Thursday, March 22, 2007

5, 10, 15, 20...stop!!

Oh yeah...sorry to "borrow" from Cortney Gee, but I won't call it the same name! All I know is I'm going to call this "School House Rock Thurday"...LOL

Have fun, ya'll!

I really did miss this stuff!


CortneyGee said...

hey how bout you do yours on sat seeing that when cartoons played ... Im going to see if I can copyright my thursday thing seeing you all over it HAHAHAHAHA

dc_speaks said...

nope...I don't post on saturday's! I guess you just have to grin and bear it my friend!

It's a free country!

F**k yo couch, ni99a! LOL

Tattooed MaMa said...

Hey I think I will be stopping by here on Thursdays after I check out Mr. Gee's Throw back Thursday. I miss those damn educational cartoons. I can never get out of my head "I'm just bill here on Capital Hill" or this one "They call me YUK mouth cause I don't Brush...... How's about a little kiss." Those were the days. They need to start playing them again.

Tattooed MaMa said...

Ok forget my last post you have all my Saturday educational favs. You ROCK now I will make my kids watch them.

IYMS said...

My kids loved this, DC.