Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My old school

I am pumped, I was listening to my mp3 and flipping back and forth on the radio this morning and just bounced all the way into work. I heard some Bobby Brown "Rock witcha" and some other favorites. Ready for the world, Guy, Alexander O'Neil, Freddie Jackson, Prince, Phil Collins, New Edition, Black Michael Jackson, NWA, Shabba Ranks, Beastie Boys, EPMD, Eric B & Rakim, Run DMC, and a whole lot of 80's and 90's r&b/hip hop artists. I scanned all the songs....15-30 secs per song and had a blast.

The realization that lately I have been stuck in a time warp of my "old school" made me feel great! Watching Spike Lee movies, Beat Street, Last Dragon, Color Purple, New York Undercover, Fame, A Different World, the Cosby's , Facts of Life and other timeless classics has me comparing them to modern day shows and movies.

I even watched some "I love the 80's" music video countdown with my mother...boy, was that interesting....we watched tv for 4 hours straight...together!!!! What a wonderful day that was, for real. Bonding is great with ma dukes, cause um.....she sure can flip the script cat quick! I take the good and enjoy every nanosecond.

Here's a quick observation as to why newer movies are becoming some of my favorites! They use the same basic story lines as my age group's"old school flicks". I really enjoyed "Stomp the Yard", but I sure thought of "School Daze". Beat Street and Breakin....well how about You Got Served. You want"Fame"...look at Step Up. Girlfriends is the newer version of Living Single. Plenty of new shows copy the the Cosby Show. Different world is older version of Degrassi!

I am reliving my old school days right now and surely do appreciate it! I am a product of the 80's and I'm not ashamed to admit it either!


Rich in the Stl said...

I'm feeling you there. The older I get the more I sound like those dudes who tell their kids, "Y'all music ain't bout nothin'. Now back in my day, we had some real music...."

As far as the shows go. You know Hollywood is all about the formula. Stick to it and you make a pretty good living. Venture off with enough new twists and you really get paid. Go totally off the beaten path and nobody digs you.

dc_speaks said...

word up, son! I caught myself just before i uttered the same words to my son...the formula is as follows: chick flicks are hot! Dancing and relationship movies with a comedic twist make mad loot! the Nick cannon flick two years ago couldn't have proven that point any better..just another nerd turned cool guy who gets the hot girl plot!(yawn) boooring...but he got paid sweel for remaking a movie that came out decades ago!

Anonymous said...

We must be in the same time warp! I still ask DJ's to play the monorail. (smile)

Hopefully you are that bad!


lil_dj_101 said...

okay degrassi is completely original. i love degrassi because it deals with wat real life teenager's and highschoolers go through. I should know im in high skool. i get most of my social conversations with those i get from either my rock band my music likes and well degrassi. i do understand that these other things may be true but there are two showes that are true and i actually enjoy(because its real and you can learn from it)

dc_speaks said...

well since u are still in high school,u'd better be getting good grades! I take nothing from any of the shows, if u are learning life's lessons thru it that HELP u..then im all for it.

the shows that i watched when i was in high school helped me too..

allim saying is that they are asimilar in nature as to when i was a youngin like you are now..not knockin them..ok?