Friday, June 29, 2007

Pot Luck Friday...part XIV

Dis shole duz look good!

This forum is officially a smash hit. I am excited to present once again POT LUCK FRIDAY.

What I would like to do is get some feed back from some non blogging readers or some bloggers that don't have the time to blog right now. An open forum, if you will. For example, the BET Awards, folks killing their family or how Eddie Murphy indeed was that baby pappy(lol..I loved the movie "life").

There is no topic off limits! I know that relationship posts are common but be more specific. What element of the relationships? Finding one, keeping one, how to get out of one..all are up for discussion and friendly debate.

I am an information junkie! Garbage in--garbage out! But, I still like to process information. So, I'd like to try to start a day where the readers are in control of every single question, we take the comment that is posted right before you, answer their comment question, then post your own question for the next person. We can discuss it in a civil manner. If it goes well, then it could be really fun. I must exercise more moderation on the personal topics comments. I got a few emails from some participants and I must agree that some of the comments were hurtful and should be handled off line...privately. Let's have fun and keep it clean...please---thank you.

Have a fantastic weekend and let's come up with some great questions to kick around the campfire!

So without further delay.....who is up for the challenge, part 14?


Nic said...

Has anyone seen 1408?

CreoleInDC said...

@nic: No. Me no like scary movies cuz I'm a punk.

What do you like to do most when you're home alone.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen 1408, but have seen something very similar to it in a compilation movie. Stephen King fan from back in the day, so I plan to check it out.
@CinDC-feet up in front of the HD Big screen letting whatever is on wash over me (usually documentaries)...oh did i mention hand tucked in waistband? TMI?

Popeyes, Church's or KFC?

Lo said...

Church's, Church's, Church's!!!

The more ghetto the fried chicken, the better!!!

Question: Is Joakim Noah going to be able save the Chicago Bulls?

Lo said...

Forgot to answer Nic: Nope. Looks way scary.

and CreoleinDC: Relax and watch movies.

Ray said...

Ray dogg makin his way up in dis piece lol. Lets get this party started right boyz n goyals.

@ Nic – No I haven’t seen 1408, was it a good one?

@ Creoleindc – I am always home alone, but I must say I like to sing, knowing I suck at it but no one can be there to hear. Well lemme shut up I do have neighbors but whateva.

@ Sojourner G – I must go w/ KFC,

I never got a chance to try Church’s and I got food poisoning from Popeyes :-(.

QUESTION: Name at least one goal you hope to reach by the end of 2007!

Lo said...

@Ray: Complete three novels (one already done, yay!) and a screenplay.

Question: Which is worse, packing or unpacking?

mark said...

" Question: Which is worse, packing or unpacking?"

mark bey: Packing is always worse than unpacking. I hate packing and I hate moving.

open question

Crunchy or Smooth peanut butter.

Bluecheese or Ranch.

Goodmorning everybody.

Lo said...

Good morning, Mark! And like you, I hate packing and unpacking and moving. Hate, hate, hate it. It's a necessary evil, but still...ugh!


Blue cheese.

Question: Salad with or without tomatoes? (Mark, your question made me think of salads)

Shai said...

@Lo: No tomatoes. Funny until last year, I always liked them. The acid gets to me sometimes.

Do you eat breakfast every morning, what do you eat if you do?

tAnYeTTa said...

Good Morning Everyone!
@shai---i try to eat breakfast everyday. it doesn't always happen but, i really really try. they say it's the most important meal of the day. i usually have eggs, toast and coffee (or OJ)

Question: Am I the only one who had to add up the XIV in my head and carried the one to figure out what number potluck we were on? And don't lie! LOL

mark said...

I believes that salad without tomatoes isnt a real salid.

Lo said...

@Shai: I used to eat breakfast every morning. I haven't of late. Been working overtime.

@Tanyetta: I had to do the math, too. I was like, WTF?!!

Question: Be bossy or be bossed?

mark said...

" Question: Be bossy or be bossed?"

mark bey: I severely dislike both but if I had to to choose I would choose to be bossy instead of the one being bossed simply becasue I know the guy being bossy is qualified to be boss.

Ticia said...

Hey All--

No, I haven't seen 1408-- I don't like scary movies!

When I am home alone..I clean, laugh at myself--or sleep---

Chicago Bulls are a fantasic team and YES... Noah will do a good job if he is not traded... I AM FROM CHICAGO OF COURSE

One of my goals is to get out of my shell and be open to new things

Unpacking is worse---

Question: What is a good and effective first date?

Shai said...

@Mark: Being bossy. LOL. Right now I am having issues with the bosses in my office and being bossed I ain't wit it. LOL.

Which do you like best: hot or cold tea/coffee?

Lo said...

@Mark: Sadly, everyone's who's in charge isn't qualified to be so.

@Ticia: One where you can both be real with each other, open, and have fun. That can be anywhere---a fancy restaurant or sitting on the hood of a car at the park.

@Shai: Hot tea

Question: Chicken salad or tuna salad?

Ms. Behaving said...


@ Lo--Chicken Salad

@ Shai--Hot tea

Question: You're asked to describe yourself in two words or less--what will they be?

Lo said...

@ms behaving: TGIF! Two words: "I overthink."

Question: Morris Chestnut or Boris Kodjoe? (for the ladies and guys who are interested)

For the guys (or ladies interested):

Reginal Hall (from Scary Movie, Best Man) or Regina King (Ray, Jerry Maguire)?

Shai said...

@Lo: Tuna Salad, Boris all the way. Funny I love me a chocolate man, but Boris has that swagger, the chest and lips. LOL.

@Ms. B: creative and moody

What is dish is the best one you cook or are known for?

Raymond said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ray said...

@ Mark – Un Packing b/c then you gotta wash

@ lo -- Without tomatoes

Be bossy or be bossed? (I must translate this one, to if one is a leader and a follower just because bossy is not a good thing lol) I see myself as a leader, who leads by inspiration and charisma (i.e. Charismatic Authority).

I will take the tuna salad for $100 Alex lol (a.k.a Lo)

Hmmm, I think both Reginas are cute, but I don’t know if their characters in Ray and Scary Movie would fit my fancy. I haven’t seen the other two so I can not make a decision; I know this didn’t answer that question. SORRY!!!!

@ Shai – I do eat breakfast every morning, and it varies so much so I can’t tell you ha ha.

I am best known to cook Sunday Dinner actually. Ribs, Chicken, Collard Greens, Black Eyed Peas, and then some. Not to mention at times homeade biscuts from my bare hands.

@ Ticia – I cosign with lo, as she says a good date is when you can both parties are honest with one another, open, and have fun. As well as location and activity being kinda secondary so to speak.

In addition I believe that an effective first date should be one without the pressure of getting into a relationship then and there, when one feels pressure to commit the fun tends to vanish.

@ ms_behaving – I must say that if I were asked to describe myself in two words or less they would have to be: Enthusiastic and Creative.


1)If you could have your dream job, describe in two sentences what would it be!

2)Name a family or personal tradition, that is either past or current!

Ms. Behaving said...

@ Shai--My fried chicken

@ Lo--I'd have to go with Morris Chestnut--I'm all about my sexy chocolate (lol) besides--light skinned men ain't "IN" no mo' LOL


Ladies: Would you ever ask a man for his hand in marriage?

Gents: Would you think it untraditional IF a woman did ask for your hand in marriage??

Lo said...

@Shai: There are a lot of dishes I'm known for, so that's a hard one. Cooking is one of my fortes.

@Ray: 1. Current job
2. Past family tradition: summer vacation in Mississippi (20 hour drive every year from Fort Lauderdale.

@Ms Behaving: Never. I'm extremely traditional.

Shai said...

@My own q: I do a mean pot of spaghetti, I love shredding up Italian sausage and mixing in the sauce. Yum!

@Ms. B: I am traditional with that, now I may have an untraditional wedding.

Have you ever had a Lovejones and if so do yo still have it?

Lo said...

@Shai: I would definitely also do an untraditional wedding.

Had a (mutual) lovejones for someone that spanned a long stretch of years off and on, but it's long gone now.

Question: Rain or shine?

dc_speaks said...


hey ya'll. I see my other half has been the wonderful hostess as akways.

Q: what's ur fave cold cereal?

CortneyGee said...

what's upper all ... I'm awaiting my bootleg baron Jordan to hook me up on 1408 ... as far as cold cereal I like raisin bran and special k with fruit

CortneyGee said...

question: what ever happen to the good old days ? Maybe these days are the making of good old days when we get older and look back on them huh?

Anonymous said...

@LO:: Rain

@DC:: Mm....favorite cold cereal....maybe... "Kellogg Strawberry Cereal" (LOL)

@CortneyGee:: I dont know. I mean, who knows....Life changes though. Thats a face. (smiles) :D

Question:: What's your favorite fragrance?

KIKI said...

YooooooHooooooo! Hey everybody....know I'm a little late, but lets start with our favorite hostess (smiling & waving...Hey Lo)....

@Lo...that's a hard one. Normally I like the rain cause it's a good time to cuddle up with that "special someone". since I don't have that someone, sunny days have become more appealing.

@DC...Frosted Flakes...they're GREEEEEAAAAT!

@CG...IG'NANT M*THAF*KAS...that's what happened to the good old days!

@lilmis...(for women)Amarige by Givenchy...(on men) Pi

Question...Do you think people really don't believe what goes around comes around, or are they walking around with blinders on?

dc_speaks said...

um...some of both kiki.

Q: with the price of gas the way it is...subway/rapid or carpool for work?

Jacqueline said...

@Lo: Morris Chesnut
@Lo: Rain
@DC: Captain Crunch (I know, I know)!
@CortneyGee: The good old days are now...
@lil_ms_outspoken: Obsession
@Kiki: both
@DC_Speaks: Subway
What's the most important: to be loved or to be healthy?

dc_speaks said...

to be healthy

great question!!!

Q: lol...where did you come from?

Jacqueline said...

I linked your blog from Lo's... Love both sites!