Wednesday, January 31, 2007

da bears vs. da colts

well well well...for the first time ever two brother coaches will square off for bragging rights as the coach whose team won the big dance....I couldn't let this pass me by without sharing a smidgen of insight....Let me start by saying that I am so conflicted as to whom I should cheer for relating to coaches. Being from Cleveland(our poor browns team), I have certainly learned to be the guy that cheers for the "underdogs" but the problem is both of these teams are underdogs technically....wait wait bad I want to talk about the conflict...tis far more interesting. Smile As a black man enamored with pride, how can i go against any black head coach in the Super Bowl? Hmmmm.....I can't! Both of these coaches have done a wonderful job of doing their thing! Lovie Smith embodies the hard nosed toughness of the sport that has long since been missing except for the monsters in baltimore...Frankly...Tony Dungy..well he looks just like my Grandfather(R.I.P grandaddy) so he's alright doing better than ok....oh and he has Peyton and Marvin. The Stage is set...though dimly for the head to head match up of these two brothas. More attention is given to a sucky rex than to the elevation of Smith and Dungy! As strange as it sounds, I would have preferred for there to be two different ethnicity's represented as head coaches so that I could have easily made my choice. No questions about that decision at all....Feb 4, 2007 is going to be a great day for football fans around the world...folks will be crying and some will be singing by the end of the evening...PRINCE being the halftime show is really a big thing..I'd rather have Janet have another wardrobe malfunction again though. Smile