Thursday, March 29, 2007

Verb: That's what's happening!!

My absolute favorite School House Rock Video!!

School House Rock Thursday!!!!



dr. Girlfriend said...

Now I remember this one. Thanks for sharing. This is a great one too! C'mon you know conjunction, junction is the bomb!

dc_speaks said...

conjunction junction is cool...but this one is definitely boss...c'mon dr girlfriend...a black superhero in those days that didn't have "black" infront of hs name like in the superfriends. the 70's????? puh lease!!

black lightning and some other dude!

Classic and much needed!

LOL..the Lo Zone post about what I called the "token blacks" a few days ago only strengthens my resolve to dig up some old black heroes of tv...I'm starting with VERB MAN!!!!!

dr. Girlfriend said...

True and this is an intelligent Black Superhero!

Tattooed MaMa said...

They need to put all these on a DVD I would play them every Saturday for my kids.

dc_speaks said...

they are on dvd dear...and on vhs too!

I was watching some a few weeks ago!

CapCity said...

Dang your hide, DC! Here I go again - searching for the voice of school house rock. LOL! I don't recall THIS one! Not only was the super hero a Brother - but most of the characters are Black. Wow!

Zachary Sanders was the voice of VerbMan! He also performed in the movie The Wiz.

Thanx DC for turning me onto a Brother;-).

Tattooed MaMa said...

Thanks hun. I had no idea they were on DVD I will have to hunt them down.
Have a great weekend.

hamil10 said...

VERB... That's what's happening. I love this one as well. I'm also partial to the Adjectives song and Mr. Morton. This was the coolest. Thanks.

dc_speaks said...

hey, Hamil10..welcome to the site! Thanks for stopping by, but shhhhhhhh...Mr Morton was for next week!!!

I was going to unpack my adjectives today, but I've been looking for this one and figure 8 for weeks...I just found it two days ago.

c'mon back and take a look see!

@Cap...i love when you get on a mission like that. You're my fave research buff! What did he do for "the Wiz"?

Tatooed Mama...i would try ebay or bestbuy for the videos..I know I still have some on vhs

CapCity said...

Zach in The Wiz. He was an uncredited member of the adult choir:-). Geez, am I really that "inspired" by a li'l flattery? LOL! Thank goodness for google:-)

Khoney330 said...

Humming, I simply unpack my adjectives. Waiting with baited breath for this one.

dc_speaks said...

lol...i sing all of them all the time!