Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Who's the masta?...is it in you?...repost

Ok, so I borrowed a couple of cliches and strung them together...LOL!!!

I certainly didn't think of myself as the Master but when I watched this movie as a kid---I got extra hyped up. I remember being in my martial arts instructors house asking him if he thought any of those moves were real and he said, "yeah, they're real...real Hollywood." I knew what he meant, but I wanted to think he was wrong so I learned this movie's moves so I could be the next martial arts movie star. It didn't work and I could only do some of them.

In case you forgot what the last scene was like, check it out right here.

What movie did you know all the words and the body movements to? This was but one of mine. What's yours?

Enjoy the clip and the trip down memory lane for the people in my age group. Smile!

Happy Tuesday!!


GurlNexxDoor said...

Lol, because our family was a singing family, we always did the 5 heartbeats, you can still them (us)perform at any our family gatherings.

I remember we all wanted to be Eddie Cane.

Now My neices and nephews even know the words to most of the songs, from hearing us so much.

Great Post.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see this movie till a couple of years ago.

The movie I know most if not all the words is Friday.

gurlnexxdoor, The Five Heartbeats is one of my favorite movies. I know alot of those words too.

Ms. Behaving said...

Wassup DC??

That used to be my movie right there!!! LOL.

I'mma have to say I know all the words to the movie The Color Purple.

Hope you have a Happy Tuesday as well!

Mega Rich said...

Coming to America -- me and my boys used to sit around drinking and watching that movie every weekend for a while.

5 Heartbeats is also an all time favorite. I watch that a minimum of once a year.

Don said...

Down the line, I came to like the movie. At first, I hated it because we wanted to see Purple Rain but my mom made us watch The Last Dragon instead.

There are alot of movies where I know every word (study it), but of those, the movie True Romance, is the one which I like the most.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

any cary grant movie and superfly, cant for get CAN U DIG IT - THE WARRIORS lol

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I so loved The Last Dragon. My fav movies though is The Color Purple.

Girly_Girl said...

I don't feel like talking about movies. I just wanted to say hi, DC!!!

(yes, I've been drinking. So what?)

neshia said...


dc_speaks said...

what up fam? sorry for the delay in responses, my work puter was down..no internet...nooooooooooooooo!!!!

i can't even lie though...another one of the movies that I knew word for word was risky business. I loveded that movie toooo. and not to mention Hollywood shuffle...a robert townsend classic!!!

ok...GND: I did like the five heartbeats too..sang girl...sang

@tofa sg: Friday I prob know about 80%

@Ms B: errrboddy know the color purple..excellent selection homegirl.

@rich: nice to see you on the blog ,brother rich. Coming to america is also one i know a lot of...especially since arsenio is from CLEVELAND!!!!

@Don: True Romance? really...wow, im impressed brah!

@Torrance: oh yeahhhhhhhh how can anyone not know cary grant flicks and superfly? that gave me a huge smile.

@the DIva: I can stell from your persona, you like the color purple...hahahahaha

@GG: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, what up honey? miss ya!

@neshia: baby boy is probably my son's fave movie too. he knows every single word as well.

thanks for the participation peeps!!

Queen of My Castle said...

Awww, I remember this movie! My sissy and I watched it because of Vanity (I think that's her name). I thought the bad guy was pretty ugly. LOL

My fav movie growing up was Coming to America.

Where are my manners? Hello, I'm QMC, my first time here. LOL

dc_speaks said...

welcome to the blog QMC. you are welcome to come back anytime. Nice to cyber meet you. I'll stroll over to your spot to see "what you be sayin"..lol

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough....during my teens I was obsessed with Waiting To Exhale and could quote it with the best of them :-)

Femigog said...

The Color Purple! I know all the words and me and my friends frequently trade lines from it ala J Anthony Brown and Tom Joyner!

I LOVED the Last Dragon when I was a kid and I wanted to take karate so bad because of it!