Monday, February 12, 2007

Wake Up!

For some strange reason I watched Spike Lee's"Do the Right Thing" movie not once but two times this past weekend.
As many times as I've seen this movie in the past years, It hit me like a sledge hammer in a different way. I equated the "right thing" to other issues other than the racial injustices painfully depicted in this classic film. The parenthood and relationship injustices and communication barriers became clearer to me. I can't tell a lie...I wasn't always a good boyfriend so I'll let that one go. I will use another relationship instead. Being a parent, I can and have often told my oldest son to make sure that he does the right thing relating to other people. However, oldest son does in fact mean more than one. I also have another son, "J" my 3 yr old soldier.

He is a wonderfully spirited, high energy, little guy with lots of personality. I am very excited about his future impact on the world!!!
While watching this film for the first time in years, I reflected on what that term meant in relation to my youngest son. For the most references in my blogs, you read about my eldest son, "DJ" the one that provides me with more than a lil blog material.

All I can say is, this dude is a character! Seriously!!
For my readers already know, I like to put a spin on something...just being me!!!

The most incredible personal relation to this movie is the Radio Raheem character...

far deeper than a dude walking around with his "box" blasting Public Enemy(which of course happens to be one of my favorite hip hop groups...ever). The freedom and respect for the uplifting of his own culture has me contemplating the limitations that I, as a parent have or will impose on my sons. Hmmm.....

The poise and dignity of a proud one in this classic pic seemed to have such an unwavering position on their beliefs other than the part of "Buggin out"

The outward impression of this persona was that he was a revolutionary of his own neighborhood..looking to bring about the acknowledgement of African Americans in an Italian American restaurant.

Take a different spin on these two dudes..and apply it to your own situation...For me they exemplify the growth process for adolescence to young adulthood and young adulthood to a maturing grown adult..

Radio Raheem, the defining character of having a conviction strong enough to lose his life over it..fighting to be heard. Comparable to the teenager that struggles to be heard and will defy me

because his convictions are that strong. Choking the dreams out of him..thus making him a shadow of himself in the future.

Buggin out, the revolutionary that draws others into his way of thinking. Comparable to the young fella that starts playing with a toy and creates a desire in others to follow along with what he wants to do. Inspiring change in many...Like "J"!

My quandary is determining when to let much of a support cushion is needed and how can I elevate my young sons to become the "great men" they are destined to be.

I came to the conclusion that choosing to take the time to elevate the mothers of our "leaders of tomorrow" will create a ripple effect...teaching how to break the chains of ignorance and disrespect to our queens. It is time as brothas to "do the right thing" and build up our women, so they can elevate us and a new cycle of positive growth and development can emerge from our children.
In the words of Spike Lee in his's time to "WAKE UP"


Girly_Girl said...

A wonderful sentiment, D.C.

Makes me want to watch the movie again. Isn't it something how a certain movie can mean different things to you at different parts of your life?

dc_speaks said...

oh yeah...absolutely!! I never viewed that movie before other than for entertainment purposes only. It doesn't normally hit me like that...I'm glad it did this weekend though...thanks for your comment

Anonymous said...

Well, it is great that you get that from this movie. I too may have to watch this movie again. Unfortunately your thought at the end of your blog is probably not going to get the rest of the men to act accordingly. It is true though to get your boys to grow up to treat woman the way they need to be treated and just to grow up to be their best....they are always watching you,even when you don't think they are. I am not sure that you have to many negative things to worry about though. xoxo

Rich in the STL said...

I never saw that ending coming, but that was good. I'll just stay introspective for now and heed the advice.

On another subject. I thought of doing a movie marathon with my kids on some of the movies that I thought were cool back in the day and see if we can have some moments of learning. Your post just reminded me of that and I think I will institute it.

dc_speaks said...

why thank ya'll for the movie marathon thing is definitely whats eldest and i watched school daze last night...

dr. girlfriend said...

D, beautiful......
(Great spin and critique of the movie)
I liked your comment, "My quandary is determining when to let much of a support cushion is needed and how can I elevate my young sons to become the "great men" they are destined to be"
Parents are the most important educators in society because not only do they impart knowledge to our future leaders but they have the capacity to build or destroy the human spirit. Unfortunately, not all parents embrace their roles.
D, I really enjoyed reading this piece.