Friday, May 25, 2007

Potluck Friday..Part IX

Dis shole duz look good!

This forum is officially a smash hit. I am excited to present once again POT LUCK FRIDAY.

What I would like to do is get some feed back from some non blogging readers or some bloggers that don't have the time to blog right now. An open forum, if you will. For example, the drama on "the View", AMerican Idol results or how current employers use sites like myspace as a screening tool to weed out potential employees.

There is no topic off limits! I know that relationship posts are common but be more specific. What element of the relationships? Finding one, keeping one, how to get out of one..all are up for discussion and friendly debate.

I am an information junkie! Garbage in--garbage out! But, I still like to process information. So, I'd like to try to start a day where the readers are in control of every single question, we take the comment that is posted right before you, answer their comment question, then post your own question for the next person. We can discuss it in a civil manner. If it goes well, then it could be really fun. I must excercise more moderation on the personal topics comments. I got a few emails from last week and I must agree that some of the comments were hurtful and should be handled off line...privately. Let's have fun and keep it clean...please. and thank you.

Have a fantastic weekend and let's come up with some great questions to kick around the campfire!

So without further delay.....who is up for the challenge, part 9?


Shai said...

I'm first!

Will the music get back to what it used to be?

MzCoko said...

Shai.. I think the music will get back to what it used to be. Think about it... sales of shitty music is dropping now and artists who make the good stuff are one the rise... slowly on the rise but.. on the rise... how long is the real question.

dc_speaks said...

um..that depends on what genre...rock is the only music that is back on the rise in my opinion. r & b is starting to all sound alike...hip hop is horrible.

question: fried chicken or baked chicken?

dc_speaks said...

yay....shai's first. smile!!

welcome mzcoko...glas to have you here. by tomorrow afternoon this could be very busy....if people want to hang out and not work much...hhahahaha

Brotha Buck said...

Oh my goodness, a blog with food! I am so inspired, too.

Mega Rich said...

@shai - when originality comes back in style, then music will get better.

@dc - depends on the day, just give me chicken

Question: -- What now for the CAV's? Can they come back?

Have a great Friday everyone. I'm starting the weekend -- NOW! -- but answer the question, I will check back.

deepnthought said...

I know this is going to sound really mean, but I dont htink the cavs can come back. then again what do I know.

I like grilled chicken or baked. I dont eat fried anything.

I think tat the music question depends on what genre. I just dont see this r&b foolishness recovering.

dc_speaks said...

HMMMM...Good morning ya'll

ok since there is an open spot for a question...i'll add one.

question: which organization would you prefer to work with if you have a serious racial concern---the previous "Black Panthers" or the NAACP?

mark said...

" I think the music will get back to what it used to be."

mark bey: Ahhhhh.....Im glad shai brought this subject up and Im glad you commented on it brotha DC.

Now I myself am 34 which makes me apart of shais generation and I think folks should keep in mind that the music of our time made our parents turn up thier noses, and if you go back to the 60's thier parents did the same and if you go back to the 40's thier parents were saying the same thing.

I think thier is a tendency (which may be natural) for folks to romanticize the time and place they are from.

For instance my parents would always talk about 60's missippi as if it were the greatest place on the planet the problem with this is white folks was hanging and lynching black folk in missippi then.

Anyway I agree with DC I think good music is comming back and change is commig as well. I think the gangsterism in rap music specifically is running its course and will no longer be sustainable as more and more people start to focus on and reject the nonsense it gloryfies.

Anyway sorry for this long post.

I have a question what would Master P have to do to make his postive rap music venture authentic to hardcorp hip hop fans and successful?

mark said...

" question: fried chicken or baked chicken? "

mark bey: MMMMMM chicken. Baked brotha DC and let me ask you guys this have you had one of those rotisserie chickens from walmart?

Now that is some good eating boy.

Dave said...

Music goes in cycles. Like words, its all been said, all been done. All we can do now is try and create flavorful new packages to old themes. I wish there was more originality, but I don't know if it is possible anymore.

You kidding me? Grilled chicken! Over an open flame, basted with some lemon juice and garlic & herbs...

There are those who say that San Antonio is looking so polished right now, no matter who plays them will lose. That aside, I don't think Cleveland can beat Detroit for that opportunity. I think Chicago was a tougher team, and Detroit benefited from a lot of luck to beat them... I don't think Cavs could beat Bulls, so I'm looking at it as a rock/paper/scissors.

My question: Full screen, or Wide screen?

Dave said...

I'd prefer the Panthers.

NAACP is motivated by too many political factors. Although they have the advantage of being taken much more seriously due to their desire to reform, and bring change from within the system, whereas the Panthers were more counter-culture revolutionaries.

Somethings though, require a hard line, and bureaucratic organizations don't always take the necessary stance.

dc_speaks said...

@Mark: excellent excellent answer. you don't have to wrory about long posts dude. It's not a problem in here.

Mark's answer: Master P attractin the hard core hip hop fans is a tough one. He might have to re release Mr. Ice Cream man and have a video with video whores and gold teeth flashing idiots thorwing money around whilst sitting at a strip club as the visuals...Im not a rap mogul...thats just my humble opinion...LOL.

Never had chicken from walmart...but Lo gave me a secret for da bomb baked chicken.

Lo said...

@Shai: I believe the golden age of music for R&B is over. Hip-Hop may still have some potential with folks like Kanye, Jigga, Mos, Talib, Lupe Fiasco, etc., but that remains to be seen. I agree with my man that rock is still wide open with possibilities...and country, if you lean that way.

@Damon: C'mon, honey...fried chicken all the way. As if...

@Damon (again): I'd go to the Black Panthers in a heartbeat. The NAACP has rendered itself nearly irrelevant and farcical, good for nothing more than giving out questionable awards (R. "let me piss on you" Kelly???).

@Mark: Shoot somebody. Oh, but then that would nullify the "positive" aspect, wouldn't it? What a Catch-22...

Question: Pre-nup or not?

Shai said...

I think some music will improve not all. Mark you are correct to a point about the generation gap. However, the evolution of music is not positive. I don't see the current music revered in the future the music from the 60's thur the 90's is being sampled which shows they have standing power and they lack originality(the current music in gen.)

@DC:I bake more than I fry. I do love some fried chicken with hot sause, cole slaw and a biscuit. LOL.

@MRich: No the Cavs gonna lose like last year. Go Pistons!

@DC: I would not work for either organization, they are too fake now for me.

@Mark: Personally I am don't care about hardcore rap.

@Dave: Full screen

I have a friend who got married two years ago, her pet for her mate is honey and his to her is honey. She did the same thing with a previous fiance using the same pet names.

Do you recycle old pet names with new mates?

Lo said...

Oops, I almost forgot...

@Dave: Full screen, all the way!!!

dc_speaks said...

hey Dave...

Full Screen....I hate the blank spaces in the picture since I don't have a wide screen formatted tv...yet.

Question: eggs over easy or scrambled with cheese?

Lo said...

Wow, Shai!!! What an EXCELLENT question!!!

Lo said...

Dang, what's wrong with me?

@Dave: I meant WIDE SCREEN, not full!!!

@Shai: I don't recycle old pet names. I'm really particular about that. I will, however, use actual pet names for my actual pets as pet names for lovers. Is that confusing?

I'll give another question once the last ones get caught up.

dc_speaks said...

2 open questions still out there, family.

Lo's Question: Pre-nup or not?


Shai's Question: Do you recycle old pet names with new mates?

KIKI said...

Too much to catch up on...

@Shai...all of my pets had names like Zues & Appollo. Cant see myself call no man that...unless he can do some death defying ish.

@DC...Over easy...

Question...Romantic get-a-way... in a cabin in the mountains or cottage on the beach?

KIKI said...


Nic said...

Good Morning everyone!

@ Shai, I hope so. I'm only 26, but I remember some good stuff. I think people are getting tired of the crap that's out here. Plus pirating and bootlegging can’t be helping their sales. Eventually all the money hungry artist will dissipate leaving behind artist who are true to themselves, and their craft.

@ DC, Well, I like grilled @ rotisserie the best, but if I had to choose between fried and baked I would pick fried. I hate baked chicken.

@ Brotha Buck, Hey, I used to read your blog.

@ Mega Rich, I don't really follow basketball, and know nothing about the Cav’s....~*ducking to avoid flying tomatoes*~

Here's a question that will help me this season.....Which amusement park is the best. Dorney Park, Six Flaggs, or Hershey Park? I didn’t put Disney World in the mix because I can’t afford it.


dc_speaks said...

@Lo: Pre nup if the intentions are questionable at all.

Question: S.U.V. or Convertible?

Lo said...

@Damon: Scrambled with cheese.

@Kiki: Cabin in the mountains.

Question: Steaks: medium rare or well-done? (medium is not a choice)

Lo said...

@Nic: Hershey Park. I went there once and loved it!!!

dc_speaks said...

@KiKi: in a cabin in the mountains so noone around can hear the sex sounds...LOL

Question: Full beard on a man or Soul patch? for ladies.

Dudes: bald or fade?

dc_speaks said...

hey...kiki and nic...hey ya'll!!!

dc_speaks said...

@Lo: well done

Question: S.U.V. or Convertible?

Lo said...

@Damon: SUV, baby.

@Damon (again): Soul patch (even though they're kinda played).

nikki said...

dc: i like both equally. i've yet to date a guy my age with a full beard though.

fade preferred to bald.

question: what's your favorite car?

Shai said...

OK gang, someone must have gotten confused with pet names, I meant nick names for your sweetie. I got your point Lo. LOL.

I mean if I call Joe the pet name Sugah, my new mate James will not be called Sugah, how tacky.

I know some use honey as a term of endearment, I just don't see it with my new mate.

@L0: Pre-nup to protect my assets. My child is almost grown however if I divorce or die I want her to have access to my estate. I know a will can do that.

@Kiki: Gurl to just have a man to do either would not matter to me. LOL.

@DC: Scrambled eggs with cheese. Convertible all the way.

Do you think the state of relationships will improve in the future?


Shai said...

Lo: Well-done.

Question: When kissing lips or tongue?

Shai said...

Nikki: Lamborghini all the way.

mark said...

" Question: eggs over easy or scrambled with cheese? "

mark bey: Over easy or as I used to say growing up in the dangerous streets of surbuban maryland " cook them with the yolk in the middle" after when the "incredible edible egg" is cooked with the yolk in the middle that makes for some truly awsome bread dipping action. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.

Word of advice to dc. Cop the walmart rottisarie chicken.

@ dc do you think chickens have a legitimate beef with black folks?

mark said...

@ DC

" @Lo: Pre nup if the intentions are questionable at all."

mark bey: Pren up always, always, always.

Dave said...

To Mark: He can't. You can lead a horse to water, but you will never force them to drink. His fans would have to want it.

To Shai: Never recycle pet names. I have put a spin on it though, when my catfish Kirby died, I got a new one named it Hoover.

To Lo: No pre-nup. I could never tie the knot with a person who made me feel like I needed one... when Iused to eat red meat, I liked it rare... bloody even

To DC: Scrambled w/ cheese... convertible... fade

To Kiki: Cabin in the mountains.

dc_speaks said...

@Nikki: aston Martin---James Bond car.

@shai: relationships will improve when people start asking the right questions and giving all the honest answers...then and only then

Question: caffee latte or cappucino?

Lo said...

@Shai: Lips AND tongue.

@Nikki: Aston Martin Vanquish S

@Mark: Chickens should, by rights, be pecking out the eyes of every black person that ever crosses their paths.

@Damon: Cappuccino, but only to smell it. (I only like the smell of coffee, not the taste.)

dc_speaks said...

no i dont mark. hahahaha

do i think chickens were more accessible then cows...hence easy to buy, prepar and cook...YES!!!

Ur funny.

@shai: tongue kisses are reserved

Question: Ajax or Comet?

can u tell im shopping for cleaning supplies today? hahahaha

dc_speaks said...

hey....LO!!!! a match made in Heaven.

Can we alternate days?

Shai said...

LOL. I meant nicknames Dave for a mate. Yall funny.

@DC: Cappuccino. I don't use either to clean, only liquid cleaners.

Question: Crab or Lobster

mark said...

" @Damon: Cappuccino, but only to smell it. (I only like the smell of coffee, not the taste.)"

mark bey: True, True, True coffee smells heavenly but god it taste bad unless you put lots of sugar and milk into it.

I dont care what anyone says coffee is an aquired taste.

open question

Voltron with the lions or Voltron with the Cars?

Lo said...

@Damon: Ajax, always.

@Damon (again): How about we just have a pair, boo? Two for the road!!!

@Shai: Blue crabs, by the bushel!!!

Question: Is it cool to ever anecdotally mention your ex to your new love if it involves something relevant to what you and your new love are discussing?

Jennifer said...

OK... lets see...

I'm a vegetarian so don't really like to eat those little chickens! :-)

Music? As long as I can dance to it I'm good to go!

TV? I'm thinking I want to get rid of all TVs. Even though I bought a big flat screen for my husband's birthday. It is WAY too complicated IMO!

Cabin or beach? BOTH!

Tongue or lips? BOTH!

Fav car? My very fun, very fast STEALTH! LOL!

No prenup...

I've only had one romantic relationship so can't imagine recycling pet names! :-)

Ajax or comet? Nope... natural stuff that is good for the environment! LOL!

Did I get them all? :-)

Ya'll are a lot of fun!


Lo said...

Oops, didn't answer Mark:

Lion Voltron trumps Vehicle Volton in my book!!!

Shai said...

What is a Voltron?

Shai said...

what is your fav season?

dc_speaks said...

@Shai: Crabs(my horoscope sign) & I am guilty of using darlin for over 10+ years.

@Lo: Sure...wait, you already why this question? hmmm is there something you want to tell me?

@Mark: man you went back...LION VOLTRON.

Question: foot massage or hand/arm massage...Nikki(you can't answer)!!! HAHAHAHA

mark said...

open question

You are on death row and it is the night before the execution you are offered the choice between a your absolute favorite most delicious meal and a bottle of wine or 1 night with your most desired women/man on the planet which one would you choose.

dc_speaks said...

@ Shai: google the classic cartoon. & be more specific on the question...season meaning???...

nikki said...

shai: crab, preferably of the king variety

mark: voltron/lions. the one with the cars sounds corny.

lo: why not? if it's relevant, i would. can't act like the ex never existed.

shai: autumn

dc: fuggayou

question: grilled or fried food?

dc_speaks said...

@nikki: grilled

question: spanish food or italian food?

nikki said...

mark: is that really a question? i mean, i thought the answer would be obvious but i guess some folk actually prefer sex to food. go figure...

question: is it sunny where you are?

Shai said...

@DC: Fall, winter.

@Mark: Wine. I don't want to sin before I die by having sex. LOL. Plus I would be disappointed to get good sex and have to leave. Tease.

Q:What is your fetish?

dc_speaks said...

@Mark: i missed this one....the sex!!! I can die hungry.
I'll take the smile with me

Shai said...

Nikki: I love summer. I have met yet anotha Leo who is doesn't have Summer as their fav.

DC/Lo: We gotta met up in OH and have a crab fest. LOL.

DC: Spanish is my first fav and Italian is part of my top 5.

Q: Sex in the rain or on the beach?

Lo said...

@Damon: No, baby...just always wanna show you consideration respect.

@Nikki: true dat. Can't act like the ex never existed, especially if you had a lot of growth during the period you were with them that the new love may benefit from.

@Damon: Hand/arm massage.

@Mark: Last sex over last meal any day!!!

@Nikki (again): Grilled for most things (except fried chicken and french fries!!!)

@Shai: Winter

@Damon (again): Spanish food (particularly Cuban)

@Nikki (thrice): It's sunny in L.A.

@Shai (again): Shoes!!!

@Shai (thrice): Sex in the rain!!!

Lo said...


Question: If you had to give up one of these forever, which would it be: regular sex (penetration) or oral sex?

mark said...

@ Nikki

It is absolutely gorgeous outside. Im talking about stereotypical nice sun shining day, 80 degrees, slight breeze blowing.

@ shai

My fetish would be tall women, I love them to be honest I love all women but tall women have a special place in my heart.

Steak or lambchops

Shai said...

@DC: I would got for foot massage. I really love back massages better.

@Nikki: I agree with Lo, sometimes you can talk about an ex and it be good. I have done that.

@Lo: I agree shoes. I also have a book fetish, I have over 400 books. LOL. And sex in the rain sounds like the bomb. The thought of sex on the beach makes me itch. LOL.

Shai said...

Lo: I would give up oral. sighing

Mark: Steak. Lambchops taste bites back. LOL.

Q: Which sexual position is a no go for you?

Nic said...

@ lo - Thank you. & Medium rare

@ DC - SUV all day baby! I want people to move out the way when I'm comin'. ALso a full beard, cause I don't exaclly know what a soul patch is.

@Shai - Only tounge if we're doung the "grown-up" And i love men that get real physical. I like a good fight.

mark said...

" Q: Which sexual position is a no go for you? "

mark bey: Thier are no limits when it comes to that. All things will be considered.

Lo said...

@Mark: That question is just wrong all the way around. As a lover of red meat, it is a hard choice, but lamb happen to be my favorite red meat of all, so...LAMB CHOPS, MEDIUM RARE!!!

@Shai: RE the lamb chops---somethings things that bite back can be good.

@Shai (again): Handstands.

Question: Muscular, ripped body or regular, everyday build?

mark said...

" @Nikki: I agree with Lo, sometimes you can talk about an ex and it be good. I have done that."

mark bey: Sometimes you can talk about an ex too much and become an ex again.

mark said...

" @Nikki: I agree with Lo, sometimes you can talk about an ex and it be good. I have done that."

mark bey: Sometimes you can talk about an ex too much and become an ex again.

Sorry that was directed at shai.

Shai said...

My no go is anal, it only makes exits.LOL.

@Lo: Regular body.

nikki said...

shai: fetish...a man's penis. i have a thing for giving oral sex.

shai: sex in the rain, but only if it's drizzling. sex on the beach means extracting grains of sand from my cooch for who knows how long afterwards.

lo: that's harder than i thought it would be...i'd give up oral sex, but i wouldn't be happy about it. lol

mark: steak

shai: position not good for me? whichever position would prevent me from getting mine.

question: whens the last time you faked an orgasm?

Shai said...

@Mark: Well damn is that a sore spot with ya. LOL. SMH.

Shai said...

@Nikki: I cannot remember the last time I faked. Hell, my last sex partner was the bomb before that I had been celibate for 3+ years.

Q: Bad sex or celibacy?

dc_speaks said...

oh wow...i leave home for a minute and come back to a sex fest....what the hell?

@shai: bad sex...

ok ok ok on the sex tip...LOL...geez.

q: baths or showers?

dc_speaks said...

ya'll are too funny. I'm still playing catch up on the questions....I'm not going back that far...when I walked out of my office it was 57..

nikki said...

shai: CELIBACY. bad sex just ain't worth it.

dc: bath

question: if you had bad sex, what would you tell the person you had the bad sex with if asked if it was good?

mark said...

@ shai

mark bey:No sore spot at all I just dont get why folks always talk about thier ex around thier current spouse.

baths or showers?

mark bey: Showers all the way

Shai said...

@Nikki: Bad sex is too frustrating. LOL. Depending on the person, I would tell them if we were open about it. If not, then I would say what I like and to do more of it.

Q: Mike J or Prince?

mark said...

open question

Wine or beer. Corano or hineken

Shai said...

Mark: Who said all the time? Some folks are comfort about their pasts and sharing with each other.

A good example is: the birth of my daughter and how funny her dad acted.

Shai said...

@Mark: Wine. If I was drinking beer, Corona.

Lo said...

@Nikki: I'd be too mad to fake it if he got his and I didn't get mine (unless it was a moment that I'd specifically made all about him). So, long answer/short question, I haven't faked it since my twenties.

@Shai: Celibacy. Bad sex makes me mad.

@Damon: Baths, baby. Nice and hot with LOTS of bubbles, please.

Nikki: If I had bad sex, I wouldn't say sh*t. I would just get up and leave, lest the guy try to give me SOME MORE BAD SEX. (I guess he'd figure out it wasn't to my liking by my rapid exit.)

Life's too short for bad sex.

Question: Are multiple orgasms a myth?

Lo said...

@Mark: Heineken!

dc_speaks said...


Question: Boys II Men or New Edition?

Shai said...

@Lo: I see we have alot in common, shoes, crab, Spanish food, bad sex makes me mad too. LOL.

Multiple orgasms are REAL. I had it happen for the first time and was almost speaking in tongues. LOL. whew!

nikki said...

shai: prince

mark: wine, corona

lo: until a few years ago, i thought it was a myth. now i know they're not. then again, i can only speak for me the female. i don't see how guys could possibly have multiple orgasms.

question: have you ever engaged in a marathon sexual session that lasted longer than two hours? if so, was it a good experience or was it overrated?

dc_speaks said...

@Lo: I can have as many as my body will allow me to have...hahahaha

that wa a question for women, ya know. as was bad sex...if we get off...then it was alll

dc_speaks said... sex sex sex sex!!!!

Question: Boys II Men or New Edition?

Anonymous said...

@DC: NE all the way.

Q: If you had only one form of entertainment to do which one would it be: Cable, Reg TV, the Net or a book?

Shai said...

opps. I hit the wrong button the anonymous post is mine. LOL.

Shai said...

Oh DC: Baths. LOL. With candlelight and bubbles, nice music and a glass of wine.

dc_speaks said...

the net: can watch tv and get e books as well as surf...a one stop shop.

q: ipod or psp

mark said...

"A good example is: the birth of my daughter and how funny her dad acted. "

mark bey: I absolutely do not play when it comes to black folks and our obligation to children and too how we treat each other.

How any man could act up when his child is bieng born is a forieng language that I cannot process.

@ DC that is a tuff one but I have to roll with boys II men.

John Lennor or Paul McCartney

Marvin gay or Sam Cook

Aretha Franklin or Patti labelle

Star trek the old or star trek the Next generation.

Shai said...

Mark: Honey, please calm down. I hate to say this but you have made more than one assumption based no details. LOL.

The story about my child's father in the delivery room is funny. It was cute, funny and romantic the birth of my daughter. Geez man. what you have for breakfast you jumpy with the conclusions. LOL.

dc_speaks said... at a time,bro. lol

Paul, Marvin, Patti, and old

Q: Janet or Beyonce?

mark said...

@ shai

mark bey: dindt know it was a cute story sorry. Since it is a cute story the last comment is general and not a response to you and I am calm. Smile

I wish someone would tell why those smiley faces arent working anymore.

mark said...

@ dc

" Janet or Beyonce?

both although janet is not in the same league as beyonce as a singer.

dc_speaks said...

what smiley faces?

Q: gas range or electric?

Shai said...

@Dc: Gas.

Q: Barbequing-gas or regular grill?

dc_speaks said...

Charcoal all the wayyyyyyyy, shai(hey that rhymes)

Q: night out or evening in with significant other?

Shai said...

@DC: If I had a SO it would be out. Cause a sista hardly dates now. :( LOL.

mark said...

" Q: gas range or electric?:"

mark bey: gas, and charcoal with the misquite wood chips baby.

Lo said...

@Damon: Gas. I like to see a fire underneath what's cooking.

@Shai: Charcoal. I love to see black things get red hot.

Question: PDA or private affection?

dc_speaks said...

PDA...I'm not shy...Thought you knew...hahahahaha

Q: sci-fi or romance films?

Lo said...

Oops, forgot to answer Nikki.

Yes on that marathon lovemaking session that went beyond two hours. It was MAGNIFICENT.


Lo said...

@Damon: Oh, I know you're not shy. So does half of Cleveland after the past two weeks.

@Damon (again): Romance movies (although I do love a good romantic sci-fi flick).

dc_speaks said...

hahahahahaha....(taking a bow)"thank you, thank you)...oh i said that outloud...oooops

*shifting off in da cut*


Q: Blackberry or reg cell phone?

Shai said...

@Lo: PDA. I ain't scared. LOL.

@DC: Romance.

I was listening to Michael Baisden( he gets on my nerves at times) and he had on Essence mag's Gwen Goldsby Grant talking about relationships. A topic was brought up about kissing and how alot of women are not. I have noticed alot of people (male/female) don't like kissing and would rather just have foreplay then sex.

I enjoy kissing, french kissing and I am quite good at it which gets me in trouble. Now I don't kiss every date I have. Kissing is intimate and I enjoy it has part of affection.

Q: Is kissing going out style, I mean REAL sensual kissing?

Shai said...

@Dc: Reg cell, I don't need the extra stuff. I love a basic phone no bells or whistles. I like things simple.

dc_speaks said...

@Shai; Nope it's not...take the right partner.

Q: American Idol or Makin da band

Girly_Girl said...

Good Morning, Everyone!!!

dc_speaks said...

Hey, Saadia!!!!

Lo said...

Saaaaaaaaaaaaadia!!! Hey, pretty girl!!!

@Damon: Regular cell. Tried a Treo and a Crackberry and they both got on my last damn nerves. Although I know we'll both soon have iPhones, which are probably worse than Crackberries, so I guess that makes this whole response moot.

@Shai: Kissing, thank God, has not gone out of style. I'm with my baby on this've gotta have the right partner.

@Damon: Idol, baby, all the way!!!

dc_speaks said...

Q: did you all know that Saadia AKA GIRLY GIRL...just got copies of her first book poetry?...hmmmmmm???

Congrats, girl!!

YAYYYY for my MF!!!!

KIKI said...

DANG YA'LL...When I left it was like its like 115...WTF!

I'll leave off with last question by DC...American Idol!

Question...Men...shaved or fuzzy (you know...down der)...

Ladies...hairy chest or smooth

KIKI said...

Congrats GG!

Lo said...


I'm so proud of and for you. You know I think you are super-tremendously talented!!!

@Kiki: Doesn't matter as long as I'm attracted to the man. (Unless he's got the kind that looks like hamburger meat and cuts, and in that case, I'll help him trim and/or wax it.)

Lo said...


Question: Cater or be catered to?

dc_speaks said...

@Lo: BOTH!

Q: hardcore diet or cosmetic surgery?

Shai said...

Congrats GG.

Lo said...

@Damon: BOTH!!

*what...stop looking at me. I live in LA...sometimes that last extra five might need help coming off.*

Shai said...

Lo: Catered to.

DC: Hardcore diet, I ain't going unda no knife unless it is life/death.

@kiki: Smooth chest.

Overeat or get drunk?

dc_speaks said...

@Shai: Get drunk..i can throw up the excess fluid intake...LOL

summertime question: sandals or tennis shoes?

Lo said...

@Shai: Overeat. I can't account for my behavior when I'm drunk (I chat up strangers--non-flirtatiously, jump on stage and sing at nightclubs, become super-gregarious), and I wouldn't want to subject my hubs to that kind of nonsense. I get like Kim Basinger's character in the movie "Blind Date." So I keep my drinking to a min.i.mum. Just enough to make me sleepy.

@Damon: Sandals. We like our feet to be seen.

Lo said...

Ooh, let me put up a question before hubs spanks me! On second thought...

Okay, here goes:

Big wedding or elope?

Shai said...

Lo: LOL. I remember Blind Date. It was hilarious. She was blew out. LOL.

Elope. I have never wanted a big wedding.

Q: If you could be famous for a day what would you be famous for?

JustMeWriting said...

shai: good question...I'd be famous for my efforts to improve my community.

as usual...I can't think of a, here goes pretty much nothing.

Liver or Beets? LOL I know people usually don't like either, so go for it...I like liver

Lo said...

@Shai: Fame is overrated, but if so, it'd be for working with inner city youth.

@Justmewriting: Hey girlfriend! I. LOVE. LIVER.

@Damon: Honey, I hope you like liver. You're gonna be seeing A LOT of it.

Shai said...

I would be famous for helping young black men and women get funding for higher education.

dc_speaks said...


harnessing solar power

Q: hand wash dishes or dishwashing machine?

Lo said...

@Damon: Handwashing. Love the feel of hot, soapy water making things clean.

Question: Extremely wealthy or comfortable?

Shai said...

@DC: Dishwashing machine, I hate doing dishes. LOL.

@Lo: Comfortable.

Q: Detail or task-oriented?

dc_speaks said...

extremewelath might make one comfortable so I'll go with that one...LOL

Q: dsl or cable internet

dc_speaks said...

Shai: detail

Q: what's the best break up song in history?

Lo said...

@Damon: "She's Out Of My Life" by Michael Jackson.

Lo said...

@Shai: Detail-oriented, definitely.

Question: If you're a meat-eater, could you date a hardcore vegetarian?

Shai said...

I am detail-oriented. Some folks get impatient when I explain things. LOL.

@DC: DSL, Living All Alone by Phyllis Hyman for me.

@Lo: NO, I had a time working it out with a non-redmeat eating person. I sometimes like just eating meat no sides on the times I am not so hungry. I also like smoked turkey in my greens and blackeyed peas.

Q: What song have you been listening to the most this week?

Nic said...

@ Shai - Round midnight, the George Benson take.

? - If you had to change one feature on yourself what whould it be?

Lo said...

@Shai: "PDA" by John Legend.

@Nic: I'd had a bigger, rounder, more black-girlesque booty.

dc_speaks said...

welcome back nic..

i'd like to have a 12 pack stomach.

q: poolside or beach?

Shai said...

I have been really listening to Raphael Saadiq's Skyy, Never Felt This Way.

@Nic: Dang, I have several. I am with Lo on the butt. LOL. I would say my skin problems.

Q: Lemons or Limes with Tequila?

Nic said...

@ DC - the beach, I love the feel of sand on my feet.

? - Night or day?

Nic said...

@ Shai, Hey girl I didn't even see your last post...You're sneaky :) Seriously though, I'm not big on Tequilla, but I'm gonna say lemons, just cause I'm not a fan of limes.

CortneyGee said...

Best break up song ... by the time I get to phoenix... Issac hayes

question: dr phil or dr feelgood

Lo said...

Gizzle!!! You riseth!!

Definitely Dr. Feelgood.

@Damon: Beach.

@Shai: Limes.

@Nic: Night.

Shai said...

@CG: Dr feel good

I like lemons best with the quila. LOL. I cannot wait to get home and chill with my drinks. LOL.

Loner or Social butterfly?

CortneyGee said...

rofl Lo yeah it was a late wake day for me ... I have to give a late in the game congrats to GG ... I'm proud of her accomplishment
as a diabetic here is a question splenda or sweet and low

Lo said...

@Shai: I'm actually a social loner.

@Gizzle: Sweet n Low. Splenda gives me the sh*ts.

Shai said...

Dang Lo, you sound like me an extro-introvert. LOL.

Nic: I forgot. Night, I am a nite owl. LOL.

Sunrise or Sunset?

Nic said...

@ cortneygee - Dr. Feelgood.

@ Shai - I'm a night owl too. And I always take sunset over sunrise.

@ lo - I don't like any. They all make me sick.

? - Would you rather work on a minor holiday for time and a half, or have the day off.

Lo said...

Yup, Shai. I'm definitely an extra-introvert. I'm great interacting with others...when you can get me to come out.

Hmmm...sunrise. There's something about watching the sun come up.

Question: The South or the North?

Lo said...

(East and west coast people, chill at my last question; y'all get enough attention.)

Shai said...

Nic: day off, since a sista ain't got no vacay time. LOL.

what do you do to make yourself feel good when you are bored/down?

CortneyGee said...

i would rather not work at all have residual payments come in my mail... question tall dark and handsome or short squat and aiight looking ?

CortneyGee said...

the North but they are covert raccist there ... in the south you get old fashion nigger get off my grass treatment

Anonymous said...

Wow! Ya'll got any room in here? My two cents at a few:
*Music will never be the same, but it will always reach back to what it once was, so it will never be completely lost.
*Fried chicken definitely! Now though, it's a rare treat because I usually end up with baked.
*NAACP-it evolves
*Wide screen! Why cut off a third of your picture, especially with new aspect ratio TVs?
*Pre-nup...depends on how you rollin' but for the most part I'd say no. If you're marrying someone with a built in plan to fail, you shouldn't get married.
*No pets period
*Eggs with cheese
*Universal Studios Islands of Adventure is probably the best park I've been to.
*Best car:Bently, affordable, BMW 6 Series
*The woods don't have anything for me so let's go to the beach
*My 'do-bald, my preference on a know where...likewise!
*kissing, depends on the skill of the kissee. I don't need another bath...especially a spit bath!

Splenda, loner, night, "Love is stronger than pride", multiple orgasms are a FACT, Ajax, Spring, last day with my favorite person, SUV, cappucino, sex in the rain, Janet, steak, comfortable, task oriented, famous for curing a disease.

Whew! This is work!
I'm done.

Oh...leave a question:
Toilet paper over the top or from underneath?

Lo said...

@Gizzle: You are too funny!!!

@Shai: Sex always makes me feel better when I'm bored or down. So does fried chicken. And a good book or an old film noir flick.

Actually, all of the above at once makes me feel downright splendid.

Question: Baby mamas or baby daddies?

Lo said...

@Sojourner G: Toilet paper from over the top.

When I was fifteen, I read an article that said successful people pull their toilet paper from over the top (howdaf*ck they'd know that is beyond me), but I've been doing it ever since.

Anonymous said...

If I am down or bored I usually read, watch a DVD and/or have a drink.

@SG: doesn't make long as the roll is on. LOL.

@Lo: I hate those terms. I use daughter's father. LOL.

4th of July or Labor Day?

Shai said...

Dang! the anonymous is me again. LOL.

ms.b.havin said...

hey everyone no questions just a quick shout out...

Lo said...

Hey V!!! Girl, what was in them drinks that night? It took me two days to fully wake up!!!

Lo said...

I never answered Nic's question:

I'd work on a minor holiday for time and a half. But then, I work a lot of unorthodox hours since I'm my own boss, so I guess it's all a wash in the end.

Question: Soup or salad?

Lo said...

Oops, forgot to answer Shai.

Fourth of July. That's when my family always had our family reunions in the South.

Shai said...

The 4th of July for me. LOL. I am a summer baby and July is my birthday month. Fireworks, bbques and drinks. I love it!

@Lo: I LOVE salads.

ms.b.havin said...

@ Lo: hey beautiful one, now if i told u i'd have to kill you me when u get some free time or i'll call u when i'm not booed up. smile...

Lo said...

Cool beans, V. If you don't have my number, get it from Gizzle or Damon. And you know I just LOVE the term "booed up."

Umma start conjugating that:

To boo up
To be booed up
To be booing up
Was booing up
Would be booing up
Was booed up
Will be booing up
Will have been booed up

*please, someone, make me stop...*

dc_speaks said...

hey hey hey....itsssss faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat albert...
hey yah'll

sorry i wasnt feeling too well...i had to lay down for a spell

dc_speaks said...

Q: rainstorm or dry heat?

dc_speaks said...

yah'lls been busy...I love this forum...its so fun..

Lo said...

Rainstorm. I like it when it's really wet. Outside.

Shai said...

Rainstorm. I love the rain. Not all the time though.

dc_speaks said...

Q: who was nosier Fat Albert or Velma from scooby-doo

Lo said...

@Damon: You left out one super-nosey person as an option.

dc_speaks said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday weekend everyone!

Thanks for your participation and my last question.

Q: can you all save me a plate?

CapCity said...

Started my weekend last night & just got in this morning so i missed out on this week's "reindeer games"! But, i see it was on & poppin' as UsuAL!

quick question: fave hang over remedy? Lots of Water - or - Another drink:-)

Have a GREAT one y'all! b safe!

Shai said...

@Cap: I usually take Alka Seltzer, water, Canada Dry ginger ale, and when my stomach is better orange juice for the electrolytes. That is when I can.

gurl you been parting already? Gotta get to NY to hang with ya. LOL.

spicethegirl said...

Pre-nup or not?
Hey that one is easy...not!
Look I would hate to have some dude play me for my money but I am the one who choose this nut for a spouse...
Ask the right questions in the beginning to avoid problems at the end of the day.

Nice site..

dc_speaks said...

hey..thanks for stoppin by spice & cap. Always welcome round these parts.

CreoleInDC said...

No fair D.C. You didn't ask a question. :)

dc_speaks said...

LOL@CreolenDC: ok my bad, but I did leave a question...

Q: who is the one person at every barbeque/picnic/reunion that thinks he can sing or dance---but can't in your family?

CapCity said...

Shai - there's a party EVERY night in dis crazy city...i just caYn't hang like i usta. LOL! But I'm gonna give it a shot THIS wkend! ha ha haaaa! U not coming for the Book Expo? We gonna get our Party on then, too!

DC - i come from a fairly talented family...for the few who can't - drink up & it all SOUNDS/Looks good. LOL!

same question: fave hang-over remedy? these may come in handy. LOL!

dc_speaks said...

the hair of the dog that bit ya...thats my fave remedy, Cap.

Be safe and have fun with your peeps.

Andrew The Asshole said...

Where's my plate?

mark said...

Yo DC I am pulling for your Cavs tonight. Yo DC why are folks hating so much on LeBron.

JustMeWriting said...

mark: is that a question for I don't know why they're hating on Labron and I don't a questions, but hey.

dc_speaks said...

Hey Ya'll....GOOOOOOOOOOO CAVS!!!!!!

Shai said...

GO PISTONS!!!!!!!! DEEtroit Basketballl!!!!!!

dc_speaks said...

Let's Go Cavs!!!