Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tagged one more friggin time...the last time!

I have been tagged for the last time by Blu Jewel and I told her that I would get this done over, so I shall keep my end of the bargain.

As the rules state, I should post eight random facts about myself and tag more people. however, I will not tag anyone, I will let them choose to do it if they so desire.

Here goes with the useless information about me:

1. I am a huge comic book head. I have read every comic book brand that I cook get my hands on(DC, Marvel and macabre books, but I wish that I could have attended the Comic Con '07 real bad.

2. I got my first car at 15 yrs old and blew out the engine in less than 2 yrs. I had a '82 Dodge Mirada.

3. I am a diagnosed Sleep Apneac and refuse to use the machine.

4. I used to practice calligraphy as a young child because I thought that good penmanship was paramount to being intelligent. (yeah, right!!!)

5. I owned my own 22 caliber rifle by the age of 11 and was taught how to shoot on camping trips by the age of nine.

6. I was a lifeguard for the city of Cleveland parks and recreation dept and my local community neighborhood swimming pool and stopped because I had to dive into the lake to attempt a rescue and the person kicked me in the head and almost knocked me out in their panic. I was afraid of my favorite element and didn't swim for almost 3 yrs after that happened.

7. My favorite color has always been purple and I used to wear a purple suit with gator shoes.

8. I bought my first toy vehicle in my 20's. It was a
Porsche 944 turbo and I had a mechanic that only worked on German cars that charged me so much for parts and labor that I wanted to kill him. Butttt....I bought the car because I fell in love with it after watching My boy, Brad Sellers get out of one when I was working at a Pizza Hut as an asst mgr. It was my first case of car envy as an adult.

Well there ya have it.

Have an awesome day and feel free to do one if you so desire.


The Diva's Thoughts said...

A purple suite and gators......OH MY GOODNESS!! HAHHAHHA! Please tell me you hve a pic of that?

dc_speaks said...

yes I do, and no i won't post it. thank you very much.

Infamous JP said...

I agree with The Diva. The gator shoes must be put on display.

dc_speaks said...

welcome to the blog jp.

how bout not!!!!!

Ms. Behaving said...

Purple suit and gators huh??
I dunno...I can see that (I guess)
Course my first thought as soon as you said it was on Barney the dinosaur [LMAO]...but some brothas can actually pull that look off pretty well :-)

Damn @ your having to attempt a rescue and being kicked in the head in the persons panic--I can certainly see why that would make you stop...

BTW, I used to practice calligraphy too...Hasn't been of any use to me but I'm sayin.....LOL

T'was cool of you to share!!

dc_speaks said...

@ms b: t'was my pleasure to share. but ummmmm...the Barney thing was kinda NOT FUNNY!!!!!

Ms. Behaving said...

LOLOLOLOL. Sorry bruh...I was thinkin' out loud

dc_speaks said...

ok..then i'll let it slide.

Carol said...

LOL! I have to see the purple suit and gators.
I just love this!

dc_speaks said...

man...wtf is up with people wanting to see the purple suit.

maybe i should repost the blog and type that in as 1-8...dang!!


The Re-inventing of C. said...

lol @ purple suit and gators! I am voting for a display of the gators. Pretty please.

Bklyn Diva said...

oh gawd.. DC say it ain't so!!!! not the purple suit with gators!!! did you have um a hat to match??? LOL

gawd I am getting a vision of barney.. I love you.. You love Me.. LMAO hahahaaaa

and you better use that damn machine.. I don't want you NOT waking up ya heard.. my old coworker has that and boy she would use her mask when she took naps durign her lunch..

sorry about that bad swimming incident.. glad to know you overcame that fear though!

dc_speaks said...

hahahahahah....nope, no hat!

yeah the swimming incident threw me off for a while and I love the water...seriously.

and as for the machine, I wasn't able to sleep at all with it. Ever!!

If i gotta go, i gotta go. No problems thus far.

neshia said...


Anonymous said...

Uh, can you say oversharing? Just kidding. I like the color purple too (not the broadway play, but the color). Maybe you can change the background of your blog to purple like me. :-)


Wow! A purple suit with gators huh? Too funny!!

CreoleInDC said...

I can no longer associate with you. Goodbye forever and ever and ever.

dc_speaks said...

hahahaha...thanks a lot, Monica.

hey sugar.

welcome carol and welcome back bloghog and reinventing

Shai said...

Purple gators? You sure you are not from Detroit? Or you been to the Broadway in the downtown D. LOL.

dc_speaks said...

yuck yuck yuck, shai.

you think that's funny huh?

ask people from all over the place. people always ask me if I wear gators when I say I'm from Cleveland.

I guess Steve Harvey must have given us that image. LOL!

Blu Jewel said...

bout time! *lol* thanks for doing it; trust me i know it wasn't easy.

i'm not even touching the purple suit and gators (can you say Pimp Barney...lol)

a Porsche at such an early age? impressive

i too used to write caligraphy. in fact, i still can, i just haven't in a while.

what happened to you as a lifeguard has always been a hidden fear of mine and that's why i never pursued the certification

thanks for sharing some intimate details of yourself.

Organized Noise said...

Good list. I used to collect comic books when I was in Junior High School (90-92). It was right around the time that Image Comics started. I have been trying to sell my collection but haven't had any luck.

Nic said...

Hey DC

I got tagged with this one too, but I don't have anything interesting to share about myself.


Raymond said...
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Ray said...

cool beans interesting ones my friend.

dc_speaks said...

@organ noise: never sell your comics, dude. but if you really want to do it. pick the ones in the best condition and put it on ebay. plus in your local area newspaper. there are major comic book collectors all over the world. I konw in Chicago, they were having collector conventions specifically to network to sell/buy them.

@ Ray: what up, bro? thanks for the comments. and thanks for not trippin on the out fit that I wore in the early 90's....geeeeez. can a brotha get a break?

blu jewel: yeah yeah sure sure...

@nic: i read your blog...you have lots of things you could say if you really wanted to.


thanks for the comments peeps.

T.C. said...

ok, i think i tagged you too...but as long as it got done...

3. my Dad takes the test soon...

5. me too! REAL TALK! except i was younger than 11, and i still have a couple, and it was just me, my brothers, my uncles or my dad or graddad just out in the wood shooting stuff...(no wonder i was a tom boy right??)

7. CLASSIC! and you just KNEW you was hitting too, didn't you...HA!