Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cavs win Eastern Conference Finals

I told ya'll about the X-Factor...A new hero in Cleveland sports.

Ya'll said LeBron was the whole team...apparently not.

You said we wouldn't win the series at all, but we did with 4 straight wins.

If you didn't know about Daniel you do!...31 pts from a rookie to win the series? He is a Cleveland Cavalier point guard and he kicked Piston ass!!!

Just because I'm a good sport though, Detroit Fans, let me share with you the sight that must have happened at the end of the game at many sports bars in the Motor City.


Go Cavs...oooooh, the Tribe beat the Tigers again 3 straight times


CortneyGee said...

Damon you and I witnessed it together brother... Boobie put it on the Pistons. You did call it he was the X factor

Lo said...


mark said...

Come down folks. There is no doubt about it Labron is the King, however the big fundemental ia going to do a # 2 all over the Cavs.

But congratulation on smashing detriot.

nikki said...

gotta give props to the cavs. lebron has officially grown up. i'll be pulling for them in the finals.

Dave said...

Yep, props.

KIKI said...

CAVS KICKED ASS! DC...didn't I tell these folks they WOULD show the Cavs the respect that was due them when this was all said & done?
And I could just kiss Bobbie Gibson.

Mark...???Do a #2???LOL!...YOU TRIPPIN!

Shai said...

Yeah, yall won. I still gotta give my Pistons props. We had a good year.

dr. Girlfriend said...

Although Football and Tennis are my favorite sports, as a new Clevelander I was proud to watch my new team rise to victory. Cavs all the way baby!!!! Oooh I cannot wait for football season..

Lo said...

@Mark: Do a #2?!! LOL! Talk about not letting folks enjoy a moment of victory before you start talking (literal) sh*t!

@Nikki & Dave: LeBron gets mad props, but super-kudos to Boobie Gibson. He was The Man!!!

@Kiki: How 'bout them Cavs!!!

@Shai: Hey, the Pistons did great. They gave it the old college try and played with lot of heart and spirit.

@Dr. Girlfriend: I'm also a new Clevelander and the Cavs are now my team, so it's appropriate that they're going to the finals. Can't wait to go some Browns games, too!!!

dc_speaks said...

I been saying it...the cavs are a TEAM..yes they draw from LeBron but the reality is...they are not the same team that they were in game 5.

when they needed him to be the best player in the NBA for a night, he showed up.

Mark: please stop. let me yet again remind you that we beat the spurs ass twice...soundly

dc_speaks said...

heyyyyyyyyyyy dr g., a new clevelander indeed. CWRU's newest addition. YOU GO GIRL!!! You and Lo will have much to learn about Cleveland. I shall ensure that you are aprised of all Cleveland sports fans rules. LOL

Good morning to all of ya. Thanks for stopping by the blog already.

Cortney witnessed me get all excited at the Boneyard and then listen to the waitress tell me that they were too busy to serve food.

I decided to be gangsta and jump over the outside patio wall, drive up to BK's and come back to witness the show the my bag in hand.

I guess I was preparing myself to do things at the "Spur" of the moment....hahahahahaha

CortneyGee said...

yeah DÇ thats was quite ghetto fab of you definitely earned you props in my book.When you came back with the bag the look on her face was enough for me to not curse her ass out for the I need to take your money before i get your drinks talk like we was going to jet out on the bill... not that I've never dined and dashed but that was when the vertical was still 38 inches and I could scale a fence like Spidey scales walls and youth provided me with the will and the wind to elude the police ... at damn there 40 Im a grown ass man if I can';t buy the drank at the club I start the party at the house before I arrive and babysit the hell out of a corona dig it

dc_speaks said...

hahahahaha...she gots no love. oh well, sucks to be her. the other waitress got mad love and mad tips.

she got a buck from me...a whole buck...hahahaha

CortneyGee said...

she should use that dollar to purchase a personality