Thursday, March 1, 2007


I am tripping out on this! Let's throw this up for some conversation today!!


The Washington Post reported today that a twelve year old Prince George's County, Maryland boy died Sunday after the infection from an abscessed tooth spread to his brain. The boy had not been receiving routine dental care.

According to the Washington Post, twelve year old Diamonte Driver first complained of a headache six weeks ago. He was treated at a hospital for a tooth abscess, sinusitis and the headache. Shortly after beginning treatment, he was hospitalized at Children's Hospital in the District of Columbia and underwent two brain surgeries, the Post said.

Diamonte's mother did not have dental insurance or Medicaid coverage; a timely $80 tooth extraction could have saved his life, according to the Washington, Post.The Post reported that when Diamonte first began experiencing a toothache, his mother was having trouble finding a dental provider who would accept Medicaid to extract six abscessed teeth from Diamonte's younger brother DeShawn.. After finally finding an oral surgeon who would accept Medicaid and making an appointment for DeShawn, she learned that her Medicaid coverage had lapsed and cancled the appointment. The coverage lapse apparently occurred when her family moved had moved from the homeless shelter address listed on the Medicaid application.

The rest of the story is what it is...he died..bottom line!!

Wherein does the fault begin and end?


Mizrepresent said...

It begins with our government...wasting money on wars, where they should be providing affordable or free healthcare to all. I would rather tax dollars be spent to help those in need, rather than by more artillery. This is really sad, but i understand about proper dental care, but the truth is, growing up as a child we never received dental either. It wasn't until i grown that i had my first dental visit...and thank God i still got teeth. The childs mother tried, the system failed her, like it has failed so many others...this case should be presented to Congress, the Senate, somebody needs to make a change in our Healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare system! Sorry about the long dissertation but that pissed me off.

dc_speaks said...

u know i dont have a problem with long dissertations...i'm in total agreement with you about the laws and the mother's attempt to get it resolved!

dr. Girlfriend said...

Thanks for providing such a provocative discussion for today D

Healthcare in our country is based on our beloved capitalist society. The governing doctrine of other countries based on socialism provide social medicine where everyone gets equal treatment but it is totally rationed by the government. In those cases, everyone gets access to care but when the possibility of national healthcare reform was on the table under Clinton's administration it was shot down.

Where is the breakdown? On all levels: The prioritization of coverage and not allowing the coverage to lapse by the mother, lack of eligible providers accepting medicaid, and a country that prefers the luxuries of democracy and capitalism where unfortunately the poor fall through the cracks.

Spreading the word about the importance of healthcare and empowerment for each individual is where we begin to make a difference.

dc_speaks said...

wow...from a doctor's point of view, I can extra appreciate the comment on exposing the breakdowns from you dr girlfriend..

your thoughts and comments are always welcome. I certainly hope that your future position affords you the opportunity to make some changes in that

dr. Girlfriend said...


KIKI said...

I concur with everything thats been said here. This should have never happened. Having been on Medicaid in the past, I can tell you first hand, that getting adequate health care (excuse my french) is a bitch. For the children, they want to cover the basics (immunization shots, take some blood, stick out your tongue and say "aaahhh"). Getting coverage for anything other than that (dental care, surgeries, ect.) is like, please forgive the play on words, pulling teeth. can forget it. Unless you're pregnant, you better be damn near dead before you ask for some medical treatment.

I say we put everyone in
Congress on Medicaid and let them go through what the less fortunate have to endure. Let's see how fast they vote to pass a national healthcare reform bill then.
(I'll never happen. But the thought of it makes me snicker.)

dc_speaks said...

preach KIKI..Preach girl...go head!!!

Nina said...

First of all, this is not the government's fault. If the mother cared about her son she would have done whatever she could to make sure he was taken care of. Work at McDonald's, suck up your pride. The mother was well aware of the problems her son was having and did not understand the seriousness of the situation. Shame.

Nina said...
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DANIEL said...

is important to invest in health this for a better life in our country can not be children dying because of this, you should invest in dental care for better lives

Julia stephens said...

so sad...but why make the government responsible? Are we not responsible for our own healthcare? Its not the governments fault that this boy died...there are programs out there that could of helped him if his mother qualified for for spending money on wars...true...its not something that we like to do...but..we need to take care of our people and country and protect our freedoms...everyone has an opinion of whats right for all...but personally I think healthcare should be a personal responsibility...I am not one that wants to step into a healthcare system where people are waiting for hours in hallways waiting to be seen....a socialistic government....where u don't get the best healthcare....ask a doctor...and they will tell u the same will never be perfect...but people quit looking to someone else to provide for u and step up and take care of yourselves...but don't forget...there are programs out there right now that take care of the those that need why always the government bashing?