Thursday, February 15, 2007

hmm......"ding" are now ready!!

Wow..if you haven't hooked up with the Southwest Airlines "ding" program for your computer and you're a are really missing out.

Of course this does require a spin...hahahaha

What if you could make a ding for other notifications on your computer..what would you use it for? I need to meet some computer geeks and patent this idea for sure!'re looking for online romance...."ding"..a cute girls checks out your profile're looking for online romance...."ding"..a mah-fugly person checks you out have beautiful naked people walking past their web cams...."ding" can remotely turn on their cam.
Perhaps....someone anonymously leaves a dumb ass comment on your blog...."ding"you can hack into their computer and f**k them up!
Perhaps....someone sends out chain emails and you tell them not to...."ding"automatically go to the source email disable the forward capabilities

The possibilities are endless...

How would you use"The Ding'?


kim said...

Ding you are too funny--call me for that drink!

dc_speaks said...

I will do that...have fun, yet be careful with your new found freedom...little brother will be watching you!! Smile