Wednesday, May 16, 2007

When is good info...bad?---Repost

It's funny how these ever evolving perspectives seem to be more prevalent in my everyday living situations. I always knew they were there, but I just couldn't put my finger on it..until now.

I am more in tune with my friends these days because of the kinds of conversations that we have. It used to be sports, kids or school related, now it's women, men, relationships or my blog topics. I really appreciate that!

I need to state this though to my friends that ask me questions about relationships, or that read some of the spins that I put on my topics and take them it for entertainment or thought provoking purposes only! My intent is not to be a hater to the male gender..I am a man!! I simply like to put my thoughts in written format so that I can read what I'm thinking to help me along with the book that I'm working on. Blogging is quite liberating for me!

Being a man that has done a whole lot of dirt to women in my past, I feel that exposing a little of myself will help other women not fall prey or victim to men that still think like the immature person that I was.

I thank God for His mercy on me in sparing me from some very close calls! If you take certain scenarios IE: saving some of my friends from cheating on you...and question me about whether it was your man or not...I'm going to plead the 5Th. I just want to help you ladies understand how a man thinks sometimes. There are innumerable variations to every step we take...maybe we need to hurry up and get across the street or maybe we need to double take on looking right and left before we step onto the street on occasion. Even the right path or person requires a little more effort and a lot less absolutes to make it worthwhile.

Information is like anything else: Knowledge is power but "applied knowledge"...well that's the key! If it helps...great, but if it's not for you..then get a good laugh and have a nice day!


Girly_Girl said...

Great post, D.C.!

"Information is like anything else: Knowledge is power but "applied knowledge"...well that's the key!"

Very well said. You always get me thinking...

dc_speaks said...

Good looking out..Saadia! Your comments and poetry certainly continue to inspire me to write!

I appreciate you being a reader of my writings and allowing me into your thinking through yours.

dr. girlfriend said...

Excellent and again very well articulated.

The phrase:"Knowledge is power but "applied knowledge"...well that's the key!"-coin that for a book title for some of your work- wonderful!!!!

D, Keep up the great work.

dc_speaks said...

wow...i am truly humbled and encouraged to continue on doing my thing. I AM INSPIRED!!!

I know what I did was wrong! I am making up for my misdeeds! My faith is what allows for me to realize where I was and let God pull me out of the muck and the mire, place me where He wants me to be, then let me do His work.

"Wake up" was more than a blog to me..those are my true thoughts.

I am living fact that the average brotha has the ability to run much game and be a playa too.

dr girlfriend...anytime we are on the same page, I truly appreciate it.

I appreciate all of you immeasurably!

lil_dj_101 said...

i must say that im impressed and that your blogs continue to inspire my peotry my rymes and my rock i thank you and i do have 2 question wat would you do if your boyz gave you the wrong advice on a "chick" thats supposed to be meaning less and easy to get over but you feel as though she is more than just a chick she is special . also wat is the humor or w/e it is that the imature boyz get out of hurting women does that help them get over there faultz i just dont get it. maybe you should break it down into the perspectives of a 16 yr old trying to find the way

dc_speaks said...

ok..that's easy! I don't ask input from my boys on relationships. Most of them are still single anyway either by choice or because they aren't stable enough to give me advice on my relationships. Im a verrrrrrry private person when it comes to that. However, the reference material that I have is older married friends or the Bible on how a man and woman should behave. AND that is if I seek counsel from a person anyway, which is very rare.

thanks for reading my blogs though, i like that i inspire someone else.

males that enjoy hurting women is too long of a topic to get itno right now, but what i can reference is the programming via friends and family that i alluded to in "i am not a robot..or am i" blog.

fee free to share some of your poetry with me...i love poetry..ask Girly Girl or Rich!

mark said...

Good post DC. You are correct reading a million books about the struggle means nothing if you dont treat your wife with respect, if you dont put your family and friends above all.

KIKI said...

"Information is like anything else: Knowledge is power but "applied knowledge"...well that's the key..."

Damn homie...could you have passed on some of this knowledge bout 6 months ago...I sure could have used it!(LMAO)

Lance said...

nice post brudda man. i'm gonna through it to you like i've been throwing it to lo, rich and other blogheadz.

"when are we all gonna meet, beyond the 'net?"