Monday, March 12, 2007

A Time to reflect!

Recent blogs of other acquired family members(Bloggers Unite) and conversations with friends has me reminiscing on one of the most impacting individuals of my entire life. That position of the high esteem is held by none other than my grandmother, Reba.

It's amazing to me how many emotions can be stirred up with a fleeting thought of a time long since past or a moment in time captured with a photo. Memories flood out of a Pandora's box never fully closed...kept unhinged for just such an occasion.

A song or Television show? Or maybe perhaps a stranger that passes by with striking resemblance to a loved one that has passed on from this life. I think the song that most influences my random memory recall would be" A song for Mama" by Boys II Men. Scarcely a time has past without the swelling of eyes and the instantaneously cleansing of my entire eye sockets courtesy of my overflowing tear ducts.

Now don't misconstrue the purpose of this post today..I am merely giving you an excerpt of my life...through my eyes. I am highlighting 1 of 2 women that unconditionally mean more to me than anything in the world. The second of these remarkable women being my mother, Jackie....but since she's still in the land of the living today, her role in this blog is not as active. She's ma dukes...Love her dearly...nuff said!!! The 2 women that without question loved me before I loved myself. Accepted me without question, no matter the flaw or my misgivings. So to partially quote a rather corny cliche..."This one's for you!"

As the night turned to day this morning, I found myself pondering the meaning of commercialized hallmark holidays. Just what can be done to highlight the life of one that has come and gone, leaving you with an empty feeling? Is there such a day? Would that be appropriate since everyone may not have the same "special someone" to reference? For me it would be my may be a different family member of perhaps not a blood related member at all for YOU!! Since commercialized and building up holidays that have absolutely no positive impact on American Culture, can we raise the stakes and get a day that will allow for us to reflect on those that are so dear to our hearts. President's day and other useless days that we recognize on your calendar are held in high esteem, why not a holiday theme reflecting on departed loved ones...Remembrance Day..a day whose sole purpose is to show reverence.

This particular idea was born of a recent article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer that exceptional rate of depression in people of color compared to (well you get the picture. I am a proud African American man and though this day is not ethnicity biased...I just scream for an additional outlet to help those that share my heritage!

If you could help bring about change and institute a day recognizing whatever you want...what would it be? or if you share my feelings, who would be your Remembrance Day honoree for 2007?


Girly_Girl said...

What a sweet post, DC!!!

I think a 'Remembrance Day' is a wonderful idea!

dc_speaks said...

thanks Saadia...U know i always appreciate your comments and support...

big hug, homegirl!!

Rich in the Stl said...

I would most definitely celebrate my three Grandparents that have gone to be with the father. Two Grandaddy's and my most favorite grandparent, Grandmomma.

It's too early for all these emotions man! Good post.

Mizrepresent said...

I would remember my father, who was strong, and sweet, and fun, and loved by so many, Big mama, granddaddy, papa and mother, and a hosts of aunts, uncles, who helped mode me to be, me. Thanks! Great post!

Shai said...

Remembrance Day is think is a good idea.

I would remember people who impacted by life, the main 3 are:

1. My bestfriend who died 9 years ago at the young age of 26.

2. My grandfather who died a week before my birthday, ironically we buried him on my 30th bday.

3. My daughter's grandma, whose son I did not marry or stayed with, she was like a third mom to me.

CapCity said...

DC thank u for sharing the real emotional side of men (beyond our banterings & debates about men/women relations:-)

Without a doubt I have my own moments of Remembrance & Thanx for all ancestors - but especially: my paternal gramma who was the only force I recall who could calm my Tazmanian mama down & the BEST cook to walk the earth (besides my mama who still walks with me:-). Then there's my paternal grand-daddy who loved to dress and buy us clothes, too. And a maternal great uncle who was a brilliant builder & jokester (oooh the stories I could tell:-)!
I can only wish I'd met my maternal grands.
Thanx DC for this unofficial Remembrance Day!

CortneyGee said...

shout out to my Alabama bred down to earth mother whom is no longer on this earth but still a constant in my everyday life.When i write the off the wall or not so tame blame it on my moms she was my humor inspiration.Introduced me to Redd Foxx Rudy Ray Morre and Richard Pryor.

Sheletha said...

"waaay down in the jungle deep..."

Mizrepresent said...


I seen you on Earl Sewells newsletter representing! You go girl!

dr. Girlfriend said...

The heart and soul holds much; great to see emotions put to paper (electronic paper but you know what I mean). I am grateful that all of the important people in my life are still with me but after reading this I have reflected on the fact that I am truly blessed.
Thanks for sharing something so special and so dear to you.

IYMS said...

Very heartfelt blog. I'd suggest that our "Remembrance Day" recognize those individuals that forged ahead in the area of Civil Rights. I am thankful for their efforts. Had it not been for them, we might not be blogging today.

Sheletha said...
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Sheletha said...

@Miz....ohhh gurl you see me???!!!!! I told y'all my bookclub was the bombdiggityo!