Friday, June 15, 2007

Pot Luck Friday...part XII

Dis shole duz look good!

This forum is officially a smash hit. I am excited to present once again POT LUCK FRIDAY.

What I would like to do is get some feed back from some non blogging readers or some bloggers that don't have the time to blog right now. An open forum, if you will. For example, the drama on "The View", American Idol results or how current employers use sites like Myspace as a screening tool to weed out potential employees.

There is no topic off limits! I know that relationship posts are common but be more specific. What element of the relationships? Finding one, keeping one, how to get out of one..all are up for discussion and friendly debate.

I am an information junkie! Garbage in--garbage out! But, I still like to process information. So, I'd like to try to start a day where the readers are in control of every single question, we take the comment that is posted right before you, answer their comment question, then post your own question for the next person. We can discuss it in a civil manner. If it goes well, then it could be really fun. I must exercise more moderation on the personal topics comments. I got a few emails from some participants and I must agree that some of the comments were hurtful and should be handled off line...privately. Let's have fun and keep it clean...please---thank you.

Have a fantastic weekend and let's come up with some great questions to kick around the campfire!

So without further delay.....who is up for the challenge, part 12?


CapCity said...

What do Father's really WANT this weekend?

Happy Father's day!

deepnthought said...

My brother wants an iphone.

what song is the soundtrack for your life right now?

nikki said...

sorry about the cavs...kinda.

capcity - mine wants a trip to the bahamas. i already told him good luck with that.

deep - temptation by follow for now, cuz for the moment i'm tempted to do all kinds of things that will ultimately thwart my progress.

question: what was the worst gift you've ever received from a person. (can't be abstract).

Nic said...

Hey everybody! Happy Friday!

DC, I actually watched some of the last two games. Sorry they didn't win :(

The worst gift I ever received was a big, tacky, abstract-artsy necklace from my father, for my high school graduation. It was huge...really it was the size of my hand. He's an artist, so to him I guess it was beautiful. But it just showed how much he didn't know me. I would have rather had a card.

Question: Does anyone else think that Tony Parker looks like one of those creepy ventriloquist dolls?

dc_speaks said...

good morning,fam

let's see
@cap: I want a day to be totally unannoyed. and thank you for the Father's day comment too.

@DNT: good question---I'd say Love & Basketball is quite appropriate for my life right now.

@Nikki: the worst gift I ever got from someone was a complimentary 30 day gym membership when I was working at a gym at the time. I was pissed off.

Q: if you could change one activity about high school(something you did or something you wanted to do), what would it be?

dc_speaks said...

lol@nic....heyyyyyyy thanks girl...I was very unhappy, but it happens. I'm proud of my time for making it to the big dance for the first time ever.

hahahahah@the Tony Parker jab..

I suppose he resembles something like that?

Q: would you rather learn to swim or learn to plant(gardening)

Bklyn Diva said...

Round and Round.. I wish I can stop!!!

fathers want the remote and some leave me da hell alone time!

worst gift..a sex toy to remind me of them..I left it there wasn't much to be reminded of..

LOL @ the tony parker ?? but nah I don't..

I would have actually went to UT @ Austin instead of PSU.. never pass on a full scholarship no matter how far it is LOL

Question: How do you tell someone who doesn't get the message to leave you alone after you have said it PLAIN AS DAY a million times?

Bklyn Diva said...

oh and learn to swim.. :)

Nic said...

@ DC, They didn't have track and feild activities at my school. I would have changed that.

?: same as before. I want to know darnit!

nikki said...

nic: you're not alone. i think he looks strange. i'm glad he's marrying eva though so i can stop hearing folk talk about how how she is and how lucky he is to have her.

d.c.: i would have been more active in the drama club and made a more concerted effort not to be stereotyped. i got to play all of the matronly chicks, white women who became instant mammies once i donned the characterization.

question: do you re-gift? if so, what was the last thing you re-gifted and to whom did you give it?

Nic said...

@ DC, I can already swim a little bit, so I guess I'd like to learn how to plant foods that I could eat.

@ blkn diva, MACE :I

dc_speaks said...

@Bd: thats a tough question. I'm currently going thru a situation where the plain as day rule still isn't being adhered to. I guess the laast resource would a restraint order.


lol@nikki: I regifted a candle to my aunt for mother's day

Nic said...

@ nikki, I don't know if it would be considered re-gifting, because I dont re-wrap...but I do give a lot of thing away to my mom and baby sis.

deepnthought said...

@nikki- I wouldn't call it re gifting, I call it putting the gift with its proper recipient.

With that being said, the worst gift I received was a gift certificate to a seafood restaurant.

@nic- tony parker does look a little weird. lol

@dc-I would have not played so many sports and probably stayed in private school. Public school was not as glamorous as I thought it would be.

gardening. I hate swimming.

Nic said...

@ DC, My bad. I think we were posting at the same time :)

deepnthought said...

@bklyn diva- tell them you got six different personalities and all of them want them to take a long walk off a short pier.

dc_speaks said...

Q: around the house, socks or shoes?

Nic said...

@ DC, socks.

?: If a movie was made about your life, who would play "you"?
Be realistic people.

Nic said...

I take that back...pick anyone your heart desires. I'm curious ;)

Shai said...

@Capcity: N/A

@deep: I don't give a damn, I don't give a what. LOL. Actually that is my mood this morning. LOL.

@Nikki: The worst gift was looked nice. I do believe it was recycled. It was one of those block crystal 3D image nick-nacks. The case it came in had wear and tear, LOL, called it a bday gift. MF

@Nic: Nope.

@DC: I would have participated in class. LOL. I barely graduated. LOL. It still hurts at times.

I already know how to swim. I don't like gardening.

@BD: Tell them again and then don't talk to them again.

@Nikki: I gave my child a gift I did not like and she wanted. LOL. Is that re-gifting if the person knows it is.

@Nic: I would have someone play me. A fierce azz actress. LOL. I lived it once and won't do it again.

dc_speaks said...

if it was a cdurrent movie...i'd pick clifton powell---he's played everything from thug,durg dealer, father, good guy, bad guy and lots of roles that don't lock him into anything. thats me.

Q: chocolate or flowers?

Shai said...

Oh yeah.

Q: Where does the love go when you break up with someone? (I got this from Sex and the City, LOL)

Lo said...

@Nic: I am SO glad you mentioned that Tony Parker thing!!! All last night while I kept watching the game, whenever they would do close-ups on him, I kept muttering, "He looks like something familiar...what is it he looks like?" It just kept fuggin' with me, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Your comment finally triggered the answer. Tony Parker reminds me of THIS.

Thanks for helping me get some clarity, girl!!!

T.C. said...

Tony Parker looks like the mouse on that movie, what is the name of that movie....Fival (sp???) ok maybe i am crazy

Nic said...

@ Lo, ROTF at the picture of Gizmo.

dc_speaks said...

@shai: the love doesn't go's just tucked away in a room in your heart with a key.

thats just my opinion.

Q: gap band or cameo

dc_speaks said...

hey y'alls...once you answer a question please leave a question for the next reader to answer so that everyone can continue to participate.

dont be shy?

if it's on your mind mind, leave it on the page?

Nic said...

@ DC, gap band.

?: Angela Bassett or Halle Berry

Lo said...

@CapCity: I'm guessing my father's fishing in heaven. He loved to fish.


@Nikki: My worst gift was a box of candy and a giant stuffed animal from a college boyfriend. At first I thought it was my best gift, until I opened up his closet that same day while I was in his dorm room (he was in the bathroom; I was hanging up my coat), and I saw at least a dozen boxes of candy and giant stuffed animals. He apparently had several other underground girlfriends. (!!!)

@Nic: Thanks to you, I've answered the Tony Parker question.

@DC: I would have had a boyfriend and more of a social life. My parents were pretty strict.

@DC (again): I'd become a better swimmer. I already love gardening.

@BklynDiva: Give them crickets. The best response is no response. If that doesn't work, invoke the law.

@Nikki: I re-gifted a hip, funky one-of-a-kind bag to a good friend who drooled over it every time I carried it. And a pair of brand-new Chanel shoes that I never got around to wearing.

@DC (thrice): usually socks, sometimes both (socks and shoes).

@Nic (again): Will Smith. (Oh, did the person who played me have to be the same gender?)

@Shai: The love goes to The Island of Broken Promises. It's right next to The Island of Broken Dreams, which is right next to The Island of Broken Jaws.

@DC (4x): Cameo.

@Nic (thrice): Angela Bassett.

Question: Wet wipes or toilet paper?

dc_speaks said...

Q: did you all know that I have a word listed in the Urban Dictionary
Click here along with my lady who laughed about me saying it so much that she made the suggestion to do it along with her entry of Lo's term

Nic said...

also @ Shai, It never really goes away for me. It just changes into something else.

? for the ladies: Ever stay with a man for the sex?

Lo said...

forgot to answer Deepnthought's original question: "Zoom" by the Commodores.

dc_speaks said...

Halle Berry...shes from Cleveland and younger...

Q: what do you like more plays or movies?

Lo said...

@Nic: I once had some much too lingering leftover love because the sex was great. But the guy was emotionally volatile (never date an actors unless you love drama). The sex wasn't worth it after awhile.

Question: Rice or potatoes?

Shai said...

With all the homicide/suicide shootings endings relationships, Is love a dangerous thing in the wrong hands or are folks just stoned crazy? ogrwuf

Lo said...

@DC: Movies.

Question: Hot dogs or hamburgers?

Nic said...

@ Lo, toilet paper. & the person can be any gender. I was just thinking about Will and Denzel too. That's weird :)

@ DC, no I didn't know :) Nice sentence under the description though, HaHa!

?: Early bird or a procrastinator?

KIKI said...

Good morning er'body...

Ok I'll pick up with DC's last question...

@DC...Cameo...word up...oooowwww LOL!

@nic...Angela Bassett...the girl is FIERCE!

Hey Lo...toilet paper followed with wet wipe ('specially in summer time)

@ni...I only date men for sex (what else are they good for?)LOL!


Question...Kissing with tongue or no tongue?

dc_speaks said...

@Lo: potatoes

@SHai: people commonly mistake love for fanticism. thats when it becomes dangerous. when the object of the affection becomes uninvolved.

just my opinion.

Q: fed ex or UPS?

KIKI said...

Missed these...potatoes, yes the worlds gone mad, hamburger please, yeah I'm a procrastinator.

dc_speaks said...

@Lo hamburgers

@nic: early bird

@KiKi: with

what dude uses wet wipes as an option?

Q: writing question---do you type on screen first or write on paper first?

Nic said...

@ DC, Bruh...Halle...really??? I, I don't know what to say.... I really don't know...Well I guess I can't force my oppinion onto other people :) Angela is the s*** though ;) & Movies.

@ Lo, Potatoes, if I can have them in the form of fries. Home or french it doesn't matter.

@Shai, these fools are just plain ole' crazy.

@ Lo, Hot dogs off the grill are the best!

?: Would you rather take pictures, or be in pictures.

Lo said...

@Shai: Love is definitely a dangerous thing in the hands of the ill-equipped. Whatever happened to just breaking up? People can't take goodbye anymore, so it's "If I can't have you, nobody will." That's incredibly scary.

@Nic: Procrastinator. (that's the way my artistic side seems to be wired, but I always deliver and do my best to exceed expectations!)

@Kiki: Tongue, most definitely, especially if the person is a great kisser.

@DC: Fed-Ex. ;-)

@DC (again): Type on screen. My fingers touching the keyboard activate my creative mind.

@Nic: Take pictures. I'm more into seeing others get their shine than trying to claim the spotlight.

Question: Chicken and waffles or Ham and eggs? (Okay, so I'm kinda hungry right now...)

Nic said...

Missed these

@ KiKi, Depends on the dude, and the action.

@ DC, UPS, & on paper if it's around.

Nic said...

@ Lo, You don't understand how long I've been looking at your question. I'm so greedy, I've just been sitting here imagining how good waffles and chicken would taste right now.

?: Anyone else like french toast and hot wings or is that just me?

dc_speaks said...

ham and eggs.

Q: smoker or non smoker for a mate?

Nic said...

@ DC, Def a non-smoker.

?: I know this is random, but if you could change the color of the sun or the moon, which would you choose, and what color would you change it to.

Lo said...

@Nic: Roscoe's is mad close to where I live, but I believe I've got some chicken AND waffles in the fridge, and the more I contemplate it...

@DC: Non-smoker. Definitely.

@Nic (again): The moon. I'd change it to teal (my favorite color).

Question: If you could only have one---computer or cellphone?

Bklyn Diva said...

around the house - BAREFOOT

I do regift.. well does donating to a silent auction count? I get things that I would never use and donate to my daughter's dance troupe for their silent auction and folks actually pay money for it LOL

Play me in a movie.. - Nia long or MJB

by the way.. I have a restraining order now so we'll see

Question: What do you get a 13yr old outside of flowers to celebrate a successful dance recital?

chokkklitsoul said...

I am soooooo glad Basketball season is OVER!!!!! (oops did I say that????) LMAO!!!!! I realize with sports there's a whole notha level of cheating!!!! There is only one way for me to compete with sports and that is oral pleasure (for my man) at halftime!!! this a pg-13 blog??? Hey DC!!! Happy Friday!

dc_speaks said...

lol@nic for the opportunity to do a lucky charms commercial answer..I'll take the swirled marshmallow colors please.

Q: football or basketball?

Shai said...

DC: Non-smoker, ALWAYS. I tried a smoker and it was like licking the bottom of an ashtray. LOL.

As you get older are you more laidback or irritable?

Shai said...

Man, I am not able to keep up today. LOL.

@Lo: My puter. Hell, barely talk on the phone,my cell has like 4000 rollover minutes.

@DC: Basketball.

Which could you take: the hottest summer or the coldest winter?

dc_speaks said...

hahahahahaha...chokkk---you are crazy as hell for saying that...yeah you can get that off with no prob in here. Just be you.

Happy Friday to you too.

BD: a new cell phone I hope that restraining order thing works for ya too.

Q: is giving someone crickets(no holla at all)a good indication to leave you the f*ck alone?

dc_speaks said...

coldest winter please...there are heaters and clothes for that.

Q: Temptations or the Four Tops

Lo said...

@BklynDiva: an Apple or iTunes gift card (if the 13-year old has an iPod, they can get more music).

@DC: Hmmm. That's a hard one.

@Shai: Both. I am very laidback about some things. But I'm no longer the people pleaser I used to be, so I'm much less tolerant of bullshit.

@DC (again): Apparently not. Some people are just stupid. And psychotic.

Question: Hit in the back of the head by a medium-sized rock or tripping and falling on your face on the red carpet in front of hundreds of national and international media?

dc_speaks said...

um...Lo: can I have hit in the back of the head please for $100.
f I tripped and everone saw it, it would be instantaneously shot around the globe on youtube where I could never live it done.. If i got hit, then I could blame someone else..a fall i have noone to blame but me.

Q: where the hell did that question come from?

Lo said...

ROFL. I'm hungry, sleep-deprived, at the tail end of a line-by-line edit of a manuscript. I'm crazy right now. Like you don't know.

Question: When pigs fly or when the cows come home?

dc_speaks said...

cows come home

Q: best buy or circuit city?

dc_speaks said...

ok another Q:

Has everyone taken the click here:TEST yet?

Shai said...

@DC: The silence for some would a motivator to try harder. smh. Best Buy.

@Lo: Hit in the head. When the cows come home.

What do you need to give up but won't?

dc_speaks said...

milk the movies, i can't give them up.

Q: are you going to go see the new Fantastic FOur movie today?

The Diva's Thoughts said...

All that food in your pic is making me HUNGRY!

Oh BTW...I put up a new post. LOL

dc_speaks said...

thanks Diva...Happy Friday to ya

Q: do you have a "when keeping it real..goes horribly wrong story" that you can share?

deepnthought said...

@lo-my computer. cell phone is annoying

-Angela Bassett, I dont care for that other girl from Cleavland very much. lol

@dc- football

@shai- winter

@dc- sometimes it is not enough.

deepnthought said...

@dc- temptations

Shai said...

To my own question, I need to let of of some old stuff physical/emotional.

@DC: I cannot remember anything going wrong. LOL. Nope, I don't like Fan 4 at all.

CapCity said...

dang, sistah go take a nap & come back to all this!lol!

starting w/ the last few -
'till the cows come home...

haven't been inside a bbuy or ccity in years...

need to give up = blogging - LOL!

barely go see movies here in expensive movie capital nyc - will see it on dvd:-)

Q: HOW do U turn OFF the negative voice in your head? Do U even KNOW it's ON?

Shai said...

Am I the only one who does not like Amy Winehouse?

dc_speaks said...

@Cap: pray drowns out the negative voice for me..Holy Spirit's gentle voice calms and re assures me of all things God promises to those that believe in Him.

I like Amy Winehouse...

Q: SWV or Brownstone

JustMeWriting said...

DAG...SORRY BOUT THAT GAME DUDE, but better luck next year.

I don't have a keepin it real story, but BOY do I wish I did...LOL.

would you have an 'open marriage'if you spouse REALLY wanted to?

JustMeWriting said...


but I love SWV's Rain Down

Shai said...

@Cap: I sometimes say outloud, Girl be quiet. I pray, distract myself, or sometimes just let the negative words continue till they burn out and call it a moment.

dc_speaks said...


Lo said...

@CapCity: Prayer and communing with like-minded, encouraging people can definitely drown out the negative voices.

@Shai: I really like Amy Winehouse, but CortGizzle has run her in the ground for me.

@Tanya: He would be my ex-spouse, in that case.

Also @Tanya: You see Damon still mentioning SWV and Brownstone? If you put your hand up to your ear and listening very carefully, you'll hear the sweet, strangled strain of a falsetto rising up out of Cleveland.

Question: Chicken noodle or chicken and dumplings?

dc_speaks said...

backstreet boys or n sync?

dc_speaks said...

lol...just kidding...

Guy or Blackstreet?

Shai said...

@DC: SWV. I have their best of. My kid even listens to it. LOL.

@JMW: Hell to the N.A.W.

What can't you do that you could do 10 years ago?

Shai said...

Kenny G or Najee?

Freddie Jackson or Keith Sweat? (here in the D I heard Keith on the radio with his own radio, The Sweat Hotel, LOL, smh)

dc_speaks said...

younger Kenny G.

10 yrs ago I could still dunk a basketball

the police or duran duran

dc_speaks said...

Also @Tanya: You see Damon still mentioning SWV and Brownstone? If you put your hand up to your ear and listening very carefully, you'll hear the sweet, strangled strain of a falsetto rising up out of Cleveland.

someone is about to get in some trouble...straight up?

dc is not listening to killyourself music like some other writer person......

Lo said...

@DC: Guy.

@Shai: Read without the lights on.

@Shai (again): Early Kenny G (circa 1983-1986)

@DC: The Police!!!

Question: Would you rather be rich and ugly or broke and gorgeous? (And no, you can't use your gorgeousness to get're either one or the other)

dc_speaks said...

oh shai: freddy all day.

keith was beggin too damn much

mariah carey or beyonce?

Lo said...

ROFL @ DC!!!!


*turning off "I Burn For You* by Sting*

CapCity said...

ten years ago i made stupid choices and was quite arrogant - CAN'T do it ANY more, Thank GOD!! Today I'm so blessed even my "hardships" are welcomed 'manure' to fertilize my Life's GARDEN!

music choices depend on my mood...

What CAN U share with the world to make it a more PLEASANT place?

CapCity said...

i'd rather prosperous & "ugly" - because real beauty comes from within ANYway;-).

my question still stands:

What Can U share to make the world a more Pleasant place (let's stop complaining & start doing OUR part;-)?

dc_speaks said...

@Cap; to answer your question about my sharing. I have already shared people that were a major part of my life with the world. For example my wonderful grandmother. SHe made the world, especially my world better for everyone she touched.

I shared her with the world..

great question

great question

Bklyn Diva said...

@cap My loving smile!!!

Question: Jill Scott, Erykah Badu or Nina Simone?

CapCity said...

Happy Father's DAY again! I gots to go get my wkend started, now!

STAY UP - cuz in the scheme of things - we're only here for a "few days" - make 'em the BEST!!!!

Shai said...

@Cap: whoa you got deep with that answer.

@my own question: Ten years ago, there were some dances I could do I cannot do as well. LOL. I LOVE to dance.

@Lo: Ugly and rich.

@Cap: I can use my words in poetic form.

@DC: Mariah.

dc_speaks said...

Nina Simone...yeahhhh

Q: puppies or kittens

Shai said...

Pick: one permenent amnesia or paralysis?

dc_speaks said... least I can move and creat new memories every day.

Q: Jennifer hudson or Kelly Price?

dc_speaks said...

nas or DMX?

deepnthought said...

@bklyn diva- Nina Simone

@dc- Kelly Price


Q- Do you grow old gracefully or do you hit up youth enhancers

Lo said...

@DC: Jigga!!!

(okay, I cheated. Nas)

Question: Excellent cook who's so-so in bed or excellent lover who burns the food?

dc_speaks said...

@DNT: growing old gracefully...

@Lo: the choice was not mine.

Q: Spike Lee or John Singleton movies?

Bklyn Diva said...

Kelly Price

excellent lover.. I CAN COOK


Question: mcdonalds or burger king?

Question2: upscale restaurant or family friendly spot (no date necessary)

dc_speaks said...

BD: BK's and Upscale rest.

Q: amusement park or indoor museum?

Lo said...

@DC: Spike Lee

@BklynDiva: Upscale restaurant

@BklynDiva (twice): McDonald's

@DC (twice): Amusement park

Question: Single and well-off or married and getting by?

Ms. Behaving said...

@ lo--Definitely single and well off... because I could do bad ALL BY MYSELF.

question: If you witness a female being beat on by her man (and she's in a position to walk away from the situation--but doesn't) should you bother finding some way intervene??

Nic said...

@ bkln diva, Family Friendly spot,

@ DC, Indoor museum.

@ Lo, That's a tough one. I think I'll go with married and getting by.

?: Water balloon or snowball fight?

Nic said...

@ mis behaving, Yeah, I would prolly call the cop for her dumb ass.


Has anyone ever faked an orgasm? If yes, Why?

Nic said...

@ annoy, Yes! The culprit had a weak shot, but a nice personality. I guess I liked him enough to consider his feelings, but not enough to endure "it" longer then I had to.

dc_speaks said...

waterballon fight all day.

hey a new reader...hi are ya.

ill leave that question to the ladies though.

Q: for the ladies- rough neck/thug type or smooth and polished

Nic said...

@ DC, I need 80% smooth-non-suspect & 20% roughneck.

? Favorite card game

Opinionated Diva said...

@ DC...I'm into the executive thug...he has the polish of a professional male and the swagger of a rough neck.

Nic said...

Hava a great weekend everybody! Cept' for tha lurkers ;)

tAnYeTTa said...

hey everybody! this is a great idea.
i'm jumping right in---

@ms. behaving--i've learned from personal experience to stay out of domestic issues. especially if she has the decision to walk away and she doesn't.
sad, but true.

Here's my question to the group--
In one word, how would YOUR sig. other describe your bedroom skills?

Royce's Daughter said...

@ Tanyetta...WOW considering I nolonger have a sig. other (YEAH LOL!!!) I'd have to go dig in the crates HA!! I'd say he would describe me as athletic and creative! I get bored easily so I am always wanting to try something new and I can never do the same thing back to back (something is wrong with me I think LOL!!). I like to run, jump, bounce HA! I like closets, basements, and Neiman Marcus dressing rooms...yeah athletic and creative, tends to keep a smile on a brothers face to I think LOL!!

Question...(might have been asked since I'm coming in late today...but I'll ask again) if you met someone who you thought was hella hella TIGHT (e.g. all the qualities you wanted in a man/woman) but they were practicing abstinence until marriage would you date them exclusively or continue dating others so you could continue to get your freak on?

Lo said...

@DC: Definitely love a man with a business mind and street savvy. ;-)

@Nic: Spades. Have a great weekend!

@Tanyetta: Think I'd better let my significant other answer that. On second thought, he might want to not answer that on such a public forum.

Question: Large family or small?

dc_speaks said...

i need to play catch up....hold on a sec

dc_speaks said...

ok ill do the last two questions...
RD: that is a rough one. I've done that before and almost got to the altar...but didn't ...we both share the "time off" for over a year...that wouldnt happen again.

@Lo: Small immediate familyfamily...tundreds of cousins and such

Lo said...

@Royce's daughter: I'd go with the tight, abstinent person and pray that he's great in bed.

Sheletha said...

im sleepy and cant read....

I got my bilal cd!!!!

Q: Bilal or MusiqSoulChild

dc_speaks said...

Q: did y'all know that some of you are Sorors?

AKA's are in da house.

how bout dat..I thnk I'll watch school daze this weekend to pay homage to the greeks

dc_speaks said...

@Tanyetta: I would have to allow some other people to answer the question you posed because my lady is absolutely on this blog....LOL.

We don't want to start no fuss in these parts. hahahaha
anybody else..feel free to answer it.

JustMeWriting said...


Ladies, have you ever been with an uncircumcised man?

Men if you we're circumcised would you do it now?

Lo said...

@JMW: Yes, once.

Question: Are uncircumcised penises (penii?) scary? If so, why?

JustMeWriting said...

@ lo, what was that like...LOL.

I'd say so...because we tend to fear or dislike the unknown.

Ms. Behaving said...

@ JMW--been there--done that--HATED IT!!! LOL--NEXT!!!

Dave said...

Hey all, best wishes on this excellent Friday :)

Imagine my surprise when I try jump into things and the talk is regarding uncircumcised "penii"... all I know about that one way or another is I have heard that they are harder to keep clean that way.

Lemme see here, I'll scroll up to find a question that is related.. but I can actually answer..

@ Tanyetta -- I think she would say she appreciates being given ample amount of time to get there first, when it doesn't happen simultaneous. ;P

dc_speaks said...

thank you Dave....I was thinking the same thing.

I was like huh? I took COrtney Gee to the airport and when I got back the whole conversation changed to that...imagine my surprise.

tAnYeTTa said...

Besides waking up, What is the one (ritual type) thing that you do EVERY single day NO matter what?

dc_speaks said...

great question...I make sure that all my immediate family are alive and well.

What is the song that you remember most as a child(10yrs old and younger)

KIKI said...

Well...I see ya'll been busy up in hur!

@DC...Let's Groove by Earth, Wind & was my first 45 (OMG...45's?...I feel so old...LOL)

Question: (ladies)...big ole thang, or good candy licker?

(fellas)...good cooch or good head?

and no you can't have both

dc_speaks said...

KIKI: girl whatchu thinkin about? come in here the next day got sex all on da brain....shame on you.

I refuse to there.


KIKI said...

Hehehe...yeah I'm going thru some thangs LOL! know me...I'll tell ya'll all bout it in a day or two.

dc_speaks said...