Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here comes trouble...

This is a blow off some steam post. The people that would need to see it probably won't and if they did, wouldn't think it applied to them anyway.

Recently, I've been thinking about toxic people and holding onto toxic relationships. It's not a good look. I am more than familiar with the sayin"just because you grow up with someone doesn't make them your friend". Truer words have never been spoken.

Most people don't expect trouble in the guise of family and friends. But experience has taught me this. Everyone is capable of verbally, emotionally, physically and mentally dragging you through the dirt. We think that family would normally keep it 100%. Wrong! We think that our friends wouldn't betray us. Wronger! Hell, our friends are by choice. We can't pick family.

So I say this to all toxic people in or around me and mine.

Stay the fuck away! Period!

This has been my Public Service Announcement.


Lo said...


*cowering in the other room*

Oh. Whew. You weren't talking about me.

*back to watching American Idol*

Tanyetta said...

LMAO at Lo!!!!

Dang DC I hope things are better on your side of town. :)

neshia said...


Nia said...

i feel ya, bruh with two hands and a foot!

KIKI said...

Damn Homie!! Who da hale put a bug up your butt?! LOL


Take a deep breath damnit & calm yo ass down...GEESH!

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