Saturday, June 2, 2007

Game 6- Win or Go Home! just go home pistons..maybe next year!

Just in case some of you didn't have the benefit of seeing the Cavs in action..let me give you some visuals.

The X-Factor---Daniel Gibson is killing the Pistons!!

If I was his parent, I would have kissed him too after seeing him single handedly take apart one of the best defensive teams in the NBA.

I couldn't not post a pic of the game winning shot of Game 5...where yet another foul against the Piston's wasn't called(which is BS)


Oh and let me not forget to mention that Cleveland baseball won again against Detroit in a come from behind victory on Friday night. Detroit fans, it's just not your week.



Dave said...

Seeings how 2 of the 3 have James pictured, I figure you are pretty accurate. Seeings how he is about 2/3 of team come 4th Q and OT. You better say a prayer he doesn't get hurt, or shut down. ^^

dc_speaks said...

yeah...I guess it's not beyond pistons tactics to try to hurt him. thanks for the warning...I guess they did earn the name of the "bad boys" and rick mahorn will be in the building. he's probably going to give them the pre game instructions.

Enjoy the game, Dave. but don't cry when it's over

Shai said...

LOL. We ain't gotta hurt no one. Funny how everytime I read about the Cavs they always say Lebron. I agree with Dave he is 2/3 of the team. LOL.

And DC I have been posting here. LOL. You talking trash at the other spot and I was responding.

Go Pistons!!!!!!

dc_speaks said...

funny how when u read/hrea about the Lakers...they talking about Kobe. Funny how you hear about old Chicago..they talking about Jordan...funny how you talk about the Wizards...they talking about Arenas.

If you have a superstar on your team...they are the focal point of the conversations.

Kobe Bryant in my humble opinion is the absolute best player ever in the NBA.

With that being said, LeBron James by the time his career is over certainly could be names as one of the top ten instead of rippin on him for being a he is supposed to be, why not give credit where it is due.

also don't forget that the 11 games that he didn't play this year, the team whent 9-2.

what?! I don't think ya heard me!!

Shai said...

Blah, Blah, Blah. Huh! No I ain't listening.LOL.SMH.

KIKI said...

I hear ya DC...even if these other folx aint listening! Dont you just hate HATERS?! F what they talking bout...