Tuesday, June 26, 2007

10 Things about me/Random Facts...

Fellow blogger at Dave's Wandering the Ether tagged me a couple of weeks back and I never posted the answers to this meme.

Let me state this for the record....I hate doing these things...LOL! He was kind enough to ask, so I will oblige his request and post my answers.

Well, here it is for the world wide web to see---10 random facts about lil ol' me.

1. I hate rollercoasters, but I love helicopter rides.

2. In my early years, I wanted to be a Chemical scientist.

3. I had the largest comic book collection in my entire neighborhood.

4. My first dog(I was 5) bit me on the lip and had me afraid of them until I was 13.

5. I used to dip cucumbers in worcestershire sauce and salt as a snack.

6. My nick name was "Damon Munster" cause I told on all my uncles and cousins to my grandma whenever I saw them doing something wrong.

7. I actually had reddish/brown hair until I was about 10 yrs old.

8. I wrote a letter to the "Facts of Life" show and fell in love with Kim Fields when they sent me back an autographed picture of the cast.

9. Fellow blogger, long time child hood friend, and author Emanuel Carpenter and I used to have belching contests and put them on tape...which I still have...hahahahaha.

10. I danced in my junior high school as a back up dancer to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.

I am not tagging anybody else...but feel free to do it yourself if you'd like to.

Thanks again, Dave!

Happy Tuesday, fam.


Always wanting to know.... said...

DC, I have to agree I hate doing those as well but you were honorable and your answers were something....the DAMON MONSTER LOL congrats to your godson.

Jasmineflower said...

Hi DC, Thank you so much for saying hello on my blog. I have been a little busy and havent had much time to drop in and say hi. A few months ago i seperated from my husband and i have been busy looking for work in Geneva and travelling to visit family etc

Dont worry i have not gone anywhere and will be back very soon. Thank you again for always saying hello to me x Jas

dc_speaks said...

thanks always...yeah, its true I was the snitch/spy for my grandma. I was the first grandchild and was treated as such. SPOILED!!!!! ahahahaha and yes, Luis is a man. I'm so proud of him.

@jas: heyyyyy, I always go over to your page and see those wonderful pictures. I'm actually kinda jealous that you have so many places to go where the scenery is just that spectacular...(smile)

no problem for dropping in to say hello...I love lookin at the pics. I wish you well on search for work and the separation "healing time". Feel better and drop by when you can.

Peace and love to both of you.

Shai said...

I didn't know you were childhood friends with Emanuel. I met him here in the D at a conference last November.

dc_speaks said...

lol...two weeks ago on WTF Wednesday...he posted on that very same subject. we havent seen each other in a minute, but like real childhood friendships...all we have to do is be in each other's company and it's major catch up time and fall right back into place.

I know his wife too. Grew up on the same street. small world. dontcha just love him?

Dave said...

I don't like em either, just spreading the link love ;-)

That was a great list though, much better than mine was. You actually put some serious thought into yours, was creative. Thanks D, I enjoyed reading that very much!

dc_speaks said...

lol...yeah yeah. I had to put some thought into it. I was holding onto it for weeks since you tagged me. I fig'd I should be a lil less shallow than I was orignally goin to be. LOL!!

Opinionated Diva said...

lmao...awwwwwwwww this was cute.

I get motion sickness, so I don't do roller coaster rides either. I'm sure I'd love a heli ride though!

Wow @ Chemical Scientist...impressive

I never got the whole comic book fascination, but I love the show HEROES...save the cheerleader, save the world!

Ouch at the bite on your lip!

Cucumbers w/ salt and worcestshire sauce...definitely different

lmao@Damon Munster!

Red head...how cute...you have to post a pic!

You tootie fan you!

I can not BELIEVE you had belching contests on tape...lmao.

lmao@doing back up dancing...would love to see the footage!

dc_speaks said...

hey again op diva...im glad you found them interesting. Yeah, it was something I put some thought into. I had to put my friend on blast with me since he's a blogger and an author.

thanks for your comments. I'll be looking for you around the blogosphere.

dc_speaks said...

oh and FYI...I will never post those pics or that video...I don't know if that Thrilled video was ever made. I'll ask when I go to my 20yr reunion in aug.

@Lo...don't ask anyone for the video, or it will be a long ride home. LOL!!!

Nic said...


Seriously, thanks for sharing. The one with the dog was scary though. That might have turned me against animals too.

CreoleInDC said...

PLEASE do a video of you doing Thriller dance. PLEASE! I'd pay. I swear to goodness I'd pay. ROFL!

dc_speaks said...

You think that would happen...over my cold dead body!

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... wow dude....these were interesting.