Friday, November 9, 2007

The revolution will not be posted...

Although I have a blog that was prepared to be posted today, my revolutionist ideologies will not be televised! I choose to work and blog hop a little bit. I thank every single person in my blog family for your support and comments.. Several new fam's posts have truly given me more appreciation of all of you.

I shudder to think what can be accomplished in the world of writing if we continue to draw inspiration from each other and support the creative flow in even this small community.

With the risk of sounding soft...I need everyone to keep up the good work so that I can draw from your strengths so that when you need it...I'm right there for you with your own reserves.

Enjoy, fam.

oh and in case you didn't know it is also the weekend of celebration for the birthday of our own crazy KiKi. Happy Birthday weekend, KiKi.

Happy Friday and Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


dmarks said...

You've been tagged!

dc_speaks said...

oh boy..this makes number 5 i owe. i suppose i will do this last one....thats it.

i'll link everyones and do 1 fell swoop.


thanks alot dmarks

KIKI said...


Thanks Homie! (((HUG)))

Now who in da hell you callin "crazy"? LOLOLOL

dc_speaks said...

negro please...i have to wear blinders when i go to your blog. i might see or read anything..and i do mean anything.

you should have a warning label up!


Shelia said...

Happy Birthday KiKi.

KIKI said...

DC...I dont know what you're talking about...(giving the "who me" look)

Thank you, Shelia!

bygpowis said...

looking for inspiration, come by and watch Letter to My Young Brotha... The revolution must be thought up and spread.

Lo said...

Happy Birthday, Kiki!!!!!

Aly Cat 121 said...

Umph! And the Revolution will not be Televised. You betta watch out, you know agents walk among us.

Ticia said...

Hey!!! Happy B-Day Kiki---

DC.. how are you? Thanks for the comments on my blog---

Anyhow.... I am at home chilling..... I am going to start looking for a job... I am looking to take a class, maybe get certified for Six Sigma.. I don't know---

Have a good weekend :)

KIKI said...

Ya'll so sweet!

Thanks Lo and Ticia!

dc_speaks said...

its official...Happy Birthday KIKI!!!

Don said...

Happy Bday Kiki, me and a few amigos are celebrating for you as I speak.

Andrew The Asshole said...

I will continue being an ASS for the blog world an inspire greatness in those around me. Thanks for your inspiration

KIKI said...'s official...IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Girly_Girl said...

Happy Birthday, Kiki!!!

I tried to work on a birthday poem for you...but it just didn't sound right. I'll keep trying, though.

Hope you had a grrrrreat day!

KIKI said...

Awe Saadia! Thank you so much, hun! (((HUG))) And I can't wait to read it...I know it'll be fab-u-lous!