Friday, March 23, 2007

tagged..I'm it!

I was tagged by Shai...thanks a lot!

What main lesson have you learned in the month of February?
Just because you have known them a long time, it doesn't make them your friend.

What bad habit do you want to rid yourself of this month?
enabling others.

What are your favorite muses?
nature sounds, songs without lyrics and black & white arts/pictures

Name one thing Uniquely Different that you recently discovered about yourself?
My opinions of others matters less to me. I take people at face value and deal with them on my terms.

What is your definition of passion vs intimacy?
is emotion that doesn't require anything other than an idea. Intimacy
is an outward expression of feelings normally focused on an individual.

What are you vibing too?
Hidden beach: Volumes 1 & 2
Fred Hammond
Old School hip hop

What are your favorite gadgets?
cell phone, computer, and mp3 player

What would be a perfect date with the person you're thinking of right now?
I pleads the 5th! LOL

Last book read?
reread John Grisham's "A time to Kill"

What would you rename in based upon your perception of the storyline?
How to protect your children...101

How many times do you look at your blog or the blogs of others?
Far too many to count...check your site meter, you can tell me!..LOL

Who's your favorite blogger or spot you find lurking around most often?
All my new family of bloggers get regular visits. I don't have a favorite!

If you were to live the opposite sex for the day, what name would you give yourself?
Dana..close enough to my own name

Describe yourself in 3 adjectives
Intense, Helpful and Loving

One goal you set for yourself for the month of March.
To finish my short story for Blogger's delight

I tag Cortney Gee, Justmewriting and IYMS!


Rich in the Stl said...

What's up son! Good list of things. I was thinking of doing one of these lists, but similar to the one Sheletha did. You all give me good ideas.

Girly_Girl said...

You're such a sweetie.

Emanuel Carpenter said...

Hey D,

I sent you an e-mail to the two e-mail addresses I have for you. Did you get it? Hit me up at .


IYMS said...

Thanks for the insight, DC. That allows for an alleviation of all the questions that one may ask to get to know you better. (smile)

JustMeWriting said...

ok...DAG.. so I guess i'll have to get started on my response, this is going to be fun...thanks for the tag shuga-pie.

dr. Girlfriend said...

Nice post-I did not get tagged and I am not a blogger but I felt like sharing a little so hope it's okay..
The lesson I learned in February was to "Not judge a book by it's cover"
Bad habits to get rid of: Being too tolerant
Uniquely different about me: I truly view the world different from most

3 adjectives that describe me: Conscientious, Compassionate, Charismatic