Wednesday, May 2, 2007

When is it going to stop?

Ok ya'll---enough is enough! I am getting more and more disgusted with the new revolution of censorship in our culture.

From appearances, Don Imus' impact has far exceeded just referencing "nappy headed hoes" and has spilled over into every venacular comment in the urban dictionary. Now we have to be subjected to the scrutiny of every organization before a song, video or a performance is televised.

A recent conversation even reminded me that Richard the end of his career, denounced the usage of "ni99a". I love Richard Pryor as truly the inspiration for many of today's tremendous comics. But it did come after he made "MAJOR LOOT" saying it for decades. I ain't mad at him at all.

Rap artists like Chamillionaire are going to self censor themselves and won't say it in any of his upcoming work.

Here's my take on it. I believe in the power of words. I also believe that when we empower words, it has an even stronger impact on society. Take the power out of it and the impact is lessened.

Ladies use the word "bitch" as a term of endearment. Dynasty was one of my fave shows in the 80's...they used bitch in every episode. Why didn't anyone say anything about that? That was white women and no one said a damn thing. Why is it that a person of some other ethnicity has to say something to incite change in our culture?

Elvis gyrated in every movie and song performance that he ever gave. Now that rap videos follow the same formula for success that he had, it's now exploitation of women---more specifically black women. Even though white women and hispanics are included in almost every rap video.

Just don't allow for the media to lead you into thinking how they want you to. Think for yourselves and just take a look at history and how new artists piggyback off of the system already in place that has worked to create huge successes. None of the things we see is original..remember that.

Anyone care to comment? Who's up for the challenge of a friendly debate?


JustMeWriting said...

Well to me it's simple: WE'VE always been the target...we've always been under the radar...we've always been viewed in a negative dark black WHY continue to perpetuate that which has been deemed true by society. Now we mock we degrade and damage our history.

It's unfortunate that things are this way, but it's reality...who cares what everyone else does or has done when they've always been considered good, pure, true, we not KNOW...have we not LEARNED... we live in a world with rules set forth by powers with "vanilla faces" (thanks for that Uncle Rukus) so they can and will do WHATEVER they want, but we're left having to DISPROVE all that's been said about us.

It's stupid for them to think 'I can call me a nigga, just like you...I can degrade my race of women, just like you...I can act a fool, just like you.' who the heck are we FOOL-ING nobody but ourselves.

CapCity said...

We are a symbolic class of life and words are symbols. I, personally, am delighted at the evolution of scrutiny and say it's about time! In my OWN life I've become SUPER aware of the words I use because I only want GREAT energies ALL up IN my LIFE;-).

I am learning from the mistakes of my past, as well as the pasts of my elders. I'm looking for those things that "snag" me & hold me in a place where I "claim" I don't want to be. I've taken steps toward better health through food & exercise. Now I'm focused on what & who I attract through the conscious selection and use of words.

dc_speaks said...

**standing ovation for both of my comments**

I absolutely love the responses that both of you gave.

Thanks for sharing them.

hamil10 said...
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hamil10 said...

I'm late and I've been missing for a few posts. Will catch up soon, promise. But I am personally thankful for the attention that is coming from the use of the word. I am a black female and do not appreciate the use of the word ni**a or b**ch to describe any part of my culture or personality. I do not allow my children to use it.

To say that these words do not mean the same or cause as much damage when we use them (blacks/females), is like saying that a knife will not hurt as long as you use it on yourself. To me it makes it all the more idiotic.

I understand the theory of "taking the sting out of it" by taking ownership of the words to show the progenitors of them that it no longer has the same effect of yester-year. It's similar to the fat kid that decides to go ahead and give the punchline to the 50th fat joke of the day. The reason it works in that instance is because the fat kid knows it's not funny and is trying to get others to see him/her differently than the remarks being hurled at them.

With the (ni**a/bi**h) scenario, instead of taking the word and showing that other race the opposite and raising the bar, we've sunk to that negative standard and even lower and are putting it out there like it's okay because we're putting ourselves down instead of someone else.

sorry to get all essay like, but it's something i feel strongly about.

CortneyGee said...

I'm a comedian .. I make a living cursing and dranking on stage making crowds laugh. I do say many things that are not PC ... though i use the n-word in real life I don't use it on stage very often at all .. if they censor comedy I wouldn;'t have a hard time being funny clean but would it be genuine seeing in real life I curse like a sailor .. I one time cursed in church they passed that collection plate around one too many times I was like F*ck a nother damn collection ... embarrassed I looked up and apologized to the Creator .. thenalmost cursed out the lady next to me for rolling her eyes at me for swearing ... I don't think that Imus was wrong .. he was american freely saying whatever he felt .. and if anything he should be commended he got those rough looking chicks that lost the game to go to the beautician...
never in the history of the NCAA have the team that lost been so talked about ...they should hug Imus...ok let the hate begin!!!

dc_speaks said...

thanks for sharing Hamil10..I appreciate ya.

gizzle: you only said a curse word one time in church? hahahahah surrrrrrrre ya did.