Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Game 3 update: Back at the Q Spurs: 2-0

This is the perfect time to show up and show out as one of the best players in the league over this 3 game home stretch.

We are getting ready to play the first Finals Series game ever in Cleveland. Doesn't the Q look great?

We have decorations outside of the building showcasing our solidarity.

Now although this is a pic of hometown R & B superstar Avant on stage during the play Love In The Nick Of Tyme, he will be singing the National Anthem tonight.

Game time is 9pm EST on ABC.


Let's GO CAVS! Let's GO CAVS!

For a few more shots from the Cav's photo gallery, click HERE. And in case you don't know Avant's music, check out this remix version of his hit, Read Your Mind. Enjoy!!!

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch...video may take a few seconds to load]

*If you're watching the game, you know by now that Avant didn't perform, rocker Ben Harper did instead, playing a slide guitar version of The Star Spangled Banner that was faintly reminiscent of Hendrix's masterful rendition.


MzCoko said...

Oh the Q... Don't u just luv Dan Gilbert with his rich self... and I hope the Cavs do better... I mean it would SUCK to lose the championship AND get sweeped wouldn't it??

Anonymous said...

Bruh, I ain't even waitin' on your next post. How bout the your Cavs make a game of this huh? I'm looking for you guys to win AT LEAST ONE.

KIKI said...


Soj...maybe the Cavs could win one if the friggin fouls were called properly! There is no way in HELLLL you gonna tell me Lebron didn't get fouled on that last shot...not to mention several others we got robbed on! DIS SOME BULLSH*T!

Anonymous said...

OK Ki (and in anticipation, DC), WE WANTED TO FOUL HIM, make him shoot two, get the rebound and let time run out or get filed and WE shoot. That was our design. Not our fault the zebras didn't call it. Even if they did, he was NOT in the act of shooting so he couldn't have tied it EVEN IF he made the shots.

All that is beside the point. How do you even let it come to that in your own house at your first finals home game EVAR?!?!

Ya'll are good. Ya'll have promise. But you have a ways to go to play with and win against the Big Boys. Wrap yourselves in your eastern conference championship and "shhhhhhhh"


dc_speaks said...

*sighhhhh*...they are killing me.

lol@soj G...ur trippin dude. 3 pointers is what lost us the game. shots that we normally make we missed. we were outscored by 21 points from the land of three.

add 1 or 2 and the series looks different today.

~so there

KIKI said...

Yeah...how bout if Lebron hadn't got fouled, might have made the 3, tied the game & took it into OT...but I do agree the Cavs didn't play as well as they should have, especially missing all those 3's (which I don't think Lebron should have ben trying to shoot anyway, he should have been going straight to the hole).

They say no team has come back from 3-0, but there's a first time for everything & the Cavs seem to be full of surprises this year...so I'm keeping hope alive! We still got 4 games left.

Go Cavs!

Anonymous said...

"so there?!?!?!?" "so there?!?!?" Is that all ya'll got? If this, if that. If pigs had wings they could fly! If the Lebrons had scoreboard they would win.

If the Spurs had won...
my bad.

Keep hope alive Kiki. And while your at it, see what you can do about world peace.

dc_speaks said...

that's all i got! thats enough.

KIKI said...

Soj...LOL@"Keep hope alive Kiki. And while your at it, see what you can do about world peace"...

I'm workin on it, boo!

You can't break my spirit. One thing about me...if I believe in something or someone I stick by it/them til the end and I'm sticking by my Cavs!