Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Monday Musings...Part V

It's Monday Musings time again. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been called OCD about something that few women that I personally know could care less about...My Lawn. Let me preface this blog by saying that I was raised in a household where the lawn was cut every week and watered regularly.

When we moved into our home, the whole street looked like a desert. My next door neighbors both keep the yard cut, but water was scarce in any yard within a few houses. Within a week of moving in, I had a 150 ft hose attached and a fantastic sprinkler and Scotts Lawn service had already treated the yard. I also watered the yard for about 13 hours over a span of 4 days and was laughed at by a certain person who shall remain nameless.

This was the norm on the street or worse...and also how our yard looked when we moved in. All the front yards...I was going nuts.

Neighbor's backyard...

This is how our front looks now....YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

...and a horrible shot of our backyard taken with my camera phone.

At any rate, I have been accused of "throwing the gauntlet" at the neighbors because we now have one of the nicest lawns on the street and it has a longgggg way to go before I'm through with it. Now some of them have started watering their lawns too...hahahahahaha

Am I allowing for my normal competetive nature to influence this area of my life, or do I just want to have our home look nice on the outside and the inside because that's how I was raised?

Since my view is biased...what do you think?

Who's up for Monday Musings query?


Nic said...

Hey DC,

What's up shug? I have a friend that lives in a modest, middle class neighborhood. One of his neighbors placed an ordinance notice on his door telling him that he had to mow his lawn or be fined. So the next Sunday he started to mow the lawn (like they asked)....Didn't the same stuck-up neighbor come over there with another notice stipulating the acceptable days and times of the week for mowing. Told him to stop or else he'd be fined.
He can't win. LOL!

My mother is so competitive with the whole lawn and garden thing. She gets pissed if, after she's mowed her lawn...she hears the neighbor start their lawn mower. She takes it as a personal challenge or something.

Ahh neighbors. They keep life funny.......For me!

dc_speaks said...

hahahahaha....that's too funny!

Ms. Behaving said...

Looking good bruh...Looking good :-)

This post reminded me of my next door neighbor who is FOREVER outside doing somethin' or the other to his backyard.

At first I was like [this dude is a punk]--He ain't got nothing better to do with his days than constantly tend to his yard but after a while, when I saw how nice things were coming along, hell if I ain't find myself spending a lot more time out there in trying to get ours in order.


but shhh...you ain't hear that from me!!

dc_speaks said...

lol@ms b: nope i didn't hear it.

thank you, thank you. I love a green yard that is well manicured with annual flowers/roses and lots of red mulch to decorate around trees and bushes. I know what I like and of course i may overdue the watering some time...the differences are quite noticeable in a short period of time.

thanks for stopping by.

The Re-inventing of C. said...

Good work on your yard! It looks nice. I love a well manicured yard.

Growing up my neighbor would come and take care of our yard. He wanted everyone around him to have nice grass like his yard. He was a sweet old man.

dc_speaks said...

@re-inventing: your neighbor would be more than welcome in our community.

i wish the neighbors on our left and right felt the need to do something...like just spit on the grass...geeez. give it some moisture...hahahahahaha

Dave J said...

Hey DC,
You sound just like my brother. He works hard to have a beautiful lawn, when all those around him seem not to care. ^^

We all got to have a hobby! Plus I like a soft, good looking lawn myself.

Mis Understood said...

Stopped thru via..organized

Lawn looks great...just goes to show that when we move in the value does go up.

dc_speaks said...

@Dave: yes, I do have my hobby...the yard. I'm in good company if your brother is like that too.

@mis understood: welcome to the blog. I couldn't agree with you more. I happen to like the curb appeal factor.

come on back anytime...

have a great one

It is What It Is... said...

WOW! It looks great.

dc_speaks said...

thanks ma'am. I appreciate the compliment. I just wanted to know if I was being neurotic about my lawn.

I've been told that I take it pretty seriously and although I know that I enjoy doing it, I thougth it was pretty normal.

have a great one.

lisa q. said...

i think if i could get my vibrator to mow the lawn, i wouldn't need a man at all! :D seriously though lawn care is my very least favorite chore...i think i angered the lawn mower gods in another life...it's a miserable experience every single time i do it...perhaps i just need a lawn care service...all i know for sure is you would look at my lawn, shake your head and say 'tsk,tsk' :P

Ced.It/Meant.It said...

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan--talk about a transformation! Nice job on the lawn, DC! Tell your neighbors to step up to the plate with their gamefaces on! I can answer your question: YES AND YES! SO WHAT if you're competitive? You like to keep your ish tight...so that's how it SHALL BE! Now run to a toy store and buy a crown...and wear it after every watering! LOL!

InSecretsItrust said...

the question is...can you keep a secret...?

CreoleInDC said...

Nice transformation!

dc_speaks said...

@Lisa: hahahahaha...that's all i got to say about that comment.

@Big sis: thanks, hun. I'm excited about planting some annuals in late aug or sept.

@ced: dude....thanks for the awarding of the crown. I shall wear it with pride. last night, I did happen to see some more neighbors breaking out the sprinklers. Lol@me being told"maybe they just water once in a while and that was today"...Hah! yeah sure.

@insecret: welcome to the blog. sure. I keep secrets. you got a good one? lol