Monday, May 28, 2007

Cleveland vs. Detroit sports update

Can you say "Posterization?"

I know I can.....LOL!!!

Go Cavs!!

oh yeah...the Cleveland baseball team swept the 3 games series Detroit baseball which now has the "Tribe"leading the division.

What a great weekend in Cleveland sports!!!!


Lo said...

Cleveland ROCKS!!!

mark said...

Im pulling for clevland although even if you make it to the championship you cant win.

But Im clevland had a great weekend for sports.

Lastly you never answered my question about what you think of Brady Quin.

dc_speaks said...

hey, mark. Yeah I did. I said that he should be alright as long as the people that are catching the ball---catch the ball.

I hope he gets some time to get in the games in his rookie season. most Cleveland teams have hang ups about rookies gettin playin time.

Lance said...

cleveland KICK ROCKS lo...with their coaching and players standing around playing hot potato with the ball, pffst!...they should easily be 3 games up on detroit. i just knew they were gonna beat detroit in game 2. shit, they just beat themselves.

play like the refs ain't there!!!!

detroit is playing "you-glee" basketball right now!... (;-P

if the cavs ain't "runnin' & gunnin'" might as well party at cleveland's rock & roll hall of fame!

BUT WAIT!!!! THAT PARTY'S IN NEW YORK!!!!!!....go figure! (;-P