Saturday, June 9, 2007

When Keeping it real...still goes horribly wrong...LOL

In keeping in line with the format of the past few days around some other blog fam members, let me present to some and introduce to others...Darius James.

**Warning---this video contains strong language and sexual content**

It's funny to watch these videos and see the comedic genius of Dave.

An aside, this happens to really be extremely hilarious for me.

Enjoy, Folks!


ja stu sister lock journey said...

Hey DC,

I came on looking for your todays blog earlier on so I am back, I wont be listening to that video as I dont know what to expect,hope ur weekend is going good

dc_speaks said...'s not that bad. I just put it out there because it has light profanity and I don't want to surprise anyone.

Thanks for stopping by though. I appreciate your reading my thoughts.

My weekend is great so far. Ditto to you.

Shai said...

Hilarious. LOL. I like Dave not all of his skits though. That man is an damn nut. I wonder how he was growing up. smh.

dc_speaks said...

hi, Shai. How you doing? You get that work done yesterday? I won't even try to imagine what it was like as a child for him. I know that it probably was alot of fun in the household, but in order for him to be as creative as he is when dealing with racial concerns...he's probably been through a wholllle lot.

Have a fantastic weekend. and be sure to cheer for the Cavs!

Nic said...

Hey! Thank you so much. I just brought my late a** into work and this is just what I needed to start my day off right. Dave is a fool. I thought that I'd seen most of his shows, but I hadn't seen the "Greatest a** whopping in the Atlantic Northeast" part. Ha
! I was dying when "Ashy Larry" karate chopped his shoulders like that. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! ROTFD