Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is it just me?...

Ok, y'all. I'm tripping on this one. Or maybe not. Is this real? Is it some kind of joke? I mean really, what kind of conversation could be going during the online chatting sequence.

male farmer: "so ma'am, what size tractor ya got?
female farmer: "I got me one of dem brand new John Deere tractors with the hay bailer hitch"
male farmer: "ya don't, I've always wanted ta get me one them...oh sorry about the delay wireless modem signal is low.
female farmer: "Don't you worry none, pa...I just had roadrunner installed in the barn and ran a network into the house."

really now....what the hell???

Peep, the hell are they going to promote that city slickers aren't welcome? Who'd know? Suppose a farmer guy wanted to meet a city gal?...oh nooooooo 

At first I was trying to work it out in my head that there actually was a Farmers Only dating site, then I had to wrap my brain around farmers hookin up using the net.  Hey, someone might need a lil' help feedin' the chickens and milkin' the cows.

Maybe it's just that I really would just want to be a fly on the wall and see what the eff would be a first date conversation for folks that met on the service.  Would that guy be talking about rollin around in the hay?      

I'm totally out of line for thinking that farmers wouldn't be using the internet. Technology reaches into every area of the world. Why would I think that BPM would have a monopoly on the internet scene?

Well...good luck to all the folks that subscribe to dating sites.

Happy New Year, ya'll! To the single people, I hope that you find love and happiness using a dot com or conventional methods!

This has been my Public Service Announcement!


American Genius said...

Man, that's crazy

Ticia said...

Yo DC! Happy New Year man!! How are you? Feels like I have conversed with you in a long while!

neshia said...

lol.... happy new year

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

jones, i live on a farm 11 acres

Tasha said...

LOL @ that convo!!

BK said...

Happy New Year..

Ummm that convo.. extra.. LOL

I'm back big bruh!

KIKI said...

Farmers need to get them some too! Quit hatin...

Happy New Year to you too (but fugg all that love & happiness ish...yeah yeah...I know...)

Anali said...

Happy New Year! I read about this a few months ago! Pretty cool actually. : )

T.C. said...

you are off the hook!