Thursday, February 1, 2007

Who's the real winners here?

oh my god, Becky...look at her's just so big...its like just so round...I mean look at it. She looks like one of those rap guy's girlfriends. they only talk to her because she looks like a total prostitute. who understands those rap guys looks so's just so "BLACK". Gotta Give Sir Mix A Lot props for Baby got back...... As I was driving to drop off my son and 3 of his classmates to school this morning, I happened to hear Russ Parr and his entourage speaking about the ask men dot com poll on the "most desireable woman on the planet" ...I heard that guess who....BEYONCE was the number one person. Scarlet Johannsen was second and Jessica Alba was third....I was like mannnnnnnn...what the hell? For the women who read this, just give me a sec..I dont oogle long, I promise. However being of the mature age of 37.5, I thought of some women that were not mentioned and immediately had a convulsive mental note double take..probably causing an accident on MLK Jr BLvd and Carnegie AVE..... that demanded some recognition. In particular...Nia Long(always stunning)..Janet(ms Jackson cuz i'm Nasty)..Halle Berry(Oh please..good Lawd)....and Gabrielle Union(Sexy Chocolate)...ok that's enough of that. I, by no way advocate such ridiculous contests because beauty is certainly in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty Pageants and contests of this nature cause so pressure for women that by the time they ascend to Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss State.. years have gone by without the joys of living and having a childhood full of fun and growth at a normal speed....Ok,going around the country or the world and giving speeches on world concern issues..WTF..please..maybe have a guest apprearance on a reality tv show or Letterman.....anddddd to make matters worse..who the hell remembers the countless losers unless someone messes up and the first runner up gets the throne....LOL....I just thought about how much that prepetuates a "HATERS" mentality"...hmmm another blog for that topic for sure. The amazing thing about that poll is that lots of different cultures subscribe to ask men dot com and to my suprise I've learned that(by actually asking lots of my caucasion male friends)the appeal of Beyonce is not because of her facial beauty, but more because of the way that she moves her body. "she looks hot but i'll bet she sure gives it to that Jay-Z guy" to quote an anonymous friend of mine. With so many other races desiring to have such status' always seems to be the black woman that wins out in the "end"...hahahahahah no pun intended

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The public just hasn't judged me I would be number one for But, we all are entitled to our own opinion and you are right, are just a