Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Its cold outside...can i get a day off too?

Man it is freezing fo sho...0 degrees with a wind chill of about -15 degrees. Snowing and the wind is biting cold...folks can't drive(fortunately I have experience..I lived in Milwaukee, Wisc)

Wind chill advisory is in effect until later this afternoon. Thankfully though, the snow slowed down enough for me to get out of my driveway without using the old snow thrower. Last week was not so kind..I had trouble leaving in the morning and coming back home in the evening..major accumulation...I stopped for a quick holla at my dude and I watched my van go from dry to covered in a mater of about a half hour while I was at Cortney Gee's house.

My 14yr old son is loving it though...no school for the second day straight.

What's happening though? When I was a pup in school, we didn't get snow days like now. I feel like I'm being cheated! I remember my grandparents telling me the stories about how they walked through 5 feet of snow 18 miles just to get to school. I'm not knocking my ancestors..I just think that they stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhhed the truth a lil bit. Education was a hard fought for privilege so I'm sure that they did sacrifice and make some journeys in bad weather. Something kids today will never ever experience...spoiled brats!! Sacrifice is leaving the cell phone at home or deciding what party to go to when they have options. Damn..they're lucky!

But...geeeeez can i get a snow day too? I work about 17 miles from the house....I could stay home and watch Maury, Jerry, and Oprah in my boxers.

I am just going to wait until the summer is nearly here and take a "sunshine day". Tell the office to kiss my butt cause the weather will be too hot to come to work and the sun glare may cause me to have an accident. Send my son to school and tell him that I'm doing it to protect him from all the harmful ultraviolet radiation. Yeah.....that sounds like a plan! WHOSE WITH ME?


Girly_Girl said...

I'm with you!!!

Oh, except I don't work. I guess it would be hard to take a day off if you don't actually have a job...

dc_speaks said...

ha ha ha..very funny!

Anonymous said...

lol, too funny. I think that you are right. I never got snow days. Man I want to go to sleep at a decent time since I have to get up by 6am for work and since the kids don't have school they keep me up. It's crazy. I think school is mandatory no matter what.. Come snow or sun..( even the glare ) we will take the chances. I was always told the story of my parents and grandparents ..walking to school 5 miles up hill both ways with newpaper in their shoes to cover the holes..hmmm Think they were stretching? lol But, I must thank you for the vision of you in your boxers watching Jerry, Maury and Oprah...nice..;o)