Thursday, February 21, 2008

what you don't know...can hurt you(extended)

The desire to remain blissfully ignorant is a major assistance to those that want to keep us controlled.  Independent thinking is mostly construed as a negative to the masses and is immediately discounted as conspiracy. Oh, what fools we are to listen.

Now let me make this point very clear quickly.  I trust and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal saviour.  My faith is important to me.  

With that being said, I will post videos on topics wherein I will not share the same views or beliefs, but can appreciate the desire to create free thinkers.  One such video that seems to cause much angst is Zeitgeist the Movie. I watched all of the movie and pulled some valuable information out of it.  However, a person that is unable to have their absolute beliefs challenged should refrain from watching it.

I posted 3 of a 5 part story on the federal reserve that demands each of us be a little more informed about the impact other people have on our lives.

Please, please, please take the time to get and stay informed.

Be encouraged, be entertained but also be educated!


fuzzy said...

I was just thinking about this the other day. The value of money and how exactly it was determined! This gives me light and knowledge.

WoW... This is good Stuff!

Rich said...

Man, I watched all five parts, and just don't know how to feel. All of this will come to pass because the Bible speaks to having to take the mark of the beast, but my inclination is to resist.

dc_speaks said...

@fuzzy: im so glad that you are willing to listen. the propaganda perpuated through media outlets would never ever share this info with the masses. there is so much more that I want to share and will. I hope that the message does not fall to a few and the masses refuse. How our society has be blindsided and brainwashed is truly something else. I purposely posted 3 of the 5 part series(originally it was going to be 2)because I wanted to share the info about war=big money for the private/international banking industries and the ties to p.r.e.s. B.ush's administration.

@rich: I knew you would. the mark of the beast may not be the literal sense that we have envisioned, rather acceptance of a way of life that de-edifies God and uplifts man. Fortunately, with all of the lessons learned from the Bible, I don't expect to be around to witness the coming of the least not on this side of eternity. oh and thanks for the book tip. i'll be checking that out.

DurtyMo said...

DC! Dang. I'm with Fuz, when I heard about how the dollar aint worth shat, I was like ok and who determines that?? Thanks so much for keeping ME informed for real! Dang! I'm loving this post!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

bloissful ignorance - classic, thats a post right there, i ma jack u for it but i will give u credit. and you know the type man, cowards in the mind.

dc_speaks said...

@Durtymo: you are absolutely welcome. I really appreciate your support and enthusiasm.

@T: thank you my brotha from anotha motha. you can lift anything you like...we are on the same mission. This freein o' da slaves is not relegated to an ethnicity, but a slave mentality.
let me know when you post so I can check it out.


Promiscuous X said...

i REALLY WANTED TO SEE THE VIDEO. Im mad you just posted and now they are un available dam lol Good post man

dc_speaks said...

@pro x: i'll fix that. i'll snatch it from somewhere else and repost it. thanks for the heads up.

Nic said...

I really hope you keep sharing this stuff, because otherwise I might not have seen it. Yeah I was listening to someone talk about how the back of the dollar used to say "Backed by Gold"! Not any more. U.S. money ain't worth sh*t anymore.

dc_speaks said...

@nic: i'll keep sharing, but I encourage you to keep a watchful eye and a questioning ear to mainstream media.

i got!

Promiscuous X said...

Yoooooooooooo. OMG son. I'm at work and I took the time out to watch this. Im so disappointed at our country. This is an outrage. Dc_speaks thanks for sharing man. Im still in shock. Watching this made me want to enter the world of politics and read up on more things that come to mind revolving around this video. The world is rapidly changing rite before our eyes. Im done typing i can go on an on . Wowwwww lol

Anonymous said...

I've started checking this out. Thanks for the educational referral.

Amazing...but not surprising.

Lovebabz said...

The expansion of one's mind cannot be about what one believes solely. For me, it is the highest compliment to God's work that we have the ability to take in information, discern same and go about doing what God would have us to do.

It is not easy trying to frame information in an intellectual way. You run the risk of alienating the unenlightened and scaring the crap out of the ignorant.

Keep the faith, like minded folks will find you.

dc_speaks said...

@pro x: your excitement and enthuiasm about finding out information is a breath of fresh air. I really appreciate your words of encouragement and will do my best to help us all. Keep coming around. I think i have a few more pieces to share.

@soj G: hey, brother. thank you for taking the time to take the time. It's a wonderful brotherhood of male bloggers. I am honored to number you amongst my fave blog writers/poets.

@lovebabz: wow! you have made my day. When i decided to go in this direction and deviate from the humor and pop culture related posts, I knew that very few would actually be interested. As you stated, some will be frightened and others will flatly reject the information.

I will keep the faith! Thank you so much for those words.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!