Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Journalistic Hero has passed...

Yesterday I was too stunned to blog about Tim Russert.

He was an incredibly gifted man whose presence will be missed in our home every single Sunday, without fail.

I looked at him as a guide to something that I aspire to be...The Ultimate Information Broker

My prayers go out to all that are impacted by his passing.


neshia said...


Anonymous said...

He was definitely a frontrunner in his field! He will be missed.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I am still shocked.

Nic said...

Hey Big Brother D.C. I've missed you. How have you been? I hope all's well on your end.

About Tim... Yeah that was completely unexpected. I just finished telling someone that I had never really watched his show, because I didn't know anything about it. I thought it was the typical dry a** sunday morning stuff. Since his death they've filled the airwaves up with clips of him (on his show) and audio of him reading his bestseller. People are writing in to tell their stories about him, and honor his memory ect ect.

I can see now, that I clearly missed the chance to view something great every Sunday.

I hope his family will get some comfort from the knowledge that their father was so well liked, loved and admired.

fuzzy said...

I have never heard of him, but I am sure that somewhere someone is hurting. My condolences are sent to those that need them!

dc_speaks said...

@neshia: yeppers it is sad.

@b-more: i couldnt agree more with you on both parts.

@the diva: we are not alone!

@nic: i've been pretty cool. glad you made your way on over here.

yeah, you missed some great live shows, if you're into politics. His family is certainly feeling the outpouring of love for their husband/father/son.

@fuzzy: that is mad cool of you to extend out the condolences. there are alot of people shocked and saddened and to come from someone that doesn't know of the show your character. Good deal!

rebecca said...

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