Saturday, October 20, 2007

Guess Who? Presidential Candidate Edition volume 1

In the age of creative expression and photo shopping skills, it is very easy to generate a "different" look to any individual. I came across an email and had to share it with everyone.

Being a Poli-Sci major and a person that also loves a good laugh or two, let's be entertained with this game. Let's see who can name the individuals in drag.

smuckers anyone?

60's tv star?

"white chicks" part 2?

Grandma next door?

fashion designer mogul?

80's punk rock duo?

Good Luck, fam.


CreoleInDC said...

LOL! I got this email too. It was funny!

ME MISS YALL! Sorry I haven't really been around much. Film school is seriously kicking your big sis' be-hind.

dmarks said...

I want to see Fred Thompson with Jon Edward's pretty hair.

Mr.Slish said... have waaay too much free

Shelia said...

LMAO!! That was TOO funny, put that Couvoisseur down!

Shelia said...

LOL...These were funny.

BK said...

ROTFLMAO!!!! I got this email too hahahahaaaaaaaaa

blindmellowyellow said...

LOL. The pictures are funny.

MysTery said...

Lol!!!! You are SILLLLLLY!!

AJ said...

lol...oooh...that's too funny.

neshia said...


dc_speaks said...

heh heh! Did I post that by mistake?


@Big SIS: HEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Of course you were missed. I ain't mad atcha. Do the darn thing and when you get out of film school, I'll be right here waiting to hear all the great things you learned.


Hey, Fam! Glad you all got a kick of the pics. the next one is coming soon!