Thursday, June 14, 2007

The revolution will not be televised...Gil Scott Heron

Although I have a blog that was prepared to be posted today, my revolutionist ideologies will not be televised! I choose to read the blogs of every single person in my new found family to support your flow. Several new fam's posts have truly given me more appreciation of all of you.

I shudder to think what can be accomplished in the world of writing if we continue to draw inspiration from each other and support the creative flow in even this small community.

With the risk of sounding soft...I need everyone to keep up the good work so that I can draw from your strengths so that when you need it...I'm right there for you with your own reserves.

Enjoy, fam.


mark said...

"I shudder to think what can be accomplished in the world of writing if we continue to draw inspiration from each other and support the creative flow in even this small community."

mark bey: I agree, their are some things I would like to do lik starting writing clubs.

If folks can record their work into an Mp3 I could post that and we could create some kind of online writers corner to support each other. Primarily short stories and essays I guess.

Anyway I thinking on it. Peace and good morning brother dc.

Bklyn Diva said...

hey thanks ;) today is a GREAT DAY.. and like mr. mark here.. that would be great if ya'll put that together..

I mean I'm not a writer for a longshot.. *well as good asome others but I digress*.. but when I read works of others, it inspires me to pick up my pen and write in my journal :)

Anonymous said...

You too Bruh. You all up in it!

Ced.It/Meant.It said...

Blessings to you, DC! Bruh Heron is the man who inspired me to write waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. That video was great, too! The animation was a nice touch.

Shai said...

OK, I did not know who Gil Scott-Heron was until recently. I am like why the hype. I saw him on youtube and def poetry. Maybe I have to warm up to it.

As I watched Def Poetry, I realized, I respect poets and there will be some who I will not get.

dc_speaks said...

Hey y'all. thanks for stopping by. I'm out visiting all of your sites today. Reading and enjoying all of you.

I appreciate the visits and don't forget to watch SHR-Interjections before you leave the house(blog)
@Mark: good morning you have wonderful day too, brother.
@bd: you're welcome..I am wroking on some things as we speak for like minded individuals. I'll be posting that real soon. Trust me on that. *wink
@Soj: Go Cavs! you are too, brah!
@Ced it: yeah watchin that video made me wanna do some thangs...ya heard?
I lovededed it.

dc_speaks said...

hey, shai...i didnt see you cause I was typing while you posted.

Yeah, sometimes you get them and sometimes you don't...Him...I get!

but i get you too, as a poet. keep doing yo thang, homie.

Ms. Behaving said...

Awww man!! I can't see the video.

**Damn the restrictions that have been put on our internet use here @ work**:-D

I'll be back later on to check it out!--Thanks for showing us all some love!!!

Shai said...

I get him DC. I just don't feel all his poetry. Like my girl Maya Angelou. I love some of her poems, others I just sit there like what? LOL.

As a poet, I understand some will not get or like all I write. That's cool.

dc_speaks said...

lol@ ms b. hahahaha sorry, fam.

@shai: i feel ya, homie

CortneyGee said...

Gil Scott and the Last Poets they were the shhhhhhhhh

nikki said...

man, folk are getting together. there just needs to be more of it. i get inspiration from you and others on the daily and it motivates me to make moves offline.

dc_speaks said...

what up're awake?

heyyyyy nikki...yea folks are getting together and making some noise preparing to take the literary world by storm.

Wait til the "mystery post" comes out in the next couple of weeks..everybody will know then.

Blu Jewel said...

"I shudder to think what can be accomplished in the world of writing if we continue to draw inspiration from each other and support the creative flow in even this small community."

you said it all right there and i'm finding that we are all slowly and surely coming together for a greater good.

this revolution, televised or not will happen.

Anonymous said...

See? And I was trying to leave my Dynasty out of it. You're not a glutton for punishment are you?

Believe it or not, I hope you all win tonight. A sweep would be bad for basketball, so tell your boy to man up...scratch that, the rest of them to man up!

dc_speaks said...

lol...huh? whatcha talking about soj G?

welcome yet again blu. kick your feet up and enjoy yourself.

KIKI said...

Nice post D!

While writing & poetry is something I do for fun & personal therapy...I draw my inspirations from poets like Heron (the brotha is deep), but there is also some serious talent right here in blog-world that I have found myself drawn to for inspiration as well.

Ya'll do that ish...I'll be right here supporting ya'll!

Dave said...

"At the risk of sounding soft"


My brother, if anything, this world needs MORE of a delicate touch in many matters.

You can sound "soft" all day long and your words will still be heavy to me.

Oh, btw, I tagged you for that 10 Random Facts meme. I think you already got a start on it. Fact #1, I am an OSU fan. Lol.

Dave said...

P.s. revolutionary ideas is what some of us want...

dc_speaks said...

lol@Dave...I'll do the tag on Monday. along with Monday musings.

Thank you for the words of encouragement and the tag. I appreciate ya.
Oh btw...Im not just a a former student athlete of the OSU Buckeye.

@Kiki: thanks girl. you rock. you can be a cheerleader all you want, but I think you could get in teh game if you wanted to

Dave said...

Ahhhh I rest my case! ^^

You are entrenched! I've known guys, never left the couch, but would rather sign over the deed to their everything than lose to filthy, cheaty Michigan. Lol.

A player? Now that's just taking it to the next level. First hand experience right? Heheh.

I can respect that. You of all people, I can respect that. :)

CreoleInDC said... done already raised the bar! I owe you and Lo a Hurricane!

Anonymous said...

SWEEP: Defined as...ah nevermind.

dc_speaks said...

hey y'all...

yeah dave: that is next level and since I ran track...and particpated in two relays and two solo events..I never sat the "bench" there was no I wish there was though I was exhausted after some meets.

Hey, Creole in DC...I'll take that Hurricane and raise you 2. smile.

@Soj. the spurs desereve everything they got...great series and won with class and dignity.

tAnYeTTa said...

Thank you for always stopping by my blog to say HI. I'll try to blog about more things than poopie diapers. What can I say, that's the time warp I'm in right now. Please!!!!!!! tell me it gets better. You can lie to me too. Really, I understand. :)

p.s. i loooooove your blog. and why the heck did you post that dang on potluck on your post? i am damn!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

CapCity said...

i'm late on this one - but u know life gets "in the way of blogging" sometimes. LOL!

Mannnn, Gil Scott is da TRUFF!!!! But then I've been a revolutionary since i was a young'un. LOL! That man is SOO far ahead of his time! Sadly, Shai - most people don't really get him....

Despite all that the world/media takes him thru - I LOVEEEEEEE GIL Scott Heron! Saw him LIVE several times - a true blessing! He's like JAZZ - u need to expose yourself even if u don't understand him - because they are keys to our FOUNDATION!!