Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Musings...Part VI

I was reflecting on my relationship with God over the past few weeks and today I happened across an incredible display of pics taken by the Hubble Space telescope. I was amazed at these sights and I struggle with the ability to listen to science's explanation of what they are.

I'd like to invite you into my circle and let you see what you see!

Can you see the image of a person praying in robed garment perhaps in the grip of the devil?

How many angelic beings can you count going to and fro around the face in the center of the light?

Can you see a face with an aura ?

Can you see a blood stained cross with the Light of the world perfectly centered?

Someone taking a stroll through the universe?

Who's watching us?

Who's up for Monday Musings query?

Here is the Astronomer research link where I stumbled across it?


Nic said...

I can see the man praying, and the Pirate of the Caribbean strolling.

neshia said...


DurtyMo said...

Wow! I'm forever looking "up" to see what I see forming in the clouds! I've seen a buncha stuff that I won't name in fear of y'all callin me crazy! LOL! Man I love stuff like this! Thanks DC!

Tasha said...

Those pictures are beautiful, and it really does make me stop and think about my place in this world and refocus. The problems and/or good things that happen in my life feel sooo huge and singular, but when I see photos like that it makes me remember that I am but one of MANY of God's children and suddenly things seem more in focus.

Ticia said...

I like the cross--that is beautiful!!

How are you?

Bklyn's Finest said...

Umm DC.. I just got lasik so my vision isn't the best.. but I dont' see none of that stuff :( maybe if they were bigger..

natural muze said...

hmmm i saw a few of them. that's kinda cool.

dc_speaks said...

thanks for stopping by to look, fam.'

I appreciate it!!

dc_speaks said...

@Nic: lol@pirate.

@durtymo: never call you crazy...i did pu tthe pics up and give my thoughts first.

@Tasha: I feel you on that. certainly.

@Ticia. yeah it is. Im great thanks and you?

@Neshia: a very big red eye!!

@BK: the link should have bigger pics..use that!

@Natural Muze: mind bending photos fo sho. That Hubble telescope shoots a whole lot of pics. I wonder what they aren't showing us. ya know?