Thursday, May 31, 2007

How to make a Woman happy...FWD from a friend of mine.

> It's not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be:
> 1. a friend
> 2. a companion
> 3. a lover
> 4. a brother
> 5. a father
> 6. a master
> 7. a chef
> 8. an electrician
> 9. a carpenter
> 10. a plumber
> 11. a mechanic
> 12. a decorator
> 13. a stylist
> 14. a sexologist
> 15. a gynecologist
> 16. a psychologist
> 17. a pest exterminator
> 18. a psychiatrist
> 19. a healer
> 20. a good listener
> 21. an organizer
> 22. a good father
> 23. very clean
> 24. sympathetic
> 25. athletic
> 26. warm
> 27. attentive
> 28. gallant
> 29. intelligent
> 30. funny
> 31. creative
> 32. tender
> 33. strong
> 34. understanding
> 35. tolerant
> 36. prudent
> 37. ambitious
> 38. capable
> 39. courageous
> 40. determined
> 41. true
> 42. dependable
> 43. passionate
> 44. compassionate
> 45. give her compliments regularly
> 46. love shopping
> 47. be honest
> 48. be very rich
> 49. not stress her out
> 50. not look at other girls
> 51. give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
> 52. give her lots of time, especially time for herself
> 53. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes
> 54. Never to forget:
> * birthdays
> * anniversaries
> * arrangements she makes
> 1. Show up naked
> 2. Bring food

Now although this is strictly for laughs...I did find the two things listed for men to be applicable---but is that really all women think we need?

Any takers?


CapCity said...

THAT is some FUNNY shyt, DC! When I know what makes a man happy I'll add my two cent - until then - I'm FIRST!

Lance said...

'nuff said brudda. 'nuff said.

considering all that shit on the list, wouldn't it be "cheaper" to check out those strippers and hoes from the blog, a couple of days ago???

ez ladies EEEEEEZ!!!!! (;-P

Mega Rich said...

I need to email that to all my coworkers who always send me those "hail to the woman" emails. This was on point.

dc_speaks said...

lol...yeah yeah. I was like...why is my friend Kim sending me this email. Then I saw it as an opportunity to share with the readers something to get a laugh.

glad it is already well received.

Nic said...

Oh, I’m definitely going to make a copy of this. I luv it!

Uggh! Why is your word verification thingy trying to destroy me? This is my third attempt. And I'm starting to feel a lil dyslexic (sp??)

dc_speaks said...

hahahahah....sorry nic.

Lance said...

nic, haven't you heard?...the word verify is a scope from the feds.

"be afraid. be very afraid" (;-P

nic said...

@ Lance

Ha! Good lookin' out.

(~*Peeking out from behind my office mini-blinds*~)

dc_speaks said...

hahaha...maybe u should duck down like your name was "miss anderson" and we were looking for you as Neo instead of nic.

Please me Morpheus...hahahahahahaha..

mark said...

Good post DC Im dont with all of those items ceptin for the shopping part.

I refuse to go shopping (other than the grocery store).

Ill sign the papers right now If I can be garaunteed that she will show up naked when bringing me my food. She is a requirement of mine

nic said...

Hahahahahahah! D.C. It's so funny that you would say that, because I am about to leave work early.

I'm bout' to go right through the rabbit hole.

~*Scurrying to the office at the end of the hall, and closing the door behind me!*~

Peace out people

KIKI said...

I dont need all that stuff on the list...just LOVE me...that's my only requirement...funny stuff doe...

As for the men...ya'll need food? LMAO!

Sugar said...

Shoot! I've seen that old list! lol Half of that stuff that's listed as things a man should do, could also apply to women, so no I most def don't think it's just a matter of showing up naked with food. (lol) Although I think those two should probably be numbers one and two. (Lolololol)

dc_speaks said...

ha ha..very funny kiki and sugar.

ya'll got jokes....NOT!!

Dave said...

That's it? Such a short list. ^^

dc_speaks said...

yeah, thats what I was thinking , Dave. I only posted it for the purpose of hearing what people had to say about it.

I have a rather expansive list that my lady has fulfilled each and every last one of them.

Lo said...

Awwww, hunnybunny! I do it happily because you treat me like a QUEEN.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that just about covers it!