Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The New Dawn!!

My friends I have come to bear witness to a less verbalized change in the system of dating. The tides have turned! I'm going to take you on my own personal time warp.

When I was a teenager in the 80's, I was about 6'1 and very slender. Dark brown skin, big nose, and kinda shy. That definitely was not the formula to get girls to notice me other than being able to play basketball well and run fast on the track. Yet the physical appeal for the majority of the women was quite different than how I looked in my teenage years. The light complexion, grey or green eyes and wavy/perm looking hair was "in" then. Though I was a jock, I was still missing some of the attributes that attracted girls. Now don't get me wrong, not all of the young ladies were shallow like that and I was veryyyyy thankful for the girls that like the average joe's like me.

I found that I became a "good friend" or "brother" type figure to the girls that I had crushes on! Looking back...that was masterfully done! But at the time, I was taking a beating.

In the 80's, there were lots of movies where the nice guy was the friend who watched the beautiful female friend that he loved get played by dudes over and over again, to eventually ended up with the girl. WRONG!!!!!! Hollywood had me set up for failure, Jack!! That shit never happened like that in my life..yet, it made for a happily ever after romance in theory. Even shows like "Beauty and the beast" were popular and promoted that "boy I wish I could be with her" kind of thinking.

Well guess what...LOL..the joke is on the pretty boys now!! You know the ones..the ones that thought that they could skate through life because they were attractive and didn't maximize their opportunities in education or talents in athletics. I'm not hating..just keeping it real! If not for those dudes, the nice guys like me wouldn't be the "in" thing right now. I watched many hearts get broken, over and over again because women coveted that stereotype. Musicians that couldn't sing worth sh*t got over because of their "look"..Al B. Sure is top on a lot of my female friends list..LOL

It was a double edged sword to be a kid in the 80's, compared to now as a grown man. I endured quite a bit of heckling in my teen years to come back and hook up with
the prom queens down the road...(while they still looked good)!!! The tables have in the favor of the nice guys, good friends and the "oh,girl please..that's just______". By the way, I hated that shit and I know I'm not alone!!!!!!

This time around, the sincere nice guys that treat a woman with dignity, respect and become great friends, don't have to settle for being"oh, he's just a friend". We have a shot because now women think the "pretty boy's" are players because of previous experiences and even worse than that "on the down low".

Inspired much by recent blogs by rich and mizrepresent..thanks ya'll

My public service announcement!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ram-Brotha(Missing in Action-2)

well well well..what do we have here. One of my friends asked me to write on this topic as a partial follow up to an earlier blog. Thank you TWG!

It seems as though she decided to discuss with me the fact that she knows the "game" so well that she confidently told me that everytime a man gets off of the phone, answers another call, goes to hang with the fellas, so on and so forth that he is potentially running game. Man i'm tellin you...she broke it down to a science....had me thinking back like damn...I thought i was kinda smooth backin da day!!!LOL...wrong!!!!

I was shocked to hear that she said I know that guys will talk on the phone all the way to a woman's house and get off long enough to tell the other woman that we are there. Some may even hold a conversation all the way up the elevator and just about to the door....Orrrrrr, reply to a text message while on the phone with another woman...not knowing that they can hear the buttons being pushed on the other end. She even told me that she knows of some guys that map out visits to maximize the stops to hook up with women..a"mapquest for male whores" if you will....I died when she said that one too!! I wasn't going to validate anything at all, I just wanted to listen to get as much as possible from her.

Amazingly and absolutely well articulated the fact that women know far more than they let on. My concern with that is when I hear women constantly complain about a lack of "good brothas"...but they allow for the nonsense to continue by turning a deaf ear to it and acting like it doesn't exist.

Knowing her to be one of the strongest sistahs I've ever met in my life, I know that she wouldn't put up with the shenanigans, but I know lots that will. My thought provoking spin on the matter is this: 1. If dudes find out that the "game" we run has been decoded, will we stop and keep it real or adapt and elevate the level of the game. 2. If women let men know what they are doing, will that allow for them to screen out the undesireables faster since a brotha doesn't want to get fronted out like that.

I know some women that got "game"too!!! One in particular kicked it with 5 dudes at the same time..and not one of them know about the other 4...

It's like a damn chess match! I felt violated because she made me feel like she decoded my super secret decoder ring formula and exposed it all just like it was nothing.

Fellas...let me be the first to tell you if you haven't already heard, the jig is up..keep it real son!!! I know its hard to believe.....but...from the countless female perspectives that I get....WE AIN'T GOT TO LIE TO KICK IT!! If you want to just hit it...say it..the answer might just be yes...thats what I heard

That's my public service announcement!!!!! LOL!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

what's in a name?..part II

Ok...after a couple of private emails on "what's in a name"..I am compelled to do a short follow up based on my hidden comments. Man...I wish I could repost those emails...but I won't to protect the privacy of my peeps.'s something else to chew on and I'm sure that "reader x's" will find this just as interesting. This is my damn blog..I write what I want to!!!! LOL!!!

Stepping up on my soapbox now,...and exhaling!!

Nicknames.....and calling your kids by their middle names..WTF!!! If the name is Jamariolificus, why the hell are you calling him"lil pimp" at the ripe old age of 2? He's probably going to catch hell from his first name anyway! If her name is Carolyn, why are you calling her "applebottom shorty"...WHY WHY WHY! Do we think it's cute to associate children with clothing lines and what we believe they look precious in?

And the thing with calling children by their whole name only when they are in trouble is whack! Let's just teach them that hearing their name should be associated with negativity by the age of 3 or 4.

I think everyone has a junebug, dunebug(I had one of those), sleepy, rockhead, Ray Ray, Stinky-butt, shorty, big man, little man, or something that will come to mind they can relate to. Please don't get me wrong, I use nicknames all the blog was about "CHILDREN"...not grown a$$ people!!!

If the shoe fits...wear it! If it doesn't....get a laugh and keep on reading!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

what's in a name?

This is a short and sweet post! Basically one of my first blogs I ever wrote but, I am posting it today! I would like some input on naming children. I have two son's...a junior and a "Jashua". I must say those are relatively normal names! I had to have a first born! However, I am in the middle of researching for a 20 yr high school class reunion and a family tree project and noticing some very interesting names.

Being a child barely making it(1969), but still born in the 60's, most of my friends and acquaintances seem to have relatively easy names to figure out. Spelling and enunciation normally lined up..pretty fairly anyway.

I mean...if there was something a lil out of the ordinary, we may say that the mother and father combined there name into a child's name. IE: Marvin and Christine...Marvalene or something to that effect.'s where I'm lost...I have some young relatives that named their children some sh*t, I can't pronounce, spell or recognize as a name at all...or if I can pronounce the name....I'm thinking it was a synonym! We all have them in our circle of family and naming their kids after cars, sports, heroes, music videos and other dumb shit. A child's first word to write is normally their name...we teach kids to sound out words when they are learning to read! If they can't sound it out, that's opposition to the first school lesson they will ever learn..reading!

Is naming children an art form that I don't yet subscribe to, or has the idea of having a unique name become more important than a child knowing how to say it, sound it out and write it taking a backseat to just another "fad"?

Be aware of the hidden dangers of our kid's education people! Don't set them up for a failure!

My old school

I am pumped, I was listening to my mp3 and flipping back and forth on the radio this morning and just bounced all the way into work. I heard some Bobby Brown "Rock witcha" and some other favorites. Ready for the world, Guy, Alexander O'Neil, Freddie Jackson, Prince, Phil Collins, New Edition, Black Michael Jackson, NWA, Shabba Ranks, Beastie Boys, EPMD, Eric B & Rakim, Run DMC, and a whole lot of 80's and 90's r&b/hip hop artists. I scanned all the songs....15-30 secs per song and had a blast.

The realization that lately I have been stuck in a time warp of my "old school" made me feel great! Watching Spike Lee movies, Beat Street, Last Dragon, Color Purple, New York Undercover, Fame, A Different World, the Cosby's , Facts of Life and other timeless classics has me comparing them to modern day shows and movies.

I even watched some "I love the 80's" music video countdown with my mother...boy, was that interesting....we watched tv for 4 hours straight...together!!!! What a wonderful day that was, for real. Bonding is great with ma dukes, cause um.....she sure can flip the script cat quick! I take the good and enjoy every nanosecond.

Here's a quick observation as to why newer movies are becoming some of my favorites! They use the same basic story lines as my age group's"old school flicks". I really enjoyed "Stomp the Yard", but I sure thought of "School Daze". Beat Street and Breakin....well how about You Got Served. You want"Fame"...look at Step Up. Girlfriends is the newer version of Living Single. Plenty of new shows copy the the Cosby Show. Different world is older version of Degrassi!

I am reliving my old school days right now and surely do appreciate it! I am a product of the 80's and I'm not ashamed to admit it either!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the Great vs women

I can't wait to get this off my chest...I was having a friendly, yet debate driven conversation with a good friend of mine and I just had to write about it. For the purpose of not making it too lengthy, I will just highlight my point and her point and we will see if men and women really think so differently.

Focus of the debate:Strippers and Prostitutes..Lord knows how we got on that! Probably relating to the blog I recently wrote about a Maury show I watched.'s the short of it. She feels that the women that are prostitutes have no self love, self-esteem and don't know what they doing...based on their maturity level or what they have been exposed to. If i understood her correctly, she feels that some women are trapped because they just don't know any better. She alluded to the fact that counseling perhaps should be the approach rather than blasting them. Therapy!

ok...we really were on it weren't we? Therapy????

My point: Unless they are mentally incapable of making decisions on their own, they know exactly what they are doing and accepting their lifestyle....also just because a person perhaps was shown little love, they recognize it is so many other facets of life having nothing to do with sex, pimps, or money. We are not always products of our environments. I know some hoes and some strippers that turn tricks and some that don't! I have actually asked some of them what brought them to where they were in life. It wasn't always the runaway, sexually abusive teen that flees for her life and some pimps showed her some love crap that is glorified on tv....but real talk IE:"I f**k my man and he pays me by buying me things or giving me what I want, why wouldn't I get money from anybody I lay up with" or "my grandmother always told me, no woman has to ever be broke".....I was educated on the perception. Old school women teach other younger women that "if you got it...flaunt it"

Another friend of her's said that there is no difference between a stripper and a prostitute...based on her character, I'm sure that she vehemently argued him down on the difference. Not all strippers turn tricks to keep it simple...I said "yeah but you do have lots of them that do" Stripper's atleast hustle to get their own money!

I never claim to be an expert in psychology, but my life's experiences has taught me that eveyone has Choices. God's gift to every person is "free will"!!! We can allow ourselves to be subjugated by others, but we are still in control of giving it away. Fact remains, it is our choice ultimately!

Friday, February 16, 2007

the test results are in...(dramatic pause)

I was at home recently during the day and happened to catch a Maury Povich episode. This episode had a woman come to show and air all her dirty laundry. She had 13 different men tested to be the father of her child.
I was like "wtf"!!! 13 different dudes for one baby. That was really something to me. It was amazing how a dude had a short vidoe clip blasting her and her promiscuity. I was really tripping like...damn what city does she live in and did they provide AIDS testing too.

So anywho(man i sound like AB).........dude starts out about how he has a woman and he's in love....never hooked up with her and "she's a f*****g liar and hoe, Maury!" They show the picture of the baby and the crowd goes awwww and starts booing this guy. I can't front, normally I don't watch this crap but it was kinda entertaining for a minute. Dude brings his woman onto the stage and she acts like she wants to fight the accusing mother whom of course is calling him a liar and saying "watch mothfu**** gone take care of your responsibility"....So I sit up a lil closer and Maury says"the results are in.....We will be right back after this quick commercial break" I'm like..damn this is fu***d up...I gotta wait too.

Commercial goes off and the envelope is opened and Maury says" You are NOT the father...." mannnnnn this girl goes running off the stage.....yelling , fallin all on the floor and crying...Maury goes after her and comforts her telling her that he wont stop till they find the baby daddy! I got the main idea though....... Just keep giving them names up !!!!!

Here's the only thing I want to tell the many, many women that bring all these dudes to tv and expose themselves.....USE RUBBERS!!! DAMN

Thursday, February 15, 2007

hmm......"ding" are now ready!!

Wow..if you haven't hooked up with the Southwest Airlines "ding" program for your computer and you're a are really missing out.

Of course this does require a spin...hahahaha

What if you could make a ding for other notifications on your computer..what would you use it for? I need to meet some computer geeks and patent this idea for sure!'re looking for online romance...."ding"..a cute girls checks out your profile're looking for online romance...."ding"..a mah-fugly person checks you out have beautiful naked people walking past their web cams...."ding" can remotely turn on their cam.
Perhaps....someone anonymously leaves a dumb ass comment on your blog...."ding"you can hack into their computer and f**k them up!
Perhaps....someone sends out chain emails and you tell them not to...."ding"automatically go to the source email disable the forward capabilities

The possibilities are endless...

How would you use"The Ding'?

similes and metaphors

Some of our phrases that really make me laugh

For example:

Hot as wolf p*s*y? exactly how hot is that may I ask?
Cold as a witches tit
blank blank a mothaf***a(anything can fit in here)
Slick as oil
Tight as a drum
Right as rain
Cold as hell
I'm in like Flin
Good to go
Like Whoa
Like dat, son
Girl/boy next door type
Girl you would take home to momma
Girl you wouldn't take home to momma(my fave kind)
Beat that you stole my shoes
Too Legit to Quit? WTF...Hammer!
Broke as a joke...and brokeness is funny?
Dumb as a box of rocks
Smart as a whip? WTF is a whip?...LOL

Man I tell ya...if I listen to regular everyday conversations of teenagers now or some old school hip hop...I could start a whole new language and no one would know anything I'm talking about...

I may as well start saying "waa da taa, my damie" like pootie tang

Coffee can wake you up..fact or fiction?

Today I am straight up dragging and as always have something to say....Coffee drinkers are fu****g liars!!!! That line about how people get perked up or they can't start their day til they get their first cup of coffee is bulls**t! I know the scientific explanation says that it's supposed to be a central nervous system stimulant, but dang...I'm coming up short!

I drank like 3 "cups of java" and I'm still about to pass out!!! Seems that my only hope is a red bull

It might jump me like a set of battery cables, but at least I'll still be awake. Otherwise when I bust off sleeping at my desk and someone comes in...I'll have to raise my head slowly when they call my name, wait a few seconds....then say"Amen"...hahahahahaha

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hurry up and wait!!

Let me put this on ya for a sec.....I am a little bit confused today...trying to sort this out in my head! By the way, this is rhetorical but if you leave a comment about it...i'm cool with that

Have u ever thought of hooking up with someone when it's cold outside....because its cold outside? Does the idea of having a nice warm body next to you on a cold Winters night provide your mind a certain serenity that can only come from the pleasantries of enjoying someone else's 98.6 degrees? Well...I've come to tell you're foul!!!

lol...don't get it twisted...we all have done it, thought about it, or said it out loud....acting like we are only kidding...yeah right!

It was cold as a motha****a last night! Somehow(no need to name any 14yr old)the heat was turned up to 75, but clicked to"off "at some point in the evening...hence the setting was right, but you know what I mean....NO HEAT CAME OUT!!!! I woke up about 2am freezing my ass off. Went to go turn up the heat and was instantaneously enraged because it was below 60 in the house! Pipes might on and so forth.
Ok...maybe not this mad...but It felt like it!

Being up late, in the cold and alone in the bed took me to my younger days when I would make up any excuse in the world to get a woman over to the house. For the sake of saving that info..preventing the release of TMI to the female gender at this time...I will just give one example...LOL!

It took everything in me to not start crying from laughing when I looked at my phone on the table and reminisced over some stories back in da day! Believe me, I looked real hard too!! IE:the old..dial someone up(female of course) late night...ask for one of my dudes..then be overly apologetic because I woke them up, but still hold a conversation to coax them into a visit...Ok ladies, ya'll got a freebie!!

My mind went there though...just like the dude in "animal house". I was torn with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. All I can say is...Thank God for space heaters and ESPN! I had a moment of very sincere temptation. However for the women that get those phone calls in the middle of the night....don't make the brotha go through what I had to endure....5-15 min of coaxing conversation...just get some clothes on and go over dude's house, or hang up on the nig*** when he asks for the wrong name!

Make the decision quick though! If they were anything like me, the clock is still ticking!!LOL

Monday, February 12, 2007

Wake Up!

For some strange reason I watched Spike Lee's"Do the Right Thing" movie not once but two times this past weekend.
As many times as I've seen this movie in the past years, It hit me like a sledge hammer in a different way. I equated the "right thing" to other issues other than the racial injustices painfully depicted in this classic film. The parenthood and relationship injustices and communication barriers became clearer to me. I can't tell a lie...I wasn't always a good boyfriend so I'll let that one go. I will use another relationship instead. Being a parent, I can and have often told my oldest son to make sure that he does the right thing relating to other people. However, oldest son does in fact mean more than one. I also have another son, "J" my 3 yr old soldier.

He is a wonderfully spirited, high energy, little guy with lots of personality. I am very excited about his future impact on the world!!!
While watching this film for the first time in years, I reflected on what that term meant in relation to my youngest son. For the most references in my blogs, you read about my eldest son, "DJ" the one that provides me with more than a lil blog material.

All I can say is, this dude is a character! Seriously!!
For my readers already know, I like to put a spin on something...just being me!!!

The most incredible personal relation to this movie is the Radio Raheem character...

far deeper than a dude walking around with his "box" blasting Public Enemy(which of course happens to be one of my favorite hip hop groups...ever). The freedom and respect for the uplifting of his own culture has me contemplating the limitations that I, as a parent have or will impose on my sons. Hmmm.....

The poise and dignity of a proud one in this classic pic seemed to have such an unwavering position on their beliefs other than the part of "Buggin out"

The outward impression of this persona was that he was a revolutionary of his own neighborhood..looking to bring about the acknowledgement of African Americans in an Italian American restaurant.

Take a different spin on these two dudes..and apply it to your own situation...For me they exemplify the growth process for adolescence to young adulthood and young adulthood to a maturing grown adult..

Radio Raheem, the defining character of having a conviction strong enough to lose his life over it..fighting to be heard. Comparable to the teenager that struggles to be heard and will defy me

because his convictions are that strong. Choking the dreams out of him..thus making him a shadow of himself in the future.

Buggin out, the revolutionary that draws others into his way of thinking. Comparable to the young fella that starts playing with a toy and creates a desire in others to follow along with what he wants to do. Inspiring change in many...Like "J"!

My quandary is determining when to let much of a support cushion is needed and how can I elevate my young sons to become the "great men" they are destined to be.

I came to the conclusion that choosing to take the time to elevate the mothers of our "leaders of tomorrow" will create a ripple effect...teaching how to break the chains of ignorance and disrespect to our queens. It is time as brothas to "do the right thing" and build up our women, so they can elevate us and a new cycle of positive growth and development can emerge from our children.
In the words of Spike Lee in his's time to "WAKE UP"

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Things are not always what they appear to be!!

I can not believe at how sappy I was when I first saw this article...I was like "awwww, that is so beautiful". A warm embrace that transcends thousands of years.

I do however have to do my thing and put a spin on it. Hmmm.....let's challenge the way that we think for a moment. The media can and will depict any story the way that they want us to think. For that reason alone, I question the suggestion of assuming that the couple was definitely a man and a woman. It has yet to be proven..and even if that is the case...could they be related. Call me a cynical person if you like, I just want to form my own opinions. I choose to look more objectively, rather than be led by the media and draw my own conclusions. I want to incite people to think for themselves today...just maybe it may spark something wonderful that transcends economic status, ethnicity and gender.

Being the thinker that I am, something that sprang to mind was involuntary death...I know that sounds morbid, but everything isn't always what it appears to be. Everyone wants to immediately believe that it was a suicide...because it seems so romantic. Let's challenge that for a moment...First!! The embrace could be due to fear, pain or suffering from an outside entity. Other cultures are known for killing people that stray from their religious beliefs or customs.

What if this couple was guilty of trying to be together without consent...killed...then placed together and buried? What if the couple are brother and sister? Again, the sex of the skeletons has yet to be determined..Think people!!!!

Or....what if it had nothing to do with love for each other at all? What if it was a form of sacrifice for some religious cult...That's been known to happen more than a few times. Take for example...

Jim Jones led almost 1,000 people into drinking poison kool-aid including nearly 280 children of which some of the partakers were killed. Murder/suicide in the name of religion? AND...had the nerve to even call it "The Last Supper"

I won't lend too much thought to negative that comes from reference to Jim Jones, but the speculation of just calling it a "Romeo and Juliet" forces us to think a way that I refuse to accept.

It was a remarkable archaeological find...scientists all over the world are excited and should be...I just want to hear the facts...let me...I mean we paint our own pictures.

Let's challenge each other to elevate our way of thinking!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I'll give you the me!

Space....the final frontier. The exploits of a "Real Mile(s) High Club" playa!

Ok...of course everyone knows the story of the love triangle astronaut saga...but let's put another spin on the story since I love doing that anyway. This in no way shape or form is a love triangle...she's d**k whipped! I get the infatuation with the pilot thing..."chicks love pilots". I even get the uniform thing..."chicks love a guy in uniform". What perplexes me is how sprung she got to get her to this point. She has a husband and 3 kids at home. That means her husband probably wasn't hitting right...I get that too. My point is... what could dude possibly have said or done to have her lose her mind like that? That just ain't normal!! NASA has extreme screening procedures for their astronauts...

The plotting that it took place was extremely deliberate....she even went as far as to go to the store and get some diapers....huh?!!! I guess the less stops she made, the!!

If dude comes out with a sex video on the net...I'm getting it. She drove 900 miles to confront someone that she "thought" was getting it from old boy!

Plus they said that she wore a disguise?...LOL...seriously...WTF Like she really needed to wear funny!!! I'm not even going to comment on the bb gun or the pepper spray. The rubber tubing kinda had the really freaky connotation to it, so I'll let that one go too.

This woman looks waaaay different without the glamour shot photo. As a matter of fact, I'm going to insist on seeing any woman that I ever would consider getting involved with "make up-less" I need to see what she really looks like. For just this reason alone, I'm paranoid!

I'm looking at pics of dude and thinking to myself that the average dude must be back in. I can look at another guy and say without hesitation"I'm sure women think that dude is attractive" and still hold onto my masculinity without question. This time around I asked a few women friends and they said he made the "he's o.k." list.

I have come to the conclusion that from my experiences, dude must have given her the most exciting and fulfilling orgasm of her life. On top of that, with the stars, planets and the moon as the background?! Thereby doing what no other man was ever capable of doing. Literally making her see "stars" while she was in the heat of passion. She was the victim of "extreme boning"...a sport of the 22nd century...She just couldn't handle it!!

So to sum this all up...I take my hat off to Capt. William Oefelein and present him with the "bronzed penis" award

Congratulations, sir! I saluuute you!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Its cold outside...can i get a day off too?

Man it is freezing fo sho...0 degrees with a wind chill of about -15 degrees. Snowing and the wind is biting cold...folks can't drive(fortunately I have experience..I lived in Milwaukee, Wisc)

Wind chill advisory is in effect until later this afternoon. Thankfully though, the snow slowed down enough for me to get out of my driveway without using the old snow thrower. Last week was not so kind..I had trouble leaving in the morning and coming back home in the evening..major accumulation...I stopped for a quick holla at my dude and I watched my van go from dry to covered in a mater of about a half hour while I was at Cortney Gee's house.

My 14yr old son is loving it school for the second day straight.

What's happening though? When I was a pup in school, we didn't get snow days like now. I feel like I'm being cheated! I remember my grandparents telling me the stories about how they walked through 5 feet of snow 18 miles just to get to school. I'm not knocking my ancestors..I just think that they stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhhed the truth a lil bit. Education was a hard fought for privilege so I'm sure that they did sacrifice and make some journeys in bad weather. Something kids today will never ever experience...spoiled brats!! Sacrifice is leaving the cell phone at home or deciding what party to go to when they have options. Damn..they're lucky!

But...geeeeez can i get a snow day too? I work about 17 miles from the house....I could stay home and watch Maury, Jerry, and Oprah in my boxers.

I am just going to wait until the summer is nearly here and take a "sunshine day". Tell the office to kiss my butt cause the weather will be too hot to come to work and the sun glare may cause me to have an accident. Send my son to school and tell him that I'm doing it to protect him from all the harmful ultraviolet radiation. Yeah.....that sounds like a plan! WHOSE WITH ME?

Monday, February 5, 2007

the unexpected wingman....

Look ma...up in the's a's a's "WING MANNNNNNN"

Last Night was the of course you already know!!!I didn't care about the game too much because I'm a hometown fan and the Browns weren't playing sooooo....I decided to flip a coin and the Bears won my fan of the day coin toss...

I was invited to the downtown Scorchers bar & grill ...........

by a former Cleveland Browns player and good friend of mine...Herman Fontenot...

a great guy with a heart of gold and really(fun to know)play on words too...

I'm not a rookie to partying...I have some other famous friends and local celebs in my circle of acquaintances..including Mr. Cortney Gee...shameless plug for my homeboy and former teammate on the junior high school basketball team.

The atmosphere was "like that"..happy hour prices and discounts on food...Other Cleveland Browns alumni and some Coors light models.....Oh, not the twins....

but some really good looking Sistahs that are local gals! I hope they make it in the model business too....

My boy's were getting hammered and I ended up taking one friend's keys because he was waaaay to drunk to drive. Then after being introduced to a few new people via Herman, I found that I was group "wing man". Almost every new acquaintance that I was around last night, asked me to keep friend busy while they hollered at someone else...I did the "great play" and "high five roll". The thing that amazes me about last night is that white females used me as wing man with their girlfriends to try to get with my homeboys..

Wow..times sure have changed! That was a new one even for me and I've been around the block a time or two.

Note to a lot meaner and don't go to clubs or parties solo anymore...I'm too damn friendly!

With everyone that probably scored(hooked up) last night..I should have been the damn referee or scorekeeper. From now on, I vow to be the official "cock block"!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Damn..can I please have my sh** back?

I happened back down memory lane today(your fault CG) and wasn't a happy fact I was like..damn that was foul!! I think most people will relate to this one.

Ahhh love is in the air..sharing,caring and romance. Special times when there is no such speakings of "my things and your things...We share everything!"

Those are the good times..gentle and sincere times ...Burning and passionate love....

BUT......we the flames have died down and the two no longer act as one..the separation makes every purchase ever made flood back in with amazing accurate recall...IE:"Uh uhhhnn, u cant keep that..I bought that at Macy's right after the sale started cause I was with Nikki and she bought extra lingerie for when ray ray came home from being locked up on his DUI last August...don't tell me..I know when I bought that". I been there too, but then I'm always like that anyway. Smile......Remarkable memory recall on select things, but that's another blog.

Here's when it really gets interesting....borrowing music...(that's a simple one). I hate loaning out my Cd's especially to a girlfriend. When the romance is over, I never get my shit's like the transaction of "BORROW"never registered. Breaking up means forfeiture of rights...I guess.

this is of course how it stared!!!!! NOW IT LOOKS MORE LIKE...................

How f****d up is that??.....under the guise of being my girl...I got suckered! Oh and don't ask for it back...."boy, you gave me's mine now." My mental recall tells me a whole different version of the story like stole my shit...straight up!!! Kinda like letting it fall into your pocket and sneakin out the door!!!

I certainly could have respected the jack move more if it was more obvious like....

Call it what it really is...theft..either intentionally or not..I think you should do the right thing...give him or her their shit back and don't scratch it up either. Everybody hates a scratched c.d.

THIS IS AN APPEAL TO ALL RELATIONSHIP PROPERTY THIEVES(friends and family too.....cause ya'll do it and blame it on the ex)CAN WE PLEASE HAVE OUR SHIT BACK.

Friday, February 2, 2007

If you feed them, they will come? wtf!!!


Oh hell we got a topic here. As many times as I've cooked for a woman, I would be hit. It requires very little effort or actually none my part..the link says it all. Perhaps the next time some one says "go back to Africa" if your a single dude and/or have no may consider it!

Now after reading that story, what dude will ever trust dating a woman from "the Motherland"? On the other hand, I have to good would it feel good to know absolutely that "YOU BEEN CHOSE"?

Thursday, February 1, 2007

infamous report card pick up day

MAN...It used to be like this...ok ya'll...this is for the parents fo sho...I'm extremely pissed and had to get this off my chest...what better way to do it than to write a blog about it. Yesterday was report card pick up i stroll up to the school cafetria to meet with my 14yr old son's principal and alllll of his teachers. The first 3 steps into the cafeteria after opening the door was"ohh yeah I'm so glad yo made it here...i need to talk to you.." so i'm like ok..let me sign in, get his report card and go holla at this duo of teachers at one table. It was almost like the Spanish Inquisition....I sat there like I was the one in school with my mouth closed and hands underneath the table...Got blasted for about 10 minutes starting with how smart he is and how helpful he is and how well he articulates his words for 30 secs then....oh damn that boy will just not stop talking in my classroom...always in some girls face or vice versa..(my genetic curse on him)...always walking someone to their class and tardy coming to my class for the remaining 9.5 after my first thrashing...i grudginly get up to go to my second a** whoopin of the day.....Honor Math teacher Mrs. S...greeted me with the "sometimes i could hug your son one day and kill him the next"...I didn't even want to encourage that kind of thinking so I used the "well let's work in a partnership" speech that always works to give the teacher assurance that you have their back at home...whewww that one didnt take as long because he did get a B in her class off i go to the next round of what I can now unaffectionately call the "Parent Trap" not like the movie... real lifel stuff..Next for me to subjugate myself to was hi World Histry teacher...standing a masculine 5'3 or so to shake my hand and said..."oh, your son and I can't see eye to eye...(It took everything in me to not laugh in his face since my son is about 6'3 ans 240lb) I let him ramble on about how he doesn't turn in his homework all the time or he's late to his class and politely excused myself because he doesn't even have him anymore this year and i needed to speak to 2 more teachers....but he had a less than acceptable grade in his im next on the chopping block for Honors Physics...A teacher from India...very interesting language barrier indeed for everybody....whose statements are basically consistent with every other teacher after a few comlimentary nods and verbal" oh ok's" i bounced from that meeting.....he brought that grade up anyway...last one of the day...Honor English was the last class...3 min in that meeting...he got an A...teacher said...he's one of his best students but still said...when he's done...he still talks in his class too much.... all in all all these people are telling me everything that I know about my own kid...he's bright, likes the ladies, they like him, talks too much and he's slow...I had to endure all of that just to pick up a damn report card that said he's still a good student especially for attending an honors program school on a grading scale where 92% is a "B". However..I appreciate all the knots that I took remembering that I was a kid at one time...BUT since two grades dropped and he missed too much work...and talked too much..and he was lazy at the house...I ending up taking his cell phone and putting his butt on punishment anyway.....LOL....funny how things work out sometimes...isn't it? Man, I just love those report card pick up days...I should have just let them mail me that crap in the first place...hindsight is 20/20!!

Who's the real winners here?

oh my god, Becky...look at her's just so big...its like just so round...I mean look at it. She looks like one of those rap guy's girlfriends. they only talk to her because she looks like a total prostitute. who understands those rap guys looks so's just so "BLACK". Gotta Give Sir Mix A Lot props for Baby got back...... As I was driving to drop off my son and 3 of his classmates to school this morning, I happened to hear Russ Parr and his entourage speaking about the ask men dot com poll on the "most desireable woman on the planet" ...I heard that guess who....BEYONCE was the number one person. Scarlet Johannsen was second and Jessica Alba was third....I was like mannnnnnnn...what the hell? For the women who read this, just give me a sec..I dont oogle long, I promise. However being of the mature age of 37.5, I thought of some women that were not mentioned and immediately had a convulsive mental note double take..probably causing an accident on MLK Jr BLvd and Carnegie AVE..... that demanded some recognition. In particular...Nia Long(always stunning)..Janet(ms Jackson cuz i'm Nasty)..Halle Berry(Oh please..good Lawd)....and Gabrielle Union(Sexy Chocolate)...ok that's enough of that. I, by no way advocate such ridiculous contests because beauty is certainly in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty Pageants and contests of this nature cause so pressure for women that by the time they ascend to Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss State.. years have gone by without the joys of living and having a childhood full of fun and growth at a normal speed....Ok,going around the country or the world and giving speeches on world concern issues..WTF..please..maybe have a guest apprearance on a reality tv show or Letterman.....anddddd to make matters worse..who the hell remembers the countless losers unless someone messes up and the first runner up gets the throne....LOL....I just thought about how much that prepetuates a "HATERS" mentality"...hmmm another blog for that topic for sure. The amazing thing about that poll is that lots of different cultures subscribe to ask men dot com and to my suprise I've learned that(by actually asking lots of my caucasion male friends)the appeal of Beyonce is not because of her facial beauty, but more because of the way that she moves her body. "she looks hot but i'll bet she sure gives it to that Jay-Z guy" to quote an anonymous friend of mine. With so many other races desiring to have such status' always seems to be the black woman that wins out in the "end"...hahahahahah no pun intended