Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Time will reveal- repost!

Over the years, I have heard of some great debates taking place over a very simple topic. What topic are you talking about, D.C.? Well...I'm so glad you asked. Very simply put...time! Everyone measures time in their own way. To each person, their time has either little, no or great value to them, though amazingly, the time of others may deviate depending on the other individual.

In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, I was reminded of a saying that I had heard on numerous occasions in my younger years "Don't let a lack of planning on your part constitute a sense of urgency on mine". It really wasn't until this morning that I really felt the value of that statement. That statement came in a conversation referencing how other people view your time, comparing how "YOU" view your time.

It really is funny how hearing things at a different point in your life causes a totally different perspective on the same verbiage!

Anyway,we have all heard the terms that reference time at some point in our lives so I will only deal with a few of them and we can kick them around the campfire.

1. Time heals all wounds

2. Time is money

3. Time to get right with God

4. Time to take this relationship to the next level

5. Colored People's time

6. All good things come to those that wait(ref. time)

7. It's time to move on(ref. past relationship or mourning a loved one)

8. Time to get back out on the dating horse

There are certainly more that can be thrown up for discussion but we have enough to deal with in just those 8 listed.

I have a background entrenched with a network marketing philosophy of never trading time for money in a linear sense. Always find a way to receive residual income when any opportunity presents itself. Residual income merely means to do something one (time) and get paid for it over and over again. I hope I didn't insult anyone's intelligence, but it is not a common term used in society. We are all more accustomed to residual debt..ie: the bills that come every month after we make the one call for installation, like the heat, gas, or light bills...LOL!

I actually wanted to let the first of the eight ride it out, but I guess I can't do that. There are some of us that just don't care about different facets of life and impose our way of thinking on everyone else. Since this is a touchy subject, even for me, we can keep it on a lighter note. I guess the person that actually started that saying was probably attempting to console someone or give them a feeling that
there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

What has happened possibly since its intended meaning is a warped display of a judgmental demeanor in which the speaker now places their perception of time on the recipient. I have heard on more than a few times that a person should"be over that by now" referencing a death or a break up. Some of the most heartwrenching times of my life are still difficult to deal with, yet I have had someone tell me, "You should be over that by now." I'm sure everyone can relate to that dumb a$$ line in some way or another.

Here's another one that tends to be so liberally used that the insult has been lost in humor. Colored people's time..definition-black people are late! What the hell? Come on ya'll is this really a joke. Is it really funny to be associated with yet another negative connotation? I don't advocate any kind of ethnic banterings, so I do find it to be ignorant! Where's the difference if we say all women are late?

To but a debatable topic on the forefront for Monday isn't my goal, but over the last 10 hours, I have come to the conclusion that using time as a means to control the actions of others is a ploy used by men and women so matter of factly that it bears being put on front street. Some of you may agree, others may not...but in my opinion, we are all guilty of manipulation and falling prey to it every day of our lives.

I know that everything happens in God's time and that things happen according to His permissive will or His Divine will. Let's leave it up to Him and He will direct our paths.

Happy writing and have a great week!


Girly_Girl said...

"Money won't change you, but time will TAKE YOU ON."

dc_speaks said...

heyyyyyy thanks MF!

ain't that the truth though?

Blu Jewel said...

time is always a taker and never a giver...it's something we we never get back.

mark said...

" I know that everything happens in God's time and that things happen according to His permissive will or His Divine will. Let's leave it up to Him and He will direct our paths."

mark bey: I think I understand what you and others mean when you say this but I really believe its just a matter of time.

You only use that statement when you dont know why something isnt happening as fast as you want.

If folks really believed this statement then they wouldnt get made when their wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend is late picking them up from work after a trying day.

Or people wouldnt get made when you taken half the day off waiting for the phone company after they schedule your home from 9-2 but really they dont show up until 5pm and youve had to take the whole day off.

Nor would folks get mad when an ambulance takes forever getting to a shooting or heart attack victim in the hood because after all the ambulance would be comming in gods time no matter who long it takes.

Its a figure of speech that really is advising folks to be patient. For that alone it is a relevant saying.

dc_speaks said...

hi blu jewel...well put.

Mark: as always it is good to see your point of view on this matter. at the end of the day, and comment apparently, I am glad that we agree on the ability to see eye to eye on yet another great topic. we are living proof that although we do not share the same spiritual beliefs system, we can and do work towards the same goals. you are my brother, nonetheless. (smile)

Anonymous said...

Ecc 3:1 my brother!

Veroncia said...

When I thing about time and how precious it is to me, I think of this quote, "For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness".

Life to too dog gone short, and time passes way to quickly to spend it in anger, fear, or sadness.