Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sometimes ya gotta say...WTF!!!

Keeping in line with the "theme days" so that I don't drain all of my reserve tank dry from working on book projects, recruiting, and blogging, there shall be another instituted theme day. Today and henceforth Wednesdays shall be named...WTF WEDNESDAY!!!!!

There is no set subject. Anything that is on your mind. It is an open forum where the first lines of each comment start with that could mean what the frick, where the frick, why the frick, who the frick, etc., but each comment should start with WTF.

Have fun and keep it as clean as possible, fam.

Have a fantastic day!


KIKI said...

OK...WTF didn't I fall asleep until 4:30am when I had to be back up at 6:45am?

WTF is it KILLIN me not to go out & just blow some money?

natty said...

I promised myself I would never wear this suit again. What the freak am I doing wearing it?????!!!! A tan, bland, wo-man. That's it. I'm cutting it up when I get home. I can use it for paint rags.

Girly_Girl said... can't I think of anything to say?

Ms. Behaving said...

WTF did I get this cold from and umm WTF do I have such a pounding headache this morning?!?! For that matter, WTF did I even bother coming into work today and WTF is the bossman anyway?!?!

WTF we gotta have winter weather here in the States period?!?!

I mean...WTF!!!!!

DurtyMo said...

WTF was it like 30 degrees this morning? Oh and WTF I let the afreecans braid my hair on Friday and my head still pounding? Motha-bytches!

Don said...

WTF is wrong with me not wanting to speak to anyone @ work today?

Shelia said...

WTF am I waiting on? I need to do something I've been putting off and as I got reminded today, time waits for no one; so let me get to it.

Thembi said...

Why The Eff do I have "What The Eff" Wednesday too, focusing on one thing that made me say wtf? Are we kindred spirits or is there just a lot of wtf-ness going on?

The Diva's Thoughts said...

WTF am I doing in this boring...freezing room thousand of miles from home???

Anonymous said...

WTF did Dog Chapman say he thought he was black? WTF did he grant his first interview after getting caught saying the n-word at Faux News?

Minerva Exertion said...

WTF it's colder in this classroom than it is outside.

WTF this chicks has on white patent leather shoes. Not a good look.

WTF am I doing all this blog hopping without saying hello.


dc_speaks said...

hey y'all. sorry i didnt address individually today, but ummmmmmm...some of you have me in stitches with your wtf moments.

welcome to the natty, minerva and thembi...

I appreciate passerby visitors and those that come back and stay awhile.

all visits will be reciprocated and again I thank you for coming over. feel free to stop back anytime.

@TOSG: i hate fox news...i can't believe he didnt realize how stupid it was to go there. msnbc or something matt lauer...somebody...but fox news...puh lease..thats some bs!