Friday, March 7, 2008

Mannnnn, this some BS!

Yeah, I said it. This is some BULLSHIT!! I know I'm not crazy.

I know that people are excited about the political process as evidenced in the primary and caucus turn-outs. I'm thrilled to be part of the History in the making cliche. A woman breaking the glass ceiling. A black man being counted more than 3/5. Fantastic. A true reason to be proud of my country.

I have certainly made my candidate choice very clear, yet I still tell my friends and family to make the decision just to vote. I will correct an error when I hear it regarding a political position of Sen Barack Obama, but I don't try to force my opinion on anyone.

At this point, I am now very disappointed with the lack of apology extended to Sen Barack Obama by the mainstream news and media outlets. Frankly, I'm going to sum it up like this.

No major attention has been directed at CLINTONS TIED TO REZKO story. A story that would have taken some of the steam out of the Clinton machine attacks on Obama perfectly timed before a huge Super Tuesday II primary. Nor has mainstream media covered the even larger story regarding 'NAFTAgate' began with remark from Harper's chief of staff. Directly stating that a call came in from a member of the Clinton campaign and was flipped to reflect an Obama campaign advisor(by mistake of course). WTF?!

Look at how the story was reported on the New York Times: Canadian Leader on Obama Leak...where is the rest of the story? Where is the apology? Why is it buried halfway down the page? Where the fuck is the rest of the information? They aren't the only major paper or news source to keep it buried either. The coverage on this story is a shameful mockery of justice. I don't give two shits about intra party debating. In fact, I encourage it. This just shows what spin HRC and her campaign are capable of. Fuck 'em! Seriously!!

I hope they fix this and fix it soon.

The only place I saw some decent coverage was MSNBC: CLINTON'S NAFTA-GATE? . Hardly on the front page, high priority list, but at least it was there.

This is my public service announcement!


Eb the Celeb said...
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Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yea i agree u should read some of my prior post on politics, especiall "ignorance and freedom are incompatiable"

Rich said...

Man, If they don't get this stuff (not what I started to say) right, I might vote for McCain, and if I do that, you should be the first to come kick me in the ass. This is some bullshit alright.

Hillary is George Bush in drag. It's the same do what the heck I want, win at all costs, I deserve to be here because I'm legacy type of politics.

Fugg Hillary!

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I am a staunch Barack Obama supporter and I have been majorly impressed with how he has handled his campaign thus far. I must sa that I was terribly disappopinted with the results of the last set of elections.

Nic said...

All the mud-slinging?!!?! It's sad that they always go there.
I am happy to see so many people interested in politics that will affect them, but I'll be happy when this is all over with.

neshia said...

fugg hillary