...nope...absolutely nuthin!(actually I'm excited about that)

Question...grits with butter, salt & pepper, or with sugar?

KIKI said...

Hey Lo...gimme a big 'ole mansion...need to have enough room to fit the fam & friends for dem cookouts!

Lo said...

I hear that, Kiki!!! And definitely grits with butter, salt and pepper. Ew to eating grits with sugar!!!

Question: Sweet tea or unsweetened?

dc_speaks said...

sweet tea. i'll be poolside---thanks, hun.

Q: watermelon or cantelopes?

Nic said...

@ Lo, sweetened.

Q: What song (if any) has been stuck in your head for the past couple of days?

Nic said...

@ DC, Sorry we must have been posting at the same time. Anyway Watermellon!

Ms. Behaving said...

@ Nic--That would have to be "Do You"--by Neyo.

@ DC speaks--I'd have to say neither (I'm not a fan of fruit)--LOL

@ Lo--Sweet tea (for me)

Question: If you had to make the choice of being without arms or without legs, which would you choose and why?

Lo said...

@DC: Watermelon

@Nic: "Save Room" by John Legend.

Question: Cash or credit?

Lo said...

Sorry Ms. Behaving, I missed your question.

Without legs. That way I could still type.

dc_speaks said...

Credit. credit dictates everything(large puchases) we can buy.

Q: yahoo mail or hotmail accounts?

dc_speaks said...

oh and also

@ms B: keep my can still operate cars and get around because they make chairs and other devices that are hand friendly.

@nic: Grapvine-Brownstone

Ms. Behaving said...

@ Lo--- I'd prefer cash anyday.

@ dc speaks-- Neither--(GMAIL has them both beat as far as I'm concerned)

Question: Are you guys getting tired of me answering all of these questions? LOL

dc_speaks said...

lol@ms B.---Nope

Q: cab or the subway?

Lo said...

@Ms. Behaving: Cab.

Question: New York or London?

JustMeWriting said...

DAG LO... that's a hard question...they both have so much to offer...but I'd HAVE to say NY.

Q: if you were FORCED to watch only ONE show for a year what would it be?

dc_speaks said...

CSI: Las Vegas all day everyday

Q: big wedding or quiet private wedding?

Lo said...

@JMW: "Paula's Home Cooking" on the Food Network. When all else fails, her show keeps my attention.

Question:Medical degree or law degree?

Ms. Behaving said...

Okay....DC--This thing is obviously very addictive--LOL

@ lo--I'm from New York originally so I'd likely be looking for a change. I come.

@ dc--The iron horse is all I know--I think I'd be happy to part with it if given the option so cab it is.

@ JMW--Real World

@ lo--Medical Degree

Question: You're faced with a situation where you have to make a choice between saving the life of your child or saving that of your parent...(unfortunately, sacrificing yourself to save them both IS NOT an option)--which will it be??

dc_speaks said...

as hard as that sounds, i am pretty certain that my parent would agree that the child should live.

thats a tough decision that I for one would never like to make.

dc_speaks said...

Q: who is your fave James Bond?

Lo said...

@Ms. Behaving: Whoa! That's worse than Sophie's Choice!

KIKI said...

@ms child...give them the chance to experience parents have been there, done that.

@DC...Sean Connery

Question...When's the party DC?

JustMeWriting said...

LOL.. YEAH MS.B, I asked the Sophie's choice questions a while ago and nobody wanted to answer it...but I'd say save the (that's not funny)

Lo said...

How about this as a Sophie's Choice question:

Which would you save, your husband/wife or your best friend?

Ms. Behaving said...

@ lo--I'd likely save my best friend (but that's also probably why I'm not married yet) LOL

Question: Which is more important--the ability to see or the ability to hear?

Anonymous said...

@ lo-->I would rather save my best friend rather the boyfriend/husband... (LOL)

@MsBehaving->Oooooh. Thats a toughy, but without a doubt, I would definitely have to say, the ability to see, rather then being deaf, because when you see, in your head, imagine what's going on by the image. When your deaf it worse......! =0


Ray said...

cab or the subway?

Cash or credit?
Good Credit

What song (if any) has been stuck in your head for the past couple of days? Classical Music

Which is more important--the ability to see or the ability to hear?
To see

Which would you save, your husband/wife or your best friend?
My Spouse, since one’s spouse would be their best friend.

HERE IS ONE: What was your most memorable moment, thus far of 2007?

Lo said...

@Ms. Behaving: I'd rather see than hear. I can always just listen to the voices in my head if I need sound. (that's a joke...really)

@Lil' Ms Outspoken: Great question! Being told I'm wrong is more annoying. I'll admit I'm wrong (when I'm wrong) in a minute.

@Ray: It's a tie between April 3rd and May 10th.

Question: Family reunion on the 4th of July or everyone at your house for Thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

@Ray :: My most memorable moment thus far of 2007....Mmm....probably reuniting with one of my best friend I haven't seen in years!! =)

@ Lo::(LOL) I LOVE that question! Definitely at my house for thanksgiving! My aunt can cook her butt off so when its time to eat, dig in people!! =)

Question:::: If You Won 10 MILLION Dollars, What Is The 1st Thing You Would Buy With Your Money Before Saving Some Of It Wisely?

CapCity said...

wooo wee, i'm late toDAY! so, i'll just answer last question:
4th of July fam. reunion = i'll take ANY reason to be OUT DOORS ALL DAY LONGGG! can u tell i was one of those kids who hated when the street lights came on? LOL!

? - what is your proudest accomplishment to DATE (kids not included)

CapCity said...

Hey li'l miss - we must've pushed send @ same time: i'd pay off bills & buy as much property as possible w/ $10 million!

@my own question: proudest that i've been able to live ONE full year in NYC w/o going to a JOB. I think i'm ready for this entrepreneur/writer's life;-)...

no more ?s from me til last few are answered:-)

Lo said...

What a great accomplishment, Cap! Especially considering how expensive it can be to live in New York.

@Lil' Ms Outspoken: Property, definitely. Investment property and a couple of residential. The rest gets put away, with a piece reserved for creating more revenue streams (beyond the investment properties).

@Cap: Proudest accomplishment is my writing career and being able to carve a niche for myself and my voice within what is a pretty tough and inundated industry.

Question: Were you born in a hospital or at home (or somewhere other than a hospital)?

dc_speaks said...

at a hospital...

hey y'alls!!!

blockbuster or netflix online?

Ms. Behaving said...

@ Lo--Hope you don't mind my visiting your page??. I actually read "Scenes from a Sistah" several years ago.

I hadn't realized you had so many other novels. I'd like to pick up a copy of "You Only Get Better"'s a pleasure

BTW, I was born in a hospital

@ dc--I'd have to say blockbuster since I haven't yet had the pleasure of trying netflix online.

Aiight y'all--MUST---NOT---ASK---ANY---MORE---QUESTIONS.... LOL

Ms. Behaving said...


CapCity said...

thanx, Lo. i pray i can follow in the path of living out my dreams as a writer - this was my "testing the waters" year & so far, so good:-).

i'm proud to say I was one of the last few who can say they were delivered at DC's historic Freedman's Hospital (now an admin. bldg on Howard U's campus:-).

i borrow the netflix films from friends who do netflix. does that count. LOL!

question: why no more questions, ms. be? LOL!

dc_speaks said...

lol..shes resisting the urge to answer...if a question is asked...she feels as though she has to answer it...hahahaha thats funny

Q: lasagna or spaghetti?

KIKI said...

@Cap...becoming my own boss

@DC...never used netflix. I would say blockbuster but those mf's trying to stick me for 80.00 for soem movies they trying to make me keep & don't want.

Question...(piggy-backin off Lo)...natural child-birth or good-azz drugs?

Ms. Behaving said...

So much for leaving--turns out I have to stick around and wait a lil' longer for UPS to pick up a shipment before I can leave work *SIGH*

@ CapCity--I decided I need to fall back a bit--I'm seeing double and triple the amount of lil green frogs having fits LOL--which means I've posted more than a fair share of questions/answers already.

**Uh oh...dc is on to me** LOL

@ dc--I'm gonna go with lasagna for $500

Alright if you all insist...

Question: How many of you think this whole "Pot Luck Friday" thang is what's up??

Ms. Behaving said...

Can't miss kiki's question...

Through all the pain and suffering...I'll take natural birth over good drugs.

Wow...look at them comments climbing.

Anonymous said...

@LO-- Born in a hosptial. Brookdale Hospital that is. Yay Me! =)


@DC AGAIN-Lasagna

Question::::Godforbid would you rather DROWN or BURN in fire?

Andrew The Asshole said...

Ask the Ass Mondays are coming up don't forget to submit your questions.

dc_speaks said...

ok answers: I think it's what's up...does that count? LOL

drown-it may be quicker and less painful.

Q: sugar splenda or equal?

Lo said...

@DC: Netflix

@Ms. Behaving: You can visit my page anytime. I'm honored and humbled, and thanks for reading Scenes so long ago. What I'm writing right now is a part of that series. (Two books at once, actually.) Hopefully you'll check them out as well.

@DC (again): Lasagna

@Kiki: Gimme drugs, gimme drugs, gimme drugs!!!

@Ms. Behaving (again): Pot luck is DEFINITELY what's up.

@Lil' Ms. Outspoken: Drown, because with all the fried chicken in my system, the smell of my own flesh cooking might be delicious and make me hungry, which would be horrifying on a whole 'nother level.

@DC (thrice): SUGARRRRRRRRRRRR, please!!!

Question: Red Kool-Aid or pineapple Fanta?

dc_speaks said...

oooooh pineapple fanta.

i'll take that.

back massage or foot massage?

Anonymous said...

@LO:: Red Kool-Aid.

@DC::I would NOT want anyone touching my feet, because I am way to ticklish and would be moving the entire time.... (laughs) so definitely a BACK MASSAGE

Question:::: Are you a lover OR a fighter?

dc_speaks said...

Im a fighter..I just know how to love via!

Q: unlimited gas or unlimited sky miles?

Lo said...

@Lil Ms Outspoken: I'm a loving fighter.

@DC: Unlimited gas...unless that unlimited sky miles allows for international travel.

Lo said...

Question: Grilled cheese or ham and cheese?

Ray said...

b@DC -- blockbuster or netflix online?
They are both evenly matched in my opinion, although I never tried netflix online.
Q: lasagna or spaghetti?
Spaghetti 150%, I HATE LASAGNA.
@ Kiki -- natural child-birth or good-azz drugs?
It depends lol, I say naturalll.

Q: sugar splenda or equal?
Splenda, the official no cal sugar of my Cream of Wheat lol

Random Thought This made me hungary as all get out so I brought my some Taco Salad, but yall can have none this is mine *Sticks tongue out and points * lol jp. Well im serious about the taco salad lol. More Questions though.

How old were you when you recieved your first kiss?

Do you believe in karma?

Are you a different person now then you were 5 years ago?

What do you see yourself as being in 5 years from now?

Anonymous said...

@DC:: Unlimited Sky Miles

@LO:: Without a doubt in mind, Grilled Cheese

@Ray:: First Kiss? Eight Or Nine, In 3rd Grade, with my first boyfriend, Carlos. Do I believe in Karma? It's bit me enough to believe that it does EXIST (LOL), So yes. Am I different Person, of course not. I'm always the same person. My persona never changes. It's 100% me all time around. Years included, (LOL). Five years from now, I see myself being a very successful, 21 year old black woman, who has accomplished a lot in life, and is continuing her journey through the goals I have planned out as a teenager. (smiles)

Question:::: What Is Your Sign?

Ray said...

@ ♥Lil'_Ms_Outspoken♥ I reep da fish, PISCES BABY. MARCH 1.......

Lo said...

Wow, Ray, that's a lot of questions.

- Too old to admit to.

- Yes. Definitely.

- Yes. Definitely.

- More of the same, plus a whole lot more in varied aspects of the entertainment world.

@Lil' Ms Outspoken: Libra

dc_speaks said...

CANCER---June 25...not that it means anything to me at all.

Q: does knowing someones sign give you a determination of what kind of person they are?

Anonymous said...

@Ms.Behaving:: Of course the Pot luck Friday is fun!! (LOL) F.U.N FUN! =)

@DC:::: I believe knowing some sign DOES give you a determination of what kind a person they are because, in my opinion signs reflect your behavior. Maybe not everyone would think that, but I think it is the truth, because I am a Scorpio and a lot Scorpio's I know have bad attitude's and mainly tell it like it is. Where outspoken and opinionated. So, definitely! =)

Question:: If someone paid you a getaway trip to wherever you wanted what place would you vacation at?

dc_speaks said...

hmmmmm great question young lady. I'd go to Egypt. I've always wanted to see the pyramids and experience the culture.

Q: flat screen or projection screen

Anonymous said...

@DC :: Hand down, I gotta say, Flat Screen! =)

Question:::: If you could live ANY celebrities life, who would it be, and why?

KIKI said...

Peekin in...what ya'll doing?

Pickin up with lil ms outspoken...

Scorpio (hey sista scorp!)

@DC...what lil mis outspoken said

@lil' mis again...the Motherland...Africa

@DC...think I'll go with flat screen.

Question...the Electric Slide or the Monorail?

Ray said...

DC -- I’ll take the flat screen for $200 Alex

@ ♥lil'_ms_outspoken♥ I will have to say Tyler Perry. I was very inspired by how he went from having nothing, to having everything through his vision. In fact the way he was able to pioneer Media and turn his small time act into a household name is an inspiration. I hope to have methods of pioneering a product that makes me rich and prestigious one day.

@ ♥lil'_ms_outspoken♥ I would want to see Italy, and the old Roman coliseums.

@ kiki – The electric slide all day baby

Question – Name three things you can not survive without?

Anonymous said...

@KIKI - Definitely the Electric Slide No DOUBT in that! =)

@Ray -OMG! I love that question. Three things I could not live without.....? Mmm.... My mother, Friends, Ipod! (LOL) =]

Question:::: What's the most embrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

KIKI said..., clothing, shelter

@lil off the bus only for some lady to stop me & point out that the back hem off my skirt had been caught in the waistband of my pantyhose. I had been walkin around literally ass-out!LOL house or new car?

Anonymous said...

@KIKI -- (LOL)!!!!!! Um, definitely a New House
, I'd rather, because if I dont buy a car I've still got transportation. Such as a train, bus & cab (LOL)

Question:::: What's the craziest dare
you have ever done in your life?

CreoleInDC said...

@ Lo: BOTH! Mansion in the South and Penthouse in New York. :)

dc_speaks said...

i was dared to jump off a second story balcony like I was Superman(arms out) onto a matress. It resulted in my first and only broken arm at 7 yrs old.

Q: What is your fave movie of all time and why?

Anonymous said...


@DC :: My favortie movie of all time would have to be, Crooklyn,"

Question:: If you could be any animal in the world what would you be, and why?

dc_speaks said...

lion...king of the jungle.

Q: are you a early bird or night owl?

Anonymous said...

@DC:: Night Owl, most definitely (LOL)

Questions:: What was the best memory you have of your childhood years?

dc_speaks said...

summers at my grandmas house

Q: suv or sportscar?

Ray said...

@ ♥lil'_ms_outspoken♥ when I was 14, my mom had a lil dance party going on. So I was dancing with some gal who was like oh, 4 years older than me at the time fine as all get out ohmydamn. Plus I confess I didn’t have no rythum to save my life, so here is my stupid ass being Mr. Mike (a.k.a. dance fever from The Wood) I do the air splits and split my pants at the seem lol.

@ Kiki. I need a new crib, which will generate that $$$$$.
@ D.C.—That’s a good one, hmmmm I need to ponder about that one *ponders*. I would have to say Cooley High, being an Urban Issues dork I love to watch movies that represent the urban lifestyles of African American culture. No movie does so better than Cooley High.

I would be the Tiger, fierce and cunning.

I am a little bit of both, an early bird and a nightowl.

My most favorate memory of my childhood years, I have to do a tie between two:

i) 1989 – When I had my 6th birthday party, I had a clown, 20 kids, and it was on video tape but I have no idea where that may be.

ii) Throughout my elementary school years, when me and my friends would have our birthday parties. As we look back on it now, one friend calls it the Birthday Party Circuit. Same ole people, but different person’s birthday.

Question::::What is your favorate cartoon of all times?

Anonymous said...

@DC:: Would be an (SUV) Definitely!!! VROOM VROOM!! =)

@RAY:: My favorite cartoon is Tweety Love him. Wait.....he/she is Tweety a girl or a boy!? (LOL)

Question:: How many relationships have you been in, in your life?

dc_speaks said...

@li ms...oh wow. I dont think I could answer that honestly. I'm kinda up there...and all my high school and college realtionships...not to mention the ones that were very brief. I couldn't begin to have an answer for that question. Great question though..I'll let someone else answer that.

@Ray- fave cartoon of all times would be the G force.