Thursday, June 14, 2007

School House Rock Thursday!!Interjections

Let us take a pause to recognize some of the shows in the 70's that helped teach us some things that we were able to use once we started talking.

This is for my fellow bloggers and other literary homies..

Make sure that you use proper grammatically structured sentences!!!LOL(except when typin internet slang and acronyms)

That's why I'm watching them now!



mark said...

Yo DC thanks for posting these gems. Lord knows I need to actually work on my grammar and spelling.

Like you said these cartoons actually do help.

Peace brother DC

dc_speaks said...

its a plum pleasing pleasure mark. I know they help, trust me...learning the songs to go along with the teaching was masterfully done.

Laters, dude

lisa q. said...

OMG! i love schoolhouse rock! i actually used it to teach parts of speech to my high school ESL class...and, yes, they think i'm just a little bit nuts!:D

dc_speaks said...

welcome to the old school blog then, Lisa. smile!

Martin Lindsey. said...

Yeah man. ABC was on to something with educational interjections between cartoons back then. My favorite though will always be the one Mrs. Harvey let us sing in 8th grade when we were learning about the political system..."Well I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill, and I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill..." You can finish the rest.


dc_speaks said...

welcome to the blog, Martin. I had a fun time as a kid watching listening and learning.

I encourage some of the fam to show these posts to their kids. My teenage son sometiems slips up and sings a jingle from time to time so I know it still works.

I think we should petition for t hem to re-release them. Or modernize them or something.