Saturday, June 23, 2007

Who is the Master? it in you?

Ok, so I borrowed a couple of cliches and strung them together...LOL!!!

I certainly didn't think of myself as the Master but when I watched this movie as a kid---I got extra hyped up. I remember being in my martial arts instructors house asking him if he thought any of those moves were real and he said, "yeah, they're real...real Hollywood." I knew what he meant, but I wanted to think he was wrong so I learned this movie's moves so I could be the next martial arts movie star. It didn't work and I could only do some of them.

In case you forgot what the last scene was like, check it out right here.

What movie did you know all the words and the body movements to? This was but one of mine. What's yours?

Enjoy the clip and the trip down memory lane for the people in my age group. Smile!

Happy Saturday!!


Lo said...

Nice post! I'm like this about "Gone With The Wind," "Lady Sings The Blues," "Mahogany," "When Harry Met Sally," "Swingers," "Pulp Fiction," "Something's Gotta Give," "Now, Voyager"...a bunch.

I'm a movie junkie in the worst and best way. Um, but I suspect you already know this.

Lo said...

Oh yeah, and "All About Eve"!!!

KIKI said...

Hey! You've got the glow! hehehe

Maaan..this is one of my favorite movies. But I have to admit, it wasn't because of the martial arts moves (cool as they were). It was because I thought Tymak was HOOOOOOT!

Movie I know all the words & moves to...SCHOOL DAZE! DATS MY SH*T! Especially the homecoming scene...I'm Jane singing lead..."I don't wanna be alone toniiiight...aahhh hhhaa"...slow side step across the stage....hehehe.

Then I was actually in the AUC the following year it came out. Went to school & lived that experience for 3 years That's not just a brings back memories!

I'll holla. I'm going to pop in the VHS now...

Excellent post, homie!

tAnYeTTa said...
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tAnYeTTa said...

Good Morning Everyone! Happy Saturday!!!!!!!

Movies!!! I love Movies!!!

My all time favorites: The Five Hearbeats!
I love your style, your showmanship, I wanna put you on my label!
My office hours are (dangling dude out the window)..........LOL

True Romance: I know I'm pretty but, I ain't prettier than a bunch of T*tties!

Coming to America: Donations, Donations!
I thought it was the trash don't be yellin at me!
oh and the dancing scene before the wedding??? PRICELESS. i hope to dance like that one day!

Holiday Heart--EVERYTHING! I can recite the entire movie. Ving Rhames is Hawt.

Oops, did you ask for only one? My bad :)

As you can see, I LOVE movies. I'm not able to watch many movies anymore since my lil man showed up but, I still have the memories!

Have a great weekend people!

lisa q. said...

hmmm...i can't really think of any from my childhood...i guess we didn't really go see many movies when i was growing up...later though, late high school and a little beyond, i was a 'new brat pack' fan...loved st. elmo's fire and sixteen candles and the like...all of those classic 80s movies...i can still sit and watch 'em! :D

ones i can recite line by line, song by song? the little mermaid and beauty and the beast thanks to my daughters! :P

CreoleInDC said...

"The Color Purple"

dc_speaks said...

lol@monica and the color purple. Im surprised its not love jones. I also knew all the words to Superman(1977) oh-my-good-ness.

Q: if you were in hip hop biz--would you rather be the artist or the producer?

CreoleInDC said...

Producer. The creative genius is always BEHIND the camera. The person in front is just the puppet. :)

dc_speaks said... that all they are...puppets? wow

you're cold as ice.

Dave said...

Hey wasn't that The Shogun of Harlem he was fighting? "Sho nuff!" Wow, talk about a blast from the 80's.

dc_speaks said... got that right, Dave. SHO NUFF!!

JustMeWriting said...

This was one of my favorite movies..."Catching bullets with his teeth...nukka please"...LOL.

deepnthought said...

lets see.

Color Purple, I'm Gon Git You Sucka, Steel Magnolias, Beeches, Blue Chips, Mahogany, Lad Sings the Blues, all of the Fridays. Pretty much any movie that keeps my attention longer than ten minutes.

dc_speaks said...

lol@JMW...sho nuff!

@DNT: Im gonna git you sucka was a great wayans classic...i feel you on that.

Keelah said...

DUDE!!! This is one of MY FAVORITE MOVIES...EVER!!!!!