Thursday, March 15, 2007

"I said, NO!.... he!!!!

Not to really try to piggy back off of homeboy Rich's post yesterday, but I think it requires a lil bit of attention. I was stunned, shocked and downright amazed at a Cleveland Plain Dealer article on the dramatic rise of Sexual Harassment Complaints by men in the workplace.

When did this happen....did the sexual liberation take it to new heights? When did women truly become the aggressors in making lewd or inappropriate comments at the workplace?

I can vividly recall in my teen years asking a young lady for her phone number and being verbally abased for "fraternizing" with the co workers. Now it seems the tables have turned.

Has it gotten to the point where the ratio of women to men has beaten up on women that much? Or has it just gotten to the point where now..women wear the pants and have no problem asking for it(sex)...just like men do? What defines harassment anyway? Is it unappreciated advances to a person with the intent of some kind of sexual interaction...or could it just be a cat call...or maybe even a wink of the eye? Personally I don't know many men that would decline advances..but that's a blog for another

Does our society need to relive the sexual revolution of the 60's and 70's because we are that stuck up? Orrrr do we have to keep reminding ourselves that making those allegations can get an enemy at work fired(playing into the hater's mentality?
Perhaps even thinking that we can get some money from a lawsuit.

People do things for different reasons, but the number of complaints has risen
significantly over the last it love vs. money...or greed vs. hatred/envy?

What ya'll think?


Shai said...

Reading your ost made me think of the movie Me and Mrs. Jones with Brian White and Kim Fields.

The boss of Brian's character, Mrs. Jones owned an online dating company. She sexually harassed him to the point of him getting fired if he stopped doing what she said outside the office. Now mind you, he was young and dumb, he concedd too quickly into the liasion with his boss.

He got to lying to his girlfriend(Kim) and she eventually found out and dumped him.

Anyway, I have to admit this turn of events by women is sickening to me. We, as women, hate these things and have fought it, to only have these women fukk it up.

Female teachers sleeping with male students, females harassing men at work who they supervise. Goose nor the gander should be doing that ish.

Khoney330 said...

Maybe men have become comfortable enough to go to HR when they feel, they've been violated. Who knows. I like my man to be a man. Either ignore her or let her know you don't like it. Now did the article say the men were being harrassed my women or other men? That would also be interesting to know. Men say inappropriate things, I'm sure women do the same, is it worth someone's job? I don't think so. Step wrong and you might get more than you bargained for with some people male or female.

dc_speaks said...

lol..i've heard of such things like female eachers sleeping with their students...(whistling)..i pleads the 5th...'s very funny to me...depending on variables ie: single/married or too ugly..I'd tell a dude to blow her damn back out and turn the tables....get some video footage for evidence too...just in case...

@khoney330..heyyyy where u been? well according to the article they focused on male to female occurences but you did raise a good question..

most dudes would probably get fired for kicking another dudes ass for trying to hit on him if they weren't gay...

hmmmmmm...but if he was gay..hey who knows...great thought provoking question which leads to another homosexual sexual harassment retaliation going to be viewed as gay/lesbian bashing if you f**k them up...


Girly_Girl said...

I feel what khoney is saying: men are more comfortable today with admitting that they have been harassed or violated.

There are more women in the workplace nowadays, and they do hold positions of power. It was really just a matter of time before this type of thing started happening!

Khoney330 said...

Hmmm, I would say if a homosexual approached a heterosexual and his or her advances were unappreciated, and instead of moving on, they continue to push the issue, then a slap might be in order. But it will be considered assault, just a warning.

dc_speaks said...

so...what ur saying is that...maybe he/she shouldn't get fuc***d up?

ok..thanks for the warning! LOL

Lance said...

it's all a as well as women know what they are doing when they "blow" the whistle on sexual harassment. today, it's all about money.

it's always been happening, isolated incidents in offices all over the country, but once the lawsuits began to get wings, people begin to watch where they step...knowing shit's 'round the corner.

if a woman blows the whistle, more than likely she "spurns" a weak ass male boss on, probably cause he's having problems with wifey at the house...he hits it a few times, pimps her out with nice things, then the shit hits the fan when SHE wants more THINGS...whether it be career promotion, time, money, sex, or all mentioned. then the man is perplexed in wanting to get out of the situation. he ultimately refuses and there goes the sex.harrassmt lawsuit. she has nuthin' to lose and everything to gain. the company can't fire her, but they sure as hell can fire him.

for the man, it's all about the benjamins...he can get draws anywhere.

KIKI said...

I agree with girly. I think it has alot to do with the fact that there are more women in positions of power as compared to 10 20 years ago and more than likely have the attitude "It's been happening to us for years so why not flip the script?"

Plus, with the positions of power comes independence. Where as in the good 'ole days a women would wait for a man with a "good job and his shit together to approach her, now women have their own money & executive positions and are alot more comfortable being the pursuer instead of the pursuee.

But regardless of who's doing the harrassing, male or female, its just wrong. You see someone at the job you might wanna get with ask them out. If they say If not, leave 'em the hell alone and dont be threatening them with termination just because they're not interested.