Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The return of WTF Wednesdays...again!

Keeping in line with the "theme days" so that I don't drain all of my reserve tank dry from working on book projects, recruiting, and blogging, there shall be another instituted theme day. Today and henceforth Wednesdays shall be named...WTF WEDNESDAY!!!!!

There is no set subject. Anything that is on your mind. It is an open forum where the first lines of each comment start with that could mean what the frick, where the frick, why the frick, who the frick, etc., but each comment should start with WTF.

Have fun and keep it as clean as possible, fam.

Have a fantastic day!


T.C. said...

WTF is really going on in the world that i want to NOW by a ugly toyota prius or civic hybrid...oh yea, because gas is damn near $4 for REGULAR and my 23 gallon tank on my TRUCK isn't going to cut it! ESP since we know that gas is only going to keep going up...

and WhyTF won't they just admit that we are IN a recession!

Mr. Jones said...

WTF are people seriously touting Hillary's landslide victory in West Virginia as a reason for her to continue campaigning? I guess people are forgetting that Barack has won 15 primary contests by 60 points or more and that West Virginia is, well...West Virginia.

Shelia said...

WTF is Elizabeth's problem on "The View." Every time they talk about Obama, she wants to bring up the Jeremiah Wright sermon. Whoopi has to put her in her place every time. I'm beginning to think Elizabeth is a closet racist--which is the worse kind.

fuzzy said...

That is an interesting Picture! lololol Funny thing is that I just changed mine! :-P LoL

Its clearly not wednesday but let me think back. Wednesday I took my final for my property management. Why the hell did a teacher come into the classroom and say, "DD wants the answer to number 7 on the 3rd page." I said, "huh? Are you serious?" looks were ecxhanged, and I said D. She went back and gave her the answer! are there any teachers that aren't currupt? lol

tAnYeTTa said...

WTF! How can you even open your mouth to suggest since you gave me your ticket to the show, I should take YOU and NOT my family to Hawaii.

I was CHOSEN because of my personality and skillz and NOT because of the ticket.

I will send you a beautiful basket of sorts to thank you for the ticket but, that's all I can do!

Ya heard?