Sunday, February 24, 2008


I just don't get this at all.

Just read it for yourself. Consider me a free information broker.

Please Click Here!


Update: Read the response from the Secret Service: Click Here!


neshia said...

thanks for keeping your sister inform

One Man’s Opinion said...

Yeah, I work out of Dallas, and I am not surprised. My City and State does stupid stuff all the time. They know damn well we carries gun and Texas and Dallas is know as the City that Killed a President. So, what do you expect? That being said.....Stop talking about my City!

Lovebabz said...

Once you suspend disbelief then you can you will fully know why this is the case. One Man's Opinion clearly spelled it out. But you like so many others find this hard to beleive becusse you think surely we have progressed well beyond assasination attempts. I mean the war on terror is an attempt to thwart massive assasinations of american citizens. So when law enforcement does completely the opposite of protecting its citizens then you already know what they are hoping the outcome will be. The decison is not made on the ground, but from on high. I was a Police Commissioner for several years and I know how decisons are made. It is easier to ask for forgivenss than to ask for permission.

dc_speaks said...

@neshia: keep on coming around then.

@omo: I know you're in texas. glad you stopped by to check in on a brotha.

@lovebabz: i really wasnt shocked. turst and believe that. i was more shocked that it was exposed than knowing it happened like that. your comments are truly appreciated.

Tha L said...

this is some straight up bullshit, DC! but unfortunately not surprising. I was listening to my favorite radio talk show this morning, and there are increasing concerns about barack's security now that he's doing so well. it's unfortunate that some of the people who would like to see harm done to him are those "on high" as lovebabz described them.

MysTery said...

What kinda mess!!??