Monday, May 21, 2007

My Fave Blog of the week.....ending Friday 5/18

Hey, family. I had an opportunity to read alot of blogs over the past week and one of them just sticks out like a sore thumb.

The writer of the blog has no idea of how much she impacted her readers with her use and mastery of the craft in that piece so I have to let it be known how much it did for me as a reader.

Without further delay, let me present to some and introduce to others the link that will teleport you into the mind of Nikki for her blog dated Wednesday, May 16, 2007.

**Warning**--This blog will include adult content and language. If that is offensives to you, then this isn't for you.

Enjoy the rideNikki's Indigo Trail of her thoughts

There are plenty of blogs that have been powerful and thought provoking. This one just really spoke to me.

Happy blogging, reading, and writing on your own projects family.


Anonymous said...

Yeah my friend, that Nikki is something special. She found me about a year or so ago, threw me some love and I've been blogging ever sense.

I'm glad I'm discovering your voice though. My appetite has been whetted.

dc_speaks said...

i appreciate the compliment. your voice is absolutely inspiring.

I appreciate you and look forward to listening in on your thoughts, brah.

Nice to meet you.

nikki said...

well dang.

and dang again. LOL

for real though, thanks for the props! you done made dis sista's day! meanwhile, that topic was something alot of folk could relate to. thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. i'm glad you enjoy it. :)

dc_speaks said...

it's a pleasure. great writing! I'll be back often.

Glad, you doing what you do.

Peace, sistah!

Shai said...

Dang! My post got ate up. LOL.

Nikki, you do have a way with the pen. Alot of us want to write uninhibited.

dc_speaks said...

@Shai: if you want to write uninhibited, then do it. the only person stopping you, is you.

I'm not the expert on writing by any stretch of the imagination, but even if you never share it with anyone---write something that will be true to yourself. then edit it for the world if you choose to do so.

Free yourself!!

Shai said...

DC, easier said than done. I think many folks take for granted how much of ourselves writers put into their work. Once I evolve more, so will my art. I cannot force it. It will come when it comes. Some things take time and experience.

I know alot of writers who struggle with getting what they want on paper, it is the life of an artist.

dc_speaks said...

oh noooo not encouraging yo to force anything...on the contrary.

I have written some things lately, that noone is privvy to. Dark and erotic. noone will see them. I only meant to write it without inhibitions for yourself...and if you never share it with anyone else, atleast you wrote it for yourself.

I'm sorry tha tyou misunderstood what I was saying to you.

I respect the "craft" far too much to tell anyone to force anything.

Shai said...

I feel ya. And many poems I have done that will not be shared. LOL.

DC, I noticed when I let go of old ideas or thinking and also learn some things my writing takes on a different shape. Whew! I have moved to so many dif levels.

Now, it is about blocks, removing them and creating on an even higher, clearer level. So it is not my being scared to share with others. Really it is conveying me on paper, even the scary parts for my eyes to see. Everything I write must pass by me first. If you can feel that.

Peeling back layers and being vulnerable on paper is an awesome and scary thing.

Shai said...

Oh, yeah when ya going to share a story, poem or whateva with a sista. How bout the proj thingy you did that I could not participate in. Hit me off loop.

dc_speaks said...

I do feel ya...

Keep on doing what ur doing...the pieces that you share with us...seem to get a very positive response

I like ur work...I'd vote for you in a competition.

nikki said...

i'm with you can't force it. hell, what you putting out now is damn good so it's not like we're missing out on much.

mark said...

" Peeling back layers and being vulnerable on paper is an awesome and scary thing. "

mark bey: Lawd I wish I could write 1 percent as good as that. In fact if I could right even half of one percent as good as that I would walk around with a giant black crayon writing stuff for absolutely know reason. Id write everywhere all the time.

Opinionated Diva said...

This instantly became what of my favorite blogs. The first piece I read was "What you wont do..." I was really wowed over.

As I read it one of my co-workers was trying to get my attention...I gave her the "don't you see I'm BUSY" look and she quickly walked away.

Truly engrossing.

Can't wait for the book that I hope you're working on to come out!

dc_speaks said...

welcome diva...I agree with you.

I hope that those skills are being honed for a greater piece of work.

thanks for coming to show some more love to her work.

c'mon back another time. you never know what's going on in here.

ain't that right, Mark?