Sunday, June 24, 2007

My first time's been a long time
seems like an eternity ago
far too young to be in my prime
frontin to others claiming to be a "pro"

fluttering stomach, sweltering and the shakes
Sweating and nervous all on the inside
Talked too much trash-can't "pump my brakes"
She was waiting, glistening could she tell that i lied

slender, seductive frame that had me wide open
straddling the top of that long erect pole
nowhere to hide false actions turned spoken
I slid up next to her about to bare my soul.

eyes closed and I clumsily reach for her
grasping air, hoping she would understand why
i righted myself and felt an aura of power
and in that moment she calmed my cries

i stood frozen in the moment looking down
she gave no indication of resistance to my charms
I pulled her in closely, loosening her from a metallic gown

then slowly...

by D.C.


KIKI said...

Awwwwe sookie, sookie now! You go boy!

First time huh? I can't tell! Was it as good for you as it was for me?LOL...Cause I LOVED IT!

If Lo is inspiring you all like that...I know you BETTER keep her around!

Excellent job, homie!

tAnYeTTa said...


In your comments on another post, you asked the question: What did I do to deserve such an amazing woman.

Well, I guess you just answered your own question.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww this is a perfect poem.. From the heart. Awwww.....i love it!

dc_speaks said...

what up kiki...thanks for all that love. I appreciate ya, homie.

hey tanyetta. ya'lls gon' make me blush a lot. in a perfect world, I couldn't ask for a better other half. smile.

Girly_Girl said...


I am so proud of you, MF!!!

dc_speaks said...

wow...thanks, MF! that means a lot to me.

not that other accolades don't, but you are an extremely talented poet and your approval is extra cool.


CreoleInDC said...

Your dang vows better be just as good or Imma help Lo string you up! ROFL!

Good job!

Anonymous said...

yeah, yeah. I like this. good job personifying sis mic

dc_speaks said...

@big sure I will come up with good

@soj G: thanks bruh. the mic has always been an elusive one.

ya'll making me feel good. i was kinda nervous about sharing this piece...i have excellent inspiration...a certain you know!!

JustMeWriting said...


dc_speaks said...

than you miss(I skipped a line cause I thought you were talking about sex)JMW.

shame shame shame. could you? smile

deepnthought said...

nice. very nice

dc_speaks said...

@DNt...than kyou ma'am. i think we posted on each other's blog simultaneously. Great minds huh?

Vickie said...

snapping my

dc_speaks said...

awwww...thank you vickie. glad you liked it

Lo said...

That poem is awesome, honey. I loved the metaphor, loved the tone, loved everything about it.

And folks, as much as I would love to take credit for being the influence of such creativity, this is all him, one hunnit. If anything, he's inspired me and continues to spur me on to my higher self on the daily.

He's a genuine blessing and a very talented guy.

dc_speaks said...


sniff sniff